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  1. His high-handed ways made you remember the letters in the cottage attic.

  2. It's inconceivable that he could get by with such high-handed robbery!

  3. But she recognized Moffatt's high-handed way, and her fears faded in the great blaze of the sum he offered.

  4. He went on, as she handed him his tea: "I'm sorry it should happen just now.

  5. I'm sorry," he said as he handed it back.

  6. At length the coachman, opening the door, handed out a lady in widow's weeds.

  7. The money was handed over, but not counted by the recipient, as before had been her careful habit--a circumstance with its effect to follow in due time.

  8. They handed over the stamps of the Mint, Holyrood, and the two pledges.

  9. She took the fragment Stumper handed back to her.

  10. Tim picked up the clock and handed it to his uncle, who held it tightly against his chest a moment, then put it into his capacious pocket.

  11. He handed it on reluctantly to his uncle, who listened so deeply in his turn that he had to shut both eyes.

  12. It's going," she stated quietly, and handed it to her brother.

  13. Colonel Stumper handed round one of the bags at the end of a long pole--and, though the clergyman didn't look at all as if he required feeding, the threepenny bits dropped in without the least regret on the part of the contributors.

  14. She listened attentively for the answer, the smile of a duchess on her rosy face, then bowed and handed a lump of sugar to Tim, who set it carefully in the middle of the plate.

  15. Beyond the fact that a man on horseback had handed it to a little boy, who had delivered it over to the footman, Drummond could learn nothing.

  16. Turning from him she drew it forth, and handed it to him hurriedly.

  17. The agent said, as he handed the note, that Mr. Darrell had left orders at the stable to keep the two horses and phaeton until Don Victoriano sent for them.

  18. So saying, he handed to Clarence other pieces of rock which looked much richer, adding, "This is the ore we have not had assayed yet.

  19. As I was going to dinner at six o'clock, a messenger handed me a closed official envelope which felt quite heavy.

  20. Immediately after dinner a waiter came from the office and handed to Clarence a card, with "Fred Haverly" written on it.

  21. She handed the card to George, who read aloud, "Clarence Darrell.

  22. They and Elvira were playing a three-handed game of casino; George was elsewhere, talking to an acquaintance he had met on the train.

  23. He must record the result of such investigation in a report, of which a copy is handed to the officer of the warship.

  24. Blix rose and groped for a moment upon the mantel-shelf, then returned and handed him a match, and stood over him while he scraped it under the arm of the chair wherein he sat.

  25. She dashed off a couple of lines on the back of the bill of fare, and her hand trembled like a leaf as she handed him what she had written.

  26. The master of the kibitka, who was clad in a long brown robe, thickly wadded to keep out the cold, poured some water into a large caldron, and proceeded to make tea, while a young girl handed round raisins and dried currants.

  27. In their selection of quarters they seem guided by some traditions handed down in the different auls; and not unfrequently a body of Kirghiz will pass over much excellent grazing ground, and travel many a league to inferior pasturage.

  28. Afterwards, bowls of the liquor in which the meat has been boiled are handed round, and not a Kirghiz but swallows the greasy potion with as much zest as an epicure takes his glass of dry champagne.

  29. It was handed to an assistant of the priest, who duly killed it.

  30. So that the hawk, when caught, is at once identified, and handed over to its owner.

  31. He entered the office and a clerk handed him a card.

  32. I sat up half the night trying to balance this against what he handed out and could make nothing of the entries.

  33. Let me see," said Bethune, and lighted a cigarette when Dick handed him a book, and a bundle of small, numbered forms.

  34. Dick's heart beat as he read the document his employer handed him.

  35. This, however, did not seem to account for the angry excitement some of the men showed, and Dick waited until a polite half-breed handed him the newspaper.

  36. At the same time the treaty left Cape Breton to France, an act of incomparable folly on the part of the English plenipotentiaries who, with the map lying open before them, thus handed over to Louis the key of the St. Lawrence and of Canada.

  37. The Primicerio then solemnly invested him with the ducal mantle and handed him the standard of the Republic.

  38. He then handed to the Doge the official seals and surrendered the keys of the Porta S.

  39. It was handed to the friars who returned joyfully to Paris.

  40. The pontiff on that occasion handed a consecrated ring to the Doge saying: "Receive this as a pledge of the sovereignty which you and your successors shall have in perpetuity over the sea.

