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  1. The portly ladies of the Cabinet were as resplendent as their position demanded, and the aristocracy of the Senate and the women of fashion were equally fine.

  2. Two Cabinet ministers had been added to the salon, and what they in conjunction with the colossal Speaker and Senators North and Ward might accomplish if they cared to try, was appalling to contemplate.

  3. She vaguely recalled Mrs. Mudd's large face and black silk dress in the Diplomats' Gallery, which even a Cabinet minister might not enter without a permit from a member of the Corps.

  4. Nearly all the Cabinet ladies are here to- day and a good many Senators' wives and darters.

  5. The Mineral Cabinet had a greater interest to me, inasmuch as it called up the recollections of many a school-boy ramble over the hills and into all kinds of quarries, far and near.

  6. I absolutely trembled on approaching the cabinet of the Apollo, I had built up in fancy a glorious ideal, drawn from all that bards have sung or artists have rhapsodized about its divine beauty.

  7. We also visited the Cabinet of Natural History, which is open twice a week "to all respectably dressed persons," as the notice at the door says.

  8. The brave colonel and his brave brigade marched past the fort into the valley beyond, the President, the members of his cabinet and the ladies praising the hardy, soldierly bearing of the men as they passed.

  9. We do not know where the Cabinet taken at Naseby is preserved.

  10. Would you have us, after this, meet again in London or Paris or somewhere, scuffle to some wretched dressmaker's, meet in a cabinet particulier?

  11. She walked across to the piano, took a pile of music from the cabinet near, surveyed Lady Osprey's back, and with a gesture to me dropped it all deliberately on to the floor.

  12. The ministers then in King Louis Philippe's Cabinet had not resigned.

  13. The Cabinet was not even informed of his perplexities.

  14. Sir Robert Peel did not feel himself strong enough to carry out his project in the face of such opposition in the Cabinet itself, and he tendered his resignation to the Queen.

  15. Lord Grey, son of the Lord Grey of the Reform Bill, objected to the foreign policy of Lord Palmerston, and thought a seat in the Cabinet ought to be offered to Cobden.

  16. As soon as the public should learn, as they inevitably must, that the King hesitates, the Cabinet would lose all moral influence and be unable to accomplish their task.

  17. The air seemed infected with moral disorder and unlooked-for misfortunes, coming to join in party attacks and the false accusations which the Cabinet were subjected to.

  18. The Cabinet is ready either to defend to the last the King and conservative policy which we profess, or to accept without a murmur the King's determination to call other men to power.

  19. At present, more than ever, in order to continue the struggle successfully, the Cabinet has need of the King's decided support.

  20. The specimens in this cabinet are in a strong pasteboard box, divided into 40 sections.

  21. Take one every hour," he said, handing them to me, and carefully returning the bottle to the cabinet so that I could not see what was on the label.

  22. A small cabinet in the plaster opened and he took out a little telephone which he rang and through which he spoke hastily.

  23. The cabinet wished only sixty days--the senate made it ninety.

  24. He turned and entered a cabinet to secure the mystic literature.

  25. His examination of the looted library was minute, taking in the window through which the thief had apparently entered, the cabinet he had forced, and the situation in general.

  26. The War Cabinet was demanding a further lease of authority on the ground of having won the war.

  27. A small cabinet pianoforte stood opposite the fireplace, and the window looked upon pleasant meads and tangled hedgerows, and the narrow windings of the blue rivulet.

  28. Possibly; but you are no longer a Cabinet Minister.

  29. I can continue to live on the salary of a Cabinet Minister.

  30. If Hamlet and Polonius were living now, Polonius would have a much better chance of being a Cabinet Minister, though Hamlet would unquestionably be a much more intellectual character.

  31. He is in the Cabinet now, you know; but you don't see much of your uncle, I think.

  32. No new Cabinet could be formed without you, and your station in it would perhaps be higher, for life, than that which you may now retain but for a few weeks longer.

  33. The Senate always confirms the nominations to a cabinet office made by the President.

  34. These may be summed up in the statement that the British executives take the form of a responsible cabinet; and the American executives, both federal and state, take the form of a cabinet which is not in the same sense responsible.

  35. He may, if the instincts of American public opinion demand it, easily evolve into a responsible spokesman with other administrative officers about him, much after the similitude of a British responsible cabinet ministry.

  36. There's not another moment to be lost: 'Tis said Duke Alva in the cabinet Is named already as the governor.

  37. And now the World will bet a hundred to one, that I forthwith take biographical wax, and emboss such a wax-figure cabinet of the Actus itself as shall be single of its kind.

