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Example sentences for "dieted"

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diess; diet; dietaries; dietary; diete; dietetic; dietetics; dieth; dieting; dietro
  1. I will be dieted instead of you; and you may trust me to perform what I promise.

  2. In the endeavour to follow nature still closer, they were dieted more sparely, and even fasted at certain seasons.

  3. Heated sand is applied as a styptic and the patient is dieted with ginger-soup and warm drinks of ginger-water, pork being especially forbidden.

  4. He is dieted with camel's milk, the wound is treated with salt and turmeric, and the chances in his favour are about ten to one.

  5. Not till after midnight: for hee is dieted to his houre Cap.

  6. Therefore I'll watch him Till he be dieted to my request, And then I'll set upon him.

  7. It is very essential to the success of this operation that the animal be dieted for twelve or eighteen hours before attempting to operate.

  8. Recovery usually occurs when the animal is dieted and rested.

  9. In inflammation of the crop, the bird should be dieted for at least one day, and one teaspoonful of castor oil given as a laxative.

  10. Not till after midnight; for he is dieted to his hour.

  11. Either they must be dieted like mules And have their provender tied to their mouths, Or piteous they will look, like drowned mice.

  12. Let the superfluous and lust-dieted man That slaves your ordinance, that will not SEE Because he doth not FEEL, feel your power quickly; So distribution should undo excess, And each man have enough.

  13. Let the superfluous and lust-dieted man That slaves your ordinance; that will not SEE Because he doth not FEEL, feel your power quickly.

  14. This Captaine clothed them, and prouided lodging for them, and Iohn Drake dieted at the Captaines table, and they were all very well intreated, the Captaine purposing to send them for Spaine.

  15. Imbeciles and suckling women to be dieted as the aged, "with or without the substitution of milk porridge and bread at breakfast or supper or at both meals.

  16. A haggard, dosed successfully, and dieted with lucky precision, may surprise you by getting fit quite quickly, whereas an eyess which you expected to bring into fettle in a few days may prove more restive than she did when taken up from hack.

  17. Unless carefully dieted they are very subject to apoplectic fits.

  18. But for some reason or other the nineteenth century hawk, if at all habitually dieted on this distasteful food, seems to lose pluck and power as well as weight.

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