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  1. Side by side, and in silence, we set out for the cabin on the Gaspereau where Philip and Xavier had been captured.

  2. Without a word he strode off toward a small cabin about a stone's throw from the cottage which we had just left.

  3. And he has not been seen at Canard since Giraud's cabin grew so hospitable.

  4. Chapter XX The Fellowship Dissolved In Giraud's cabin during our absence things had gone tranquilly.

  5. A white woman rushed frantically from her little cabin to inquire if any more Yankees were coming, a question which I ventured to answer with a very confident negative.

  6. Followed and surrounded in a negro cabin where he had stopped to rest, he managed to hide under a haystack, where he narrowly escaped the searching sabre-thrust of his pursuers, and then made again for the Potomac.

  7. In my cabin yonder there is a small keg of it; enough for us all.

  8. Scarcely had the peacefulness of the evening been broken by the first note of the clamor when from every door of hut or cabin the excited people poured out into the clearing and ran toward the stockade.

  9. The cabin was some sixty yards from the gate, and within easy rifle range of the busy enemy.

  10. When the young captain recovered his senses in the cabin of the Bucentaur, the flag-ship of the French admiral, bound for Europe again, he did not know whether or not he had won Dorothy Venour.

  11. Then he began to wander to and fro in search of the cabin and his state-room.

  12. Then what is the difference between the cabin and the steerage?

  13. I fitted my yacht with two nice iron howitzers, of about three pounds caliber, and had hung up in the cabin a harpoon and lance, with two of my smooth-bored guns and plenty of ammunition.

  14. Let's send Belton into the cabin to ask his father what he's going to do.

  15. For there was a creature in the cabin next to us—the most disgusting—the most unbridled—” It was not till we saw the dreadful rage in her eyes that we realized!

  16. The Master of the Villino is remarkably indifferent to anything the sea can do; but I like to have a comfortable cabin to myself, and a large port-hole for the sea-wind to blow through.

  17. There were some horrible people in the cabin next me, who would talk, and talk, and talk.

  18. After all his labor in the cabin nothing was found.

  19. The cabin was about twelve feet square, lighted by dead- lights in the deck above.

  20. He tried the cabin door; it was wedged fast as though part of the front.

  21. While Brandon stood looking at this sight he became aware of a movement in a corner of the cabin where there were five or six bodies heaped together.

  22. Brandon went back into the cabin and stood looking at the open doorway of that other room.

  23. The floor of the cabin was covered with sand to the depth of a foot.

  24. Our men walked about the bed of the river till they found her, and in her cabin they obtained a sum of money that would surprise you--all old coin.

  25. The sand seemed to have drifted more deeply into the state-rooms, for while its depth in the cabin was only a foot, in these the depth was nearly two feet.

  26. All around the cabin lay human bodies distorted by the agonies of death, twisted and twined in different attitudes, and still lying in the position in which death had found them.

  27. But even yet he feared that when he entered that cabin the spell would be on him.

  28. When moving about the quarter-deck or when sitting in the cabin he usually had the air of a man who was pretending to be intent on something else, but in reality watching Brandon's acts or listening to his words.

  29. In the centre of the cabin was a table, secured to the floor, as ships' tables always are; and immediately over it hung the barometer which was now all corroded and covered with mould and rust.

  30. Brandon had once seen proofs of his courage in the dead bodies of the Malay pirates which lay around him in the cabin of that ill-fated Chinese ship: but all that he had done then was not to be compared to this.

  31. As it was he only sank quickly, but without accident, until his breast was on a level with the cabin floor.

  32. The door of the cabin still remained and was shut tight.

  33. He gave up his room in the cabin to my mother and sister, and slept and lived with me.

  34. A third volley from the occupants of the cabin accounted for two.

  35. The occupants of the cabin waited until the foe was in plain sight and then four revolvers spoke once.

  36. Another officer was in his cabin when I entered--Captain Poore of the Brooklyn--and he seemed a little surprised when he heard that Captain Adams had given leave to all to go on shore.

  37. On looking out of my cabin this morning, I saw the high and rugged bluff of which I have spoken, on the left bank of the river.

  38. As fast as we pulled one way it ran another, and just as we got to Micky's cabin the string snapped, and off the pig bolted down the village, and ran straight into the open door of the school.

  39. For him fond mothers, stout and fair, Ascend the tortuous cabin stair Only to hold around his chair Insidious sessions; For him the eyes of daughters droop Across the plate of handed soup, Suggesting seats upon the poop, And soft confessions.

  40. Upon the cabin stairs we met, the voyage nearly over; You leant upon his arm, my pet, from Calais unto Dover!

  41. It was a log cabin standing on an eminence, comfortable in appearance and snugly embosomed in a grove of trees.

  42. She is more devoted to me than ever, since her narrow escape from the sea, and she is sure that I will not be sent into the cabin when the next storm comes on.

  43. There were three men at my cabin door, besides the four within; Christian had only a cutlass in his hand, the others had muskets and bayonets.

  44. Spreading said handkerchief on the cabin table as a cloth, he next brought out from his pocket a formidable cheese-toaster, and was preparing to do battle with the prog.

  45. I hearn him holler agin, and stickin my hed out of the cabin winder, I HEV.

  46. He was bro't aboard on a shutter by his crue, and deposited on the cabin floor, the passenjers all risin up in their births pushing the red curtains aside & lookin out to see what the matter was.

  47. The first cabin berths were not only the best furnished, but the most favorably situated for comfort, convenience, and safety.

