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Example sentences for "divan"

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  1. He did not sense the fact of human presence; nor that the divan had been changed into a bed and the four lamps lighted, and that wrinkled, brown hands with talon-like fingers were performing a miracle of wilderness surgery upon him.

  2. Near the piano was another door, and a wide divan of the same soft, green upholstery.

  3. The divan had been opened and transformed into a bed.

  4. When the talkative William had left me I sprang up from the divan and paced the room in an excitement which I had carefully concealed from the servant.

  5. To this thought I held fast all the long night while I paced sleepless up and down my carpeted room, or stood at the open window cooling my burning brow in the night air, or throwing myself upon the divan to sink into painful thought.

  6. She resumed her seat upon the divan and buried her face in her hands.

  7. She sat upon a divan near the window, and at my entrance dropped a piece of embroidery into her lap, at the same time extending her hand with her peculiar sweet melancholy smile.

  8. Too excited from the unusual events of the night to sleep, Phoebe lay on the divan in the living room and reviewed the mysteries that filled her life.

  9. The other Motor Maids sat on a divan whispering together, and Miss Campbell, calm as was her wont in the presence of danger, paced up and down the room, examining the bolts of the heavy shutters.

  10. When she had finished eating, he made her stretch out on the divan while he gave her face and hands and wrists an aromatic bath.

  11. A divan (which is a low and doubly broad sofa) runs round the three walled sides of the room.

  12. I did not at all relish this process of fictitious dining, but at length the cloth was removed, and I gladly reclined on my divan (I would not lie down) with the Arabian Nights in my hand.

  13. Napoleon during his stay of five days at Suez had been the guest of the consul’s father, and I was told that the divan in my apartment had been the bed of the great commander.

  14. We soon discomposed him, however, from this studied fixity of feature, for we marched straight up to the divan and sat down, the Russian close to the Pasha, and I by the side of the Russian.

  15. Molly was studying and Judy was stretched on the divan idly swinging one foot.

  16. The two girls sat down on the divan and began a subdued and earnest conversation.

  17. Molly led Minerva to the divan and sat down beside her.

  18. He lay upon a low divan and could only suppose that he had been transported to India.

  19. I found her lying on a silken divan in the deserted house, her hands clasped over a little white flower like an odontoglossum, which lay on her breast.

  20. They had not, however, and the first nausea of his awakening having passed, he filled and lighted his briar and dropped down upon the divan to consider his position.

  21. Ormuz Khan gracefully threw himself upon a divan to the right of this open door.

  22. You stupid, don't you know the whole Divan Are called to meet as quickly as they can?

  23. To-morrow's high divan shall seal her fate; Her wit may free her; or she'll be thy mate.

  24. But tell me, Barak, shall I in divan Behold the lovely daughter of the Khan?

  25. The girl lay on the divan close to him, and although she hardly moved, Brand could tell from her breathing that she was as sleepless as himself.

  26. Sitting on the divan and facing the window was a young girl, apparently a Malay; and although her face was partly covered by her hands, Brand could see that she was very lovely.

  27. The girl started up from the divan with a smothered cry and gazed wildly at the intruder.

  28. A very large cushioned divan draped with dark green silk stood before a curtained recess in the opposite wall, and a large open volume lay upon a Koran stand of black wood inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

  29. It sure looks like a hot time in the old town soon," said Evelyn, as she lay back and stretched out on the beautifully appointed divan in Pearl's new apartment.

  30. Evelyn, in the meantime, had aroused from her drunken stupor and had ordered some food, and was sitting on the divan eating it, when they came in.

  31. He discovered that the divan in the room for his wife and daughter was not standing very conveniently for them, although they affirmed the opposite, and asked him to calm himself.

  32. He sinks on the divan on right in despair, as he sees the general incredulity.

  33. He flings himself down on the divan on the left, with his face to the audience.

  34. Above the bedroom door is a low divan with richly embroidered cushions.

  35. And the Tzigana, whose whole body was shuddering with horror, recoiled instinctively to the edge of the divan as at the approach of some detested contact.

  36. He found Marsa lying upon the divan in the little salon.

  37. And I Tiresias have foresuffered all Enacted on this same divan or bed; I who have sat by Thebes below the wall And walked among the lowest of the dead.

  38. Sir Lucien entering last of the party, the door closed behind him, and from the cabinet on the right of the divan a young Egyptian stepped out.

  39. He removed his overall and tossed it on a divan with his cane.

  40. Mrs. Monte Irvin, in a dying condition, lay upon the bed, and someone or some thing crouched on the divan behind Kerry as he lay stretched upon the matting-covered floor.

