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  1. Stanniferous stockwerks are much more frequent in the elvan (porphyry); of which the mine of Trewidden-ball is a remarkable example.

  2. In the second stage, the deoxidizement of the metal is continued, which had begun in the preceding stage; it is then melted and agglutinated, so as to form a ball to be submitted to the forge-hammer.

  3. D is one of the intermediate forms given by the potter to the ball of clay, as it revolves upon the head of the lathe.

  4. The right hand must be extended in the same manner as the left, but with the palm turned downwards, resting on the top of the ball of tea leaves.

  5. The average weight of the finished ball is 1 cwt.

  6. Each bag must be firmly tied into a ball form, of the size of the fist, and compressed, under the water heated to 130 deg.

  7. After breakfast the next day I opened the ball by remarking that I had finally come across the trail of the thief who had stolen my watch.

  8. The little ivory ball proved in the end very disappointing to this splendid player who did so much to dignify our art.

  9. Well," said he, "this business is a fascinating gamble no matter where the little ivory ball may land.

  10. I presume when he was at college the pantry attracted him more than the foot ball field.

  11. For when the ball fell into the single "0" Sir Henry's bet was on the black, No.

  12. So swiftly that the spectacle made you think of a pyramid of pool balls scattering over a pool table when the cue ball hits it hard on the nose, the visiting players shifted positions.

  13. When they dug the three of them out of their heap little Woolwine still had the ball under him.

  14. Head in and head down, he crashed into Vretson in the same tenth-second when the ball reached Vretson's fingers.

  15. In two attempts they did not advance the ball six feet; so they tried kicking it.

  16. The ball escaped from his grip; and, striking the earth, it took one lazy bound, and then another; but no more.

  17. We watched all right; and we saw that our boys meant to try to carry the ball through for gains.

  18. For ten seconds we lost sight of the ball altogether.

  19. Well then, right on top of everything else, along come the big ball they gave us at the Richland House the night before we left fur Camp Boone to be mustered in, regular fashion.

  20. While the fight was at its height, she saw a warrior advance some distance beyond the others, when a rifle-ball from the scouts stretched him lifeless.

  21. His body was seen to bound outward, but instead of reaching the shelf, for which it started, it gathered itself like a ball and rolled down the hill after his predecessor.

  22. Where they are in pots, they can be planted at any time, the weather permitting, provided the ball of earth is not broken.

  23. The roots must not be disturbed, but the ball turned out entire; and put as much earth as will raise the ball within about an inch of the rim of the pot.

  24. In turning out the ball of earth, keep it entire, not disturbing any of the roots.

  25. Conspicuous in his person he was observed; a musket-ball was aimed at that extended arm; it struck him, and found entrance through an opening in his armour.

  26. This was how poor Eleanor's pleasure in her first ball was spoiled.

  27. The ladies are wonderfully got up, considering the early hour; and their toilettes suggest that they may not have undressed since the ball of the night before.

  28. Kl├ęber received the first blow: a ball struck his head just as he took command of the attack.

  29. The town was illuminated in the evening, and there was a ball at the palace.

  30. Choron's ball might just as easily have hit me as Berthelin, and then she would have been weeping over my dead body!

  31. We held him in our arms, the blood flowing in torrents from a wound in his left hip: the ball was lodged in his body.

  32. Sussy, who later became comte de Sussy, took a leading part in the conduct of operations, and had his arm broken by a ball during the battle.

  33. Come on, come on, Mildet or Moinat, send a ball into that rascal!

  34. The day after the signing of the treaty of Campo-Formio the ball was opened by a quadrille.

  35. At the same moment the snake sprang, but before it had covered the distance that separated it from the captain, the gun went off, and the ball shattered its head.

  36. As I was saying, who showed up at the ball quite unexpected-like but Larry Finn.

  37. Ellen was going to that ball and you know how firm Ellen is once she makes up her mind.

  38. You see the ball was ending up in a free-for-all, just like the Twirlers always do, and the cops were so busy inside that there was no one left to pay any attention to a little thing like Jarge's scrap.

