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  1. Wherever ranks do actually exist, strict division of costumes will also be enforced.

  2. The best sculptors and painters devoted their genius to the invention of costumes and cars.

  3. This surging sea of faces and sober costumes enhanced by contrast the glitter, variety, and luminous tranquillity of the theatre above it.

  4. It is market day, and the costumes in the streets are brilliant.

  5. In the flourishing period of old Poseidonia these travertine columns were coated with stucco, worked to a smooth surface, and brilliantly tinted to harmonise with the gay costumes of a Greek festival.

  6. Rosher promised to draw up a programme, and insisted that after every boy's name some distinguishing colours should appear, as on a proper sports list, and that competitors were to arrange their costumes accordingly.

  7. All ages and both sexes were represented, and the breeds were quite new to me, though the costumes of the Thibetans made them look a good deal like Chinamen.

  8. The costumes of the actors were in the last degree outlandish, and the performance was in keeping with the clothes.

  9. The scene under the rickety trellises was the more suggestive of Teniers that there were no costumes to make it too Italian.

  10. Their crudely tinted costumes would be called more strange than beautiful under any but a bright sunshiny sky.

  11. You must choose Sunday for Tiriolo, on account of the girls, whose pretty faces and costumes are worth coming any distance to see.

  12. One is struck with the feast of costumes here, by far the brightest being those of the women who have come up from the seven or eight Albanian villages that surround these hills.

  13. And I am not so rigorous as to deny a certain charm to these portraits--a charm which is largely due I fancy, to the becoming costumes of the period.

  14. Its streets are orderly and clean; there are no Albanians, and no costumes of any kind.

  15. The exotic costumes of the Albanian girls in their green and gold wove themselves into dreams and called up colours seen in Northern Africa during still wilder festivals--negro festivals such as Fro-mentin loved to depict.

  16. I made the acquaintance of a wealthy burgess, a dealer in curiosities, who asked me round to his shop to inspect some of the charming peasant costumes of Murcia, now fast falling into disuse--and a grievous pity it is.

  17. Simple costumes and stage settings satisfy the children, and the setting of the stage or platform for the scene should, in most cases, be done before the children.

  18. Children will bring material for their costumes and stage furnishings from home and should be encouraged to do so.

  19. The Krewe of Comus alone were masked and costumed, in grotesque and magnificent costumes which had been in the making for months.

  20. The ballroom on the top floor was throbbing with music, gay with costumes and decorations, thronged with dancing couples.

  21. Here in New Orleans were jewels and costumes in a profusion of splendour; but here was preserved the underlying idea of the masque itself--that in concealment of identity lay the life of the thing!

  22. Now, however, they were standing, their various identities completely concealed by the grotesque costumes which cloaked them.

  23. To-night he confined himself to a few adroit questions respecting the costumes in a proposed masque; and Mary Beton answered them with a freedom far different from her usual reticence.

  24. They have different dresses for different seasons, also various costumes for war, dancing, and other public occasions, some of which have been described.

  25. To describe the whole of their dances in detail with the different costumes would occupy too much space and perhaps not be required.

  26. Of all the varying costumes of the varying schools, none is so pleasing, so vivid, as that of the German students as they rush swiftly by in their flying robes of scarlet.

  27. There are other-costumes running in color from violet, and blue with orange sashes, to unrelieved black and black trimmed with red; but I cannot remember which nationality wears which.

  28. It is a very old-fashioned place, and the people still wear the costumes which were worn hundreds of years ago.

  29. The man who planned it said that the time would come when gold could not buy a picture of olden times--the old homes and costumes and ways of living--and then people would wish they could know more about them.

  30. The sombre chapel was made to look very gay and gorgeous with hangings and decorations; even before the ladies in rich dresses and with all their costliest jewels on, and the gentlemen in brilliant uniforms and Court-costumes arrived.

  31. It has won its many years of success not because of scenery, costumes and the chorus, but by the sterling worth apparent in the manuscript divorced from them.

  32. By the use of costumes and of make-up, the age and station in life, even the business by which a character earns his daily bread, are made clear at a glance.

  33. For each ensemble number the girls' costumes are changed.

  34. We are not engaged in an effort to find costumes which by their expression of the taste and the spirit of this people can be fixed upon as appropriate American costumes, something of our own.

  35. The proscribed costumes went into the pot with proscribed positions.

  36. Under the old régime costumes had been worked out for the various classes.

  37. One afternoon, while they were all sitting under the trees, Juliette introduced the grave question of the costumes which Lucien and Jeanne should wear.

  38. All round it, in the brilliant glare thrown from the chandelier, sat the fathers and mothers, their walking costumes serving to fringe the circle with less vivid colors.

  39. But you'll find your sister Hua's costumes in here, and why don't you put one on, and take some hot wine and spurt it over yours and iron them out?

  40. It was yesterday that she told me to get out two costumes and hand them to you to take along with you, either to give as presents, or to be worn by some one in your home; but don't make fun of us!

  41. Her ancestress, however, acted on the Albanian plan, and the beautiful silk and brocade costumes that have come down to us from Elizabeths and Charles I.

  42. The modern modiste has invented cotton and linen costumes lined with silk or satin.

  43. He knew no word of English and but little Italian; had scarcely any money; his entire stock in trade consisted of some native costumes and some silver filigree work.

  44. I explained that I wished only to note things characteristically Servian, such as the costumes of the peasants, the houses, and so forth.

  45. No one was thinking," replied the stage manager, "of your positions as singers; our only object was to make the costumes as correct as possible.

  46. What she proposed to introduce then, and did introduce into London, in addition to her own admirable dancing, were complete dramatic ballets, with the personages attired in the costumes of the country and time to which the subject belonged.

  47. It was a picturesque throng, the light costumes showing in brilliant relief against the darker colours of the houses and the brown dust of the roadway.

  48. Their costumes differed as greatly as the men themselves.

  49. The holiday gave us a good opportunity of viewing the various costumes of this country at their best.

  50. The costumes of the male Morlaks are very picturesque, varying in different districts.

  51. Costumes flitted by us as brilliant and strange to the eye as those of an Alhambra opera bouffe.

  52. The fine scenery, the picturesque costumes and manners of the population, and above all, the remarkable Roman and Venetian antiquities, render them well worthy of a visit.

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