  41. The Venetians single-handed fought on sea and land with their usual intrepidity, but the State was already weakened by the Milanese wars.

  42. The patriarch blessed the ring and handed it to the Doge who cast it into the sea pronouncing the formula: "Sea, we wed thee in token of our true and perpetual dominion over thee.

  43. At last the rogue told the cashier that rather than submit to imposition he would take the gold, and the eighteen thousand dollars were handed over to him in twenty-dollar gold-pieces.

  44. After he took the witness-stand and had qualified himself as an expert in handwriting, the note in suit was handed him, and he was requested to state whether or not in his opinion the signature was genuine.

  45. This he handed to Maguire with the remark that if it was not sufficiently comprehensive he might dictate such an one as he desired and he would sign it.

  46. But if they feel themselves morally supported by those who should wield an absolute and open-handed justice, then I say that my lot is indeed a hard one.

  47. McTurk handed up his contribution and lay hopelessly on the cold iron.

  48. And handed it all up to the Head, with an extempore prayer.

  49. Mechanically Beetle had handed over the money to Stalky as treasurer of the study.

  50. He drew out a large sheet of paper on which were some written words, and handed me the paper to read.

  51. From this he gathered that the body had been discovered early in the morning by two boatmen, who towed it to shore and handed it over to the police.

  52. About half-past ten the next morning, Mr. Gedney presented himself to the detective and handed him the following letter: "I am glad you are sensible.

  53. He drew out the afternoon paper and handed it to him.

  54. He handed the two pawn-tickets to Mr. Barnes.

  55. Whether or not she might have found some other means of avoiding my offer, she did not think of one then, so she handed me the ruby and I gave her the check.

  56. He handed the letter to the detective, who read as follows: "Your daughter is safe if you are sensible.

  57. Mrs. Gray simply handed it to him in the darkness.

  58. Passing out to the street, he handed the door-key to Mr. Mitchel through the front window.

  59. He handed a blue paper to Mr. Barnes, who took it and read the following, on a cable blank: "Emerald.

  60. Bill Vanderhook looked like a blue print, when he handed her out to Mrs. Astor.

  61. Roszynski vehemently tore a letter from his vest, and handed it to Giovanna.

  62. Where it was he could not tell; perhaps Juliette herself had handed it to the soldiers.

  63. Without another word Déroulède handed a bunch of keys to the man by his side.

  64. The President was, with equal rapididy, affixing his signature to various papers handed up to him by the other clerks.

  65. Bert was ushered into the presence of the mayor, who received him with great cordiality, and after a few words read the letters Bert handed him.

  66. In the sheaf of telegrams of congratulations handed to Bert next morning was one from Reddy.

  67. The commissions were complete; they were signed and sealed, and left with the clerks of the office of State to be handed to the persons appointed.

  68. This is a left-handed way of adoring the people.

  69. Or does he believe that these events will be handed down in association with the bloody buoy, and Porcupine's works?

  70. Soon after he came into the city, a paper was handed him with proposals for a publication of this kind (The Senator).

  71. In an instant the honeysuckle was unpinned and handed to her.

  72. The next day Mr. Bell came he handed her a big bunch of sweet-brier roses.

  73. When it was quite dark the housekeeper brought in the lights and handed me a letter which, she said, a man had just brought up from the village post office.

  74. He took out his pocketbook and handed the conductor a bill.

  75. I shall never forget Uncle Jesse's face as I handed it to him.

  76. The captain handed his officer a key, and walked away forward, with a hang-dog look on his kindly face, which he kept averted from his passengers.

  77. She looked over the side, as her grandfather was handed carefully down to a seat by the two sailors in the boat, and the captain noted her resolute counterfeit of cheerfulness.

  78. He handed Staniford a card, and the latter went below for the coins.

  79. Most of the popular games are those which have been handed down throughout the ages, many of them of great antiquity, especially scientific games and games of skill.

  80. When the knife was complete it was handed to the sheath-makers, who fashioned the sheath of leather, and sometimes encased it in metal.

  81. Some of these little spools or bobbins have been handed down from mother to daughter as heirlooms, and many of them carry a romantic story, if it were but known.

  82. Among the commoner emblems of good luck handed down from the far-off past, are the brass amulets worn on horse trappings even to-day.

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