  39. Oh, the ball was all right this year--perfectly nice and decent.

  40. He placed a patch of cotton about the ball before ramming it in, and made sure that the powder showed in the nipple before putting on the percussion cap.

  41. The bridal party having dined, they and their elders opened the ball officially.

  42. When Oo-koo-hoo shot beaver he charged his gun with four slugs and fired for the head, as he explained that ordinary shot was too fine and scattered too much, while a single ball was too large.

  43. The ball had struck just behind the left shoulder and had entered the heart; and the hunter explained that when he saw his best chance, he spoke to the bear to make it pause in order to better his aim.

  44. With the inside of the skin next the foot blisters never form, nor does the hair wear off and ball up under the foot in such a way that it may hurt the wearer.

  45. Negro, and missing him, the ball struck Mr. Boon in the face, and felled him to the ground.

  46. He dropped her hand as if a rifle ball had struck him; and it was not until after long hesitation, that he began to make some reply about the necessity of circumstances.

  47. It was like a redoute, which is a fancy-dress ball where the guests may wear any dress they choose, only all the dresses must be of one color.

  48. Then the chain--holding the loose loop of it in his hand so that it should not rattle, he slipped its ball from the socket.

  49. They are frequently only moulded, thus presenting rounds, ogees and hollows, on which the prevailing ornaments of the period, the ball and the square flower, are set.

  50. You showed good form in the first innings, and it was a very unlucky ball that settled you so soon.

  51. And Robarts raised his bat, prepared for a good swipe if the ball came within reach, which he did not much expect.

  52. This feeling induced hesitation when the next ball was delivered, and the result of hesitation was that the insidious missile curled in somehow over his bat and toppled his bails off.

  53. It looked very risky, and the Hillsborough wicket-keeper was in constant hope of stumping him, but he never missed, and scored off every ball of that sort which came to him.

  54. Buller measured his distance, took a short run, and sent the ball in with the energy begotten of long mugging at algebra on a fine afternoon.

  55. The first ball he got he hit as hard as he could, and well on to the ground, but it was cleverly stopped before a run could be made.

  56. He was never easy unless staking his shillings on that table, and watching eagerly whether the little ball would drop into a red hole or a black one.

  57. If, in the old game, the ball is kicked behind the goal-posts but not between them, there arises a struggle between the contending sides to touch it with the hand.

  58. If one of the defenders, those behind whose goal the ball has passed, does so first, nothing has happened, and the ball is kicked off again for renewal of the game.

  59. They make me feel like a baby with a rattle, a ball and a hoop of bells.

  60. Well, it so happened that Red was a high-ball hitter.

  61. How many ball games have you seen since I became a ballplayer, Dad?

  62. It turned out that two brothers owned the Smoke Shop, and they also owned the Ball Club.

  63. And the next day we went to the Ball Park and I was introduced to the players and given a uniform that was too small for me.

  64. Well, it's a long story," answered the ball player's shadow.

  65. I've got a telegram from the manager of the Ball Club to report here, and if I make good I'll get a contract.

  66. So I thanked him and said I'd see to it that he got a free pass to the ball game as soon as I got settled, and started off for the Smoke Shop.

  67. Well then, that's a whole different ball of wax.

  68. Then one day I got a postal card from the Cleveland Ball Club, asking me to come in and talk to them.

  69. So you see, I was constantly hanging around the older kids and playing ball with them instead of hanging with kids my own age.

  70. Murray took a terrific cut at it and the ball went over the left-field fence.

  71. Every day I had to be the first one to get at the mail, because if anyone else saw a letter to me from the Waterloo Ball Club--well, that would have been enough to alert Dad to what was going on and I'd have been sunk.

  72. They used to say that he didn't spit on the ball: he blew his breath on it, and the ball would come up drunk.

  73. But I've been travelling for five days and five nights, and I am anxious to get to the Ball Park.

  74. The ball struck against a large stone at a very small distance from the spot where I stood.

  75. A pellucid membrane, proceeding from the inner corner of the eye, covers the ball while the bird is diving under water; which is remarkable.