  38. The moral effect of such a victory would probably, in the unanimous opinion of Polk and his Cabinet (Polk, Diary, Oct.

  39. Mexican agent at London endeavored to excite the British cabinet regarding the supposed peril of his country (=77=Gorostiza, Apr.

  40. The next day he and the Cabinet discussed the question at length once more.

  41. As early, therefore, as the middle of May, Polk proposed to the Cabinet an expedition against Chihuahua, and the suggestion was immediately accepted.

  42. Their state of feeling seemed to Butler "a perfect tempest of passion," and Ellis believed that the Cabinet of Mexico discussed seriously the question of an open rupture with the United States.

  43. September 22, however, when deciding upon the Tamaulipas expedition, Polk and his Cabinet agreed that Conner should attack Tampico, and the order was issued that day.

  44. I have not the slightest respect," he wrote, for any member of the Cabinet except the secretary of the navy.

  45. The Cabinet showed itself capable of breaking a direct promise and even a definite contract (Pakenham, nos.

  46. By rather cunning management he brought Senator Benton to that opinion; others of the Cabinet reached the same conclusion; and finally the President admitted with "reluctance" that such was "the only alternative.

  47. The President belonged to that group, and Webster said: "That Mr. Polk and his Cabinet will desire to keep the peace, there is no doubt.

  48. Paredes had wished to do this in May, and a member of the Cabinet had indirectly proposed to Consul Black that a minister should be sent by the United States; but the government finally concluded that the matter was "too delicate.

  49. The fact that Poinsett continued to be an important factor in our public life, even becoming a member of the Cabinet at a later day, tended to emphasize these feelings, both official and popular.

  50. Garrison, the only member of his Cabinet who had marked ability, had resigned the year before, having apparently found the official atmosphere uncongenial.

  51. So he sought among his associates in the Cabinet for the member who, judging by their work together, would most loyally carry on his policies, and at length he decided upon William H.

  52. Most of the Cabinet had preceded him to Buffalo, and Secretary Root, the ranking member present Secretary Hay having remained in Washington asked the Vice-President to be sworn in at once.

  53. The oath having been administered, the new President said: 'In order to help me keep the promise I have taken, I would ask the Cabinet to retain their positions at least for some months to come.

  54. He chose a new Cabinet, although Roosevelt supposed that several of the members of his Cabinet would be retained.

  55. That is, he is in Canton to attend President McKinley's funeral and will have his first Cabinet meeting in the White House tomorrow.

  56. President Taft and the members of his Cabinet took little or no active part in the campaign.

  57. As it was with Presidents, so with the Cabinet officers, Congressmen, and State and city officials.

  58. Here we found our Cyprien surrounded by his companions, who were busy disinfecting and binding up the wounds that he had received when the china cabinet had collapsed upon him.

  59. The “Times” took up the attack; the Cabinet was alarmed for its popularity, and the Queen was shaken in her opinion of her Viceroy’s judgement.

  60. The weakness, however, of the Cabinet on this occasion to resist a wholly unjust and unscrupulous attack upon them was now apparent, and I doubt extremely whether they will ever again have confidence in Ministerial professions.

  61. It has also the exclusive right to impeach the president, vice-president, cabinet ministers, and federal judges before the senate.

  62. He was appointed a commissioner of the treasury in March 1679, was included in Sir William Temple's new modelled council the same year, and was a member of the inner cabinet which was almost immediately formed.

  63. Waldeck-Rousseau in 1884 when he was Minister of the Interior in the Cabinet of Jules Ferry, and which had then found partial expression in the ministerial circular on the application of the new law on syndicats.

  64. This was the cause which prompted Waldeck-Rousseau to invite a socialist, Millerand, to enter his cabinet and to accentuate his policy of attaching the working-class to the Republic by a series of protective labor laws.

  65. The cabinet of Waldeck-Rousseau constituted itself a "Cabinet of Republican Defense" and it sought to attain its end by securing the support of all republican elements of the country.

  66. He would have been scarcely more surprised if the blue china cat on the cabinet before him had jumped off and purred in his face.

  67. It was hardly the way for a young man to address a Cabinet Minister, and one who, moreover, was Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

  68. But there were other people first who claimed the doctor's attention--a Cabinet Minister, who had a question or two to put on the score of his personal health, so that it was some little time before Jessie obtained her chance.

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