  48. And I resolved anew that I would be a first cabin passenger over the ocean of life into the haven of Celestial glory.

  49. I was a first cabin passenger; and besides myself there were upwards of a hundred others in that part of the vessel.

  50. The second cabin had about twice as many passengers, and in the steerage were several hundred more.

  51. Then he dismissed his yacht, and became an inconspicuous passenger in a cabin opposite to mine, on the port side.

  52. A surge of the trunk threw him across the cabin as the steward answered my bell.

  53. Anything short of sixty, with a sou'west wind means--but I'll get my Channel Pilot out of my cabin and give you the general idea.

  54. Miss Lamont and the artist went below, frankly confessing that they could see all that interested them from the cabin windows.

  55. And passengers in the cabin occupying chairs and sofas, surrounded by their baggage, always look bored and melancholy.

  56. On the bank is a log cabin touched with color, with great chimneys, and as luxuriously comfortable as it is picturesque.

  57. Contrary to his usual habits, he pardoned a cabin boy who had incurred a flogging.

  58. As soon as he was off duty he would shut himself in his cabin without either books or papers, and the unhappy man passed whole hours lying in his cot, for he could not sleep.

  59. I'm going over the mountain to a cabin where my master sends me.

  60. Handsome deigned no reply, passing on in silence, and leading the way to a cabin that was larger and better than the others, and which stood exactly in the centre of the miniature valley.

  61. He dropped upon his knees again, and, with Patsy following, they crept around through the grass again along the edge of the cliff, and at last reached the cabin from which the detective had started.

  62. They had reached Madge's cabin by this time, and now they mounted to the porch, and Nick pulled out an old pipe that Turner had given him, filled it, and lighted it.

  63. He had no doubt that somewhere in that cabin he would not only find the liquors he wanted, but also drugs.

  64. Take him back to the cabin where he was tied up, and tie him up again.

  65. Do you think that he got out of the cabin without aid?

  66. It had been shortly after eleven o'clock when Nick returned to the cabin after assisting Patsy in his escape; it was now after midnight.

  67. The cabin in which Patsy was a prisoner was built of roughly hewn logs, the crevices and chinks being stopped with mud and clay.

  68. Nick made that half circle of the small valley, crawling in that way, and entirely without being discovered; and in that manner he arrived directly in the rear of the cabin where Patsy was a prisoner.

  69. Nick knew in which cabin Patsy was a prisoner.

  70. I have thought this matter all over, and decided upon it during those hours when I was locked in the cabin up there in the hills, after you had drugged the men of my company, and succeeded in capturing us all.

  71. Dora had gone back to the cabin and now she returned in great haste with Nellie and Grace.

  72. All of our friends were so exhausted that they had to be carried to the cabin and here Dora and Grace fainted away completely, while Nellie was little better off.

  73. The girls stood at a cabin window watching the work and ready to leap out if the yacht should start to go down.

  74. Once in the cabin they proceeded to make themselves as comfortable as the state of affairs permitted.

  75. The Tacoma tossed and pitched to such a degree that standing on the deck was next to impossible, and all of the boys and the girls gathered in the cabin and held fast to the posts and the stationary seats.

  76. The wind was increasing, and the girls had to go back to the cabin to keep from getting wet.

  77. The cabin was fairly large and richly furnished, for the Sutters were a family of means, and desired everything of the best.

  78. Looking into the cabin he saw a man standing there, partly dressed.

  79. The girls in the cabin heard the crash above the roaring of the elements, and let up a scream of alarm.

  80. The coming of the big raft and its passengers to the shore where the cabin was located was greeted with shouts of joy from Sam and the three girls.

  81. She showed me with pride her cabin and the bunk under the companionway, wherein lay her eighteen-months-old baby.

  82. While there I remained in the cabin with the baby who was still asleep.

  83. I found her in her cabin at her rag carpet loom, and bought two rolls which she was just about to leave with the "goods" merchant to sell on commission.

  84. The Sound steamer had n't gone out, the night was so thick and bad, and the cabin lights alongside shone out bright enough for me to mark her as she dodged this way and that trying to get to the end of the pier.

  85. Such work is a source of ingenuity and enjoyment in the cabin of the peasant; it rather fills up time that would be otherwise idled than takes from other work.

  86. Yet meet him in his cabin rude, Or dancing with his dark-haired Mary, You'd swear they knew no other mood But Mirth and Love in Tipperary!

  87. Half laughing and half crying she ran up the path which wound about among the thickets on the rocky little island where her rough cabin stood, secure, secluded.

  88. The girl came quickly from her cabin in answer to the shouting of the mountaineer.

  89. He looked across the mountain-side toward where her lonely cabin hid in its secluded fastness.

  90. They had reached the path which led first to the bridge across the mountain-chasm making the rock on which her cabin stood an island, and then, across this draw-bridge, to the cabin itself.

  91. The long tramp back to his lonely cabin in the mountains would consume some hours.

  92. She led the bluegrass girl to a convenient point from which her cabin was in sight.

  93. Most of the men had never heard of Layson, and the few who had become acquainted with him through chance meetings since he had been stopping in his cabin in the mountains, knew most indefinitely where the place was located.

  94. Having finally decided that it was a good one, she went about the cabin seeing to the fastenings of doors and windows, wholly unafraid despite her solitude.

  95. When she left him at the foot of the rough path which wound up to the cabin where she lived alone, she had quite recovered confidence in him.

  96. His restless discontent with Layson's presence had left him ready for excitement over wild tales told in store and cabin of what the young man's fellows were doing in the valley.

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