  76. After this, she goes to a ball at the Long Room at Hampstead with Mme.

  77. I served out cartridges containing eight-mould shot, each to be rammed down over the ball in the muskets for the night sentries: these would be more likely to hit a thief in the dark than a single bullet.

  78. Two had smashed ankle-joints, in one of which the ball remained fixed among the bones.

  79. I sent a ball into his head which killed him.

  80. As she paused for breath, Fillmore seemed to expand, like an indiarubber ball which has been sat on.

  81. A ball of red worsted for Ann, and an ounce of 'bacco for 'n'wncwl Ebben, and oh!

  82. He was about to open Ann's work-bag in search of it, when Morva entered panting, and placed the shining box and ball of red wool on the table.

  83. Wool and ball were laid aside, while Ann placed six lighted candles on the floor--four in the centre and one at each end, with space enough between them for the figures of the dance.

  84. Gethin held it, of course; and while the ball increased in size there was plenty of time and opportunity for talk, which was interrupted by Robin's fiddle striking up a merry jig time.

  85. The news of the ball thrilled Bursley more than anything had thrilled Bursley since the signing of Magna Charta.

  86. III Under the stars the dancing section of the Beau-Site went off in jingling sleighs over the snow to the ball at the Metropole.

  87. This may not sound exciting; yet a re-valuation is the most exciting event (save a municipal ball given by a titled mayor) that can happen in any town.

  88. The ceremony of kicking off has no sporting significance; the celebrity merely with gentleness propels the ball out of the white circle and then flies for his life from the melee; but it is supposed to add to the moral splendour of the game.

  89. The prospect of the ball gave an immense impetus to the study of the art of dancing in Bursley, and so put quite a nice sum of money into the pocket of Miss Earp, a young mistress in that art.

  90. Finally he shot; a wild, high shot; but there was an adverse wind which dragged the ball down, swept it round, and blew it into the net.

  91. Mr. Duncalf was, fussily and deferentially, managing the machinery of the ball for the Countess.

  92. People wondered what might happen between the two at the fancy-dress ball which the Hotel Beau-Site was to give in return for the hospitality of the Hotel Metropole.

  93. It was while looking at her list of invitations to the ball that he first conceived the fantastic scheme of attending the ball himself.

  94. The Metropole seemed to take it for granted that the Captain would lead the cotillon at the Beau-Site's ball as he had led it at the Metropole's.

  95. The ball was offered not in love, but in emulation, almost in hate; for the jealousy displayed by the Beau-Site against the increasing insolence and prosperity of the Metropole had become acute.

  96. Who but me would have had the idea of going to the ball and asking the Countess to dance?

  97. For a fortnight we were condemned to dine in the back dining-room; and after that Mr Smithers sent in a bill which cost me more than the ball and supper.

  98. He very politely told me to go to where he may chance to be himself now; for a cannon-ball struck him a few seconds afterwards, and he was killed on the spot.

  99. The charge of the Arabs was very sudden; the three men who were with the caisson were sabred, and I was in the arms of a chieftain, who was wheeling round his horse to make off with me when a ball took him in the neck, and he fell with me.

  100. In fact, as my daughters declared, it quite spoiled the ball as well as the supper.

  101. Admiral Krusenstern saw, in his voyage round the world, the train of a fire-ball shine for an hour after the lluminous body itself had disappeared, and scarcely move throughout the whole time.

  102. It consists of a vertical metal rod, having a ball of lead movable upon it.

  103. He had his back to the window at the time, and on turning round, perceived that great part of the path traversed by the fire-ball was still illuminated by the brightest radiance.

  104. It must be remarked that these meteoric bodies, whether in ancient or modern times can only be regarded as the principal fragments of masses that have been broken up by the explosion either of a fire-ball of a dark cloud.

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