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  1. My stock has survived five generations of such diet as has bent the spines of the forest pigs and stunted the oxen.

  2. In 1617, while he was traversing the Southern seas, Ferdinand was presented by Matthias to the Diet of Bohemia, and acknowledged by it as successor to that kingdom.

  3. It was headed by the Aetolians, at whose diet Laevinus had personally appeared and had gained its support by a promise of the Acarnanian territory which the Aetolians had long coveted.

  4. As early as 581 the Roman envoys at the Achaean diet stated pretty plainly, that an alliance with Perseus was equivalent to casting off the alliance of Rome.

  5. The Aetolians had already gone so far as formally to declare war in their diet against Rome.

  6. The decline of the national vigour less admits of proof; but it is stated by the writers on agriculture that flesh and milk disappeared more and more from the diet of the common people.

  7. If in a mild form, the diet should be low; give two ounces of Epsom-salts, twice a day.

  8. I am sure great harm is often done by hasty recommendation to throw aside all study, when a temperate and wisely regulated mental diet is really required.

  9. We have some rules in regard to diet and digestion, but they are for the most part practised only by those who have acquired ills, and are not very frequently applied in the rearing of children.

  10. She is assisted by a teacher who superintends the diet and nursing of invalids.

  11. Their diet was confined to vegetables, and of these they partook sparingly but once in twenty-four hours: the stern vow of perpetual silence was upon them; no female was permitted to violate their retreat, and they dug their own graves.

  12. The couch was a slab of stone, the diet water and bread once in twenty-four hours, and each member removed a spadeful of earth every day from the spot of his intended grave.

  13. Moreover, on the very day of the review of the deficient Burgundian troops, a Swiss diet at Fribourg adopted resolutions regarding, a closer alliance with René.

  14. A diet was called at Basel for December 11th, and Zürich and Lucerne were expected to enter into the union.

  15. Footnote 11: Toutey calls the diet at Fribourg a veritable congress of central Europe, the first of international congresses.

  16. On across the Jura marched the Burgundian army, while the Swiss diet came to a slow and confused decision to prepare to meet him.

  17. In November, the diet met at Frankfort; the expedition was discussed and some resolutions were passed, but nothing further was achieved.

  18. At a diet of October 17th, the compact between René and the Swiss was confirmed, and the former was assured of efficient aid to help him repulse Charles in his advance into Lorraine.

  19. After intemperate feasting, to give the stomach a holyday for a day or two by a diet on mutton broth (No.

  20. At a diet in Germany, one Bishop Albertus, lighting by chance upon a Bible, commenced reading; one of his colleagues asked him what book it was.

  21. They then embraced; Madame de Pompadour recommended secrecy to Madame de Brancas, and the diet was abandoned.

  22. I was very regular in my diet and way of life from the beginning, and all that winter made it a constant rule to ride twice or thrice a-week, and walk every day.

  23. His neighbors said that this was the diet which he provided for his hungry family.

  24. Their minds had not been rendered flabby by such a diet of miscellaneous trash or sensational matter as confronts modern readers.

  25. His common diet of snails and beetles is varied by the eggs of the robin and meadow pipit, and occasionally he stumbles upon a huge store of food in the shape of a dozen or more eggs of pheasant or partridge.

  26. By reason of their feeding more in the lowland woods, where the diet is more liberal, the venison of the Fallow Deer is considered more tender and of finer flavour.

  27. The exception to a vegetable diet is found in its occasional indulgence in snails.

  28. Not that his diet is restricted to fish: he is very fond of the river crayfish, and will turn over every stone in his section of the stream in his search for them.

  29. The right of the free towns to be represented in the imperial diet was formally recognized in 1489, and about the same time they divided themselves into two groups, or benches, the Rhenish and the Swabian.

  30. A eulogy of Sir Richard was delivered in the Diet of Trieste, and the House adjourned as a mark of respect to his memory.

  31. Who can well suppose, that you on a sudden, relinquishing a life of softness and ease, can take up with our coarse diet and clothing and can inure yourself to our watchings and fastings?

  32. His diet was chiefly roots and pulse, and so sparing, that others wondered how he could subsist.

  33. Her diet was only herbs or pulse, which she took after sunset, at first every day, but afterwards only once in two or three, or sometimes seven days.

  34. Her ordinary diet was hard and mouldy bread.

  35. Dalroyd is well enough enjoyed now and then," said Mr. Marchdale sententiously, "but as a constant diet is apt to become devilish indigestible!

  36. The first Protestant Confession was that presented, in 1530, to the diet of Augsburg, by the suggestion and under the direction of John, elector of Saxony.

  37. The diet is a proper means of keeping up the animal and is very important.

  38. At the time of farrowing all sows should receive a light diet and be kept in clean, dry quarters.

  39. In gratitude for its kindness, they have made for it a dragon-house, with a carpet for it to sit on, and appointed for it a diet of blessing, which they present for its nourishment.

  40. Diet didn't account for the fact that the specks appeared only when the patient was near death.

  41. Investigation of the diet was being made, since all cases were among people eating synthetics.

  42. No, no; let us send them to Melbourne, where a long imprisonment and low diet will be the fate of each.

  43. He would bite glass and chew it with his teeth, lacerating his gums in a dreadful manner; and it was at one time reported that "Yankee Jim" used to diet on tumblers whenever he felt disposed to grow fleshy.

  44. The garden operations provided welcome additions of fresh vegetables to the American Expeditionary Forces' diet and also gave many Americans an insight of the French methods of intensive farming.

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