  41. Propped up amid cushions on the divan which once had formed part of the furniture of the House of a Hundred Raptures, Mrs. Sin was smoking opium.

  42. The box was lying on the divan in the first room where he said he had left it on going out for a cab.

  43. He turned on his heel and crossed to the divan upon which his oilskin overall was lying.

  44. Sin Sin Wa set the lantern upon a Moorish coffee-table which once had stood beside the divan in Mrs. Sin's sanctum at the House of a Hundred Raptures.

  45. On a divan at the other end of the place, propped up by a number of garish cushions, Rita beheld Mrs. Sin.

  46. He tossed his oilskin and his cane on the divan and went into the room of seance, savagely biting at a piece of apparently indestructible chewing-gum.

  47. A low divan with gaily colored mattresses extended from the door around one corner of the room where it terminated beside a kind of mushrabiyeh cabinet or cupboard.

  48. Seated, oriental fashion, upon an improvised divan near the grand piano and propped up by a number of garish cushions, Rita beheld Mrs. Sin.

  49. So he mused, wearily, listening to the moaning of his fellow captive, and wondering, since no sign of life came thence, why he imagined another presence in the stuffy room or the presence of someone or of some thing on the divan behind him.

  50. I went to the Divan and demanded that he should be flogged.

  51. The divan was immediately assembled, and about seven the hamagee or treasurer was chosen to succeed him.

  52. Caliph Chasid, of Bagdad, was resting comfortably on his divan one fine afternoon.

  53. In the middle of the hall stood a round table covered with a variety of dishes, and about the table was a divan on which eight men were seated.

  54. He rose from the divan where he was sitting and crossed over to the fireplace and stood by the eighteenth-century clock where the crystal water fell with the passing moments.

  55. Cedersholm reposed on a divan in the corner of a vast studio giving on a less magnificent workroom.

  56. Four tigers erect on their haunches held up with their forepaws the seat of majesty, a gorgeous divan bedecked with priceless jewels, under a lofty canopy shaded by tapestries of matchless fabric and embroidery.

  57. She pointed him to a great chair and seated herself on the corner of a leather divan nearly as big as a touring-car.

  58. Then she retreated to the wabbly divan in the living-room.

  59. That divan would hardly support two, and there was no comfort in sitting close; it merely added two furnaces together.

  60. How Perion Was Freed Demetrios lay on a divan within the Court of Stars, through which you passed from the fortress into the Women's Garden and the luxurious prison where he kept his wives.

  61. Demetrios lay upon the divan supported by many pillows, as though he had not ever stirred since that first day when an unfettered Melicent, who was a princess then, exulted in her youth and comeliness.

  62. She came thus with bare feet into the Court of Stars, where the proconsul lay on the divan as though he had not ever moved from there.

  63. The conqueror had paused to cleanse his sword upon the same divan Demetrios had occupied when Melicent first saw the proconsul; and as Perion turned, in the act of sheathing his sword, he perceived the dear familiar denizen of all his dreams.

  64. Demetrios lay upon a long divan which was covered with crimson, and which encircled the court entirely, save for the apertures of the two entrances.

  65. She sat down on a divan opposite us, and I had to answer very nearly the same questions, when Sami Pasha joined us, and introduced his children to me.

  66. The Divan is not only a court of justice, but of legislature and diplomacy.

  67. He commanded them to desist, and, stepping down, he himself examined the man’s case, with the bleeding body of the grand vizir on the Divan beside him.

  68. Another use of the Divan is, that it is the place where the troops, particularly the janissaries, received their pay.

  69. This folly is highly relished by the sages on the Divan within, who look on with delight till all the bags of money and plates of rice have disappeared.

  70. He vowed he would never rest till he stuffed the cushions of his divan with the hair of all the women of Gardaki.

  71. The ingenious artist has depicted himself sitting on the divan of Chem Bey, the muzzelim of Philadelphia, to whom he is exhibiting his sketches.

  72. The last ceremony of the Divan is the reception of ministers of foreign powers, who come here to be duly made fit for presentation to the Sultan.

  73. Our illustration presents the gate Capi Arasi, leading from the first to the second court of the seraglio, where the Divan is held, and so it is the entrance to it.

  74. The divan was satisfied with this impossible evidence.

  75. They are allowed to enter the Divan seemingly as spectators, and are left standing in the crowd without notice or respect.

  76. Divan from hence, when it was supposed he was buried in sensual indulgences in the remote recesses of the seraglio.

  77. He then sails to the arsenal, and, while reposing there on a divan prepared for him, he finds a large purse under the cushion, which he receives as the first offering of his faithful subjects.

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