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comprehendeth; comprehending; comprehends; comprehensible; comprehension; comprehensively; comprehensiveness; comprend; comprende; comprendre
  1. His departure from Koenigsberg marks the close of the first period of his university career, and it will be interesting to stop and take a comprehensive view of the phases of thought through which he passed during that time.

  2. Thus the school curriculum classifies for the child the various phases of this race experience and provides him with a comprehensive representation of his environment.

  3. Thus the school curriculum renders possible an effective control of the experiencing of the child by presenting in a comprehensive form a classified, systematized, and pure representation of the more valuable features of the race experience.

  4. We have learned that man, through the possession of an intelligent nature, is able to grasp the significance of his experience and thus form comprehensive plans and purposes for the regulation of his conduct.

  5. With both, the term seems to embrace in its most comprehensive sense, the paternal relation, in which it is more familiarly employed by most of the nations of Europe.

  6. It is, in fact, a comprehensive and excellent history of all that great political revival of Italy of which Cavour was the centre--a work as admirable for scholarly clearness as for the evidently vast knowledge on which it is based.

  7. And the most comprehensive of these assumptions is nothing less than the complex vision itself, with that "something," which is the soul, as its inscrutable base.

  8. But since the two elements of personality wrestle together in every artist's soul, the more personal a work of art becomes the more comprehensive is its impersonality.

  9. The following principles seem, as far as I am able to lay hold upon this evasive problem, of more comprehensive application than any others.

  10. It is well to be able to take a comprehensive view of all benevolent enterprises, and resolve to do our duty in life in some way or other, for we cannot live for ourselves alone.

  11. Corentin got into his vehicle hastily, after one more comprehensive look at Michu, the lodge, and Couraut, who barked at him.

  12. The subject is too vast and comprehensive for continued contemplation, for it is like all other wheels of vicissitude; we become giddy by looking too steadfastly on its twinings.

  13. All this, perhaps, had paved the way for her to enter into a close and comprehensive study of the subject which she is now so ably discussing in her notable lectures on the social and the political crimes of Utah.

  14. On the whole the book is clearly written and can be recommended to those who wish a brief and at the same time comprehensive account of the modern theories of sleep and its disorders.

  15. His lead was subsequently followed up by Brissaud, and by the latter's pupils Meige and Feindel, the latter two authors giving us a comprehensive discussion of the subject in their well-known classic.

  16. To this comprehensive material is added an appendix on the topic of psychic and neurotic disturbances as indications for trephining.

  17. The writer asserts that the work and problems in sexuality in human beings place upon the animal behaviorist an obligation to lay the necessary foundations for a scientific and thoroughly comprehensive investigation of sexual life.

  18. McDougall obviously employs the term instinct in a much more comprehensive and inclusive sense than Shand does.

  19. The Quichua became the most comprehensive and various, as well as the most elegant, of the South American dialects.

  20. With both, the term seems to embrace in its most comprehensive sense the paternal relation, in which it is more familiarly employed by most of the nations of Europe.

  21. On the delivery of the first of these Lectures on Tuesday evening, the speaker in a comprehensive and well-digested exordium, placed himself and the subject right with the public.

  22. It gives in a form far more condensed and intelligible than we have before seen, a very comprehensive view of the human organization.

  23. We shall do great injustice both to his head and to his heart, if we forget that he was permitted to carry into effect only some unconnected portions of a comprehensive and well-concerted scheme.

  24. Does there remain any argument which escaped the comprehensive intellect of Mr Burke, or the subtlety of Mr Windham?

  25. He included the order of the universe in that comprehensive condemnation.

  26. He impounded the dispersing Butteridge plans with one comprehensive sweep of his arm, rescuing them even from the expository finger-marks of the man with the flat voice, and handed them to Bert.

  27. The largest openings are those of the lakes and prairies, the smaller of beaver meadows, bogs, and the rivers; none of them large enough to make a distinct mark in comprehensive views.

  28. With the exception of little park and garden spots not visible in comprehensive views, the entire surface is covered with it, from the highest peaks to the plain.

  29. All these finally unite in the comprehensive conception of civilisation and culture,--in the idea of man's supremacy over the world by means of his work.

  30. A new light is cast on reality, which ceases to be a collection of separate and non-cohesive elements, and becomes capable of comprehensive operation and of self-concentration.

  31. If the autonomy of the spiritual life reveals a new phase of reality, it must also form a comprehensive whole, of which all the separate provinces are but the various manifestations.

  32. Aspiration is not confined to a limited number of separate results, but the manifestation of a great whole is sought for: a comprehensive realm of the good and the beautiful.

  33. In the new life, the spiritual gains autonomy, becomes a comprehensive whole, and is able to cultivate its own individuality.

  34. On the positive side, the government and the international financial institutions have been engaged in a comprehensive medium-term poverty reduction and economic growth strategy.

  35. Few comprehensive statistics on the Nauru economy exist, with estimates of Nauru's GDP varying widely.

  36. Botswana has the world's highest known rate of HIV/AIDS infection, but also one of Africa's most progressive and comprehensive programs for dealing with the disease.

  37. Israel's use of comprehensive closures decreased during the next few years and, in 1998, Israel implemented new policies to reduce the impact of closures and other security procedures on the movement of Palestinian goods and labor.

  38. UN-led direct talks between the two sides to reach a comprehensive settlement to the division of the island began in January 2002.

  39. She may have imagined the truth; but Sukey, though small in herself, had a large, comprehensive heart wherein several admirers might be accommodated without overtaxing its capacity, and soon she was comforting herself with Bob Kaster.

  40. He also believed that her regard for Dic did not preclude, in her comprehensive little heart, great tenderness for other men.

  41. Public opinion must be directed toward whatever is worthy of this day, and this is impossible except through the use of adequate arguments and the adducing of clear, comprehensive and conclusive proofs.

  42. It is the party of national policies, of comprehensive scope and enlightened self- interest, by which industry is diversified, labor systematically protected, and the prosperity of all classes and sections promoted.

  43. It was understood by all that some more comprehensive measures must be adopted during that session, but until further legislation there should be no more contraction of the currency.

  44. It was by far the most comprehensive exposition of our customs laws and rates of duty that, so far as I know, had been published.

  45. This object was accomplished in a better and more comprehensive way by the proclamation of the President.

  46. To secure a comprehensive scheme of taxation it was necessary to include in a revenue bill duties on imported goods as well as taxes on internal productions.

  47. The debate on this bill was participated in by nearly every Senator, and was conceded to be the most comprehensive and instructive debate on financial questions for many years.

  48. It was impossible to consider all these and to agree upon any comprehensive measures until within a day or two.

  49. The revenue bill enacted at that session was far more comprehensive and the rates much higher than in any previous or subsequent law.

  50. It is a comprehensive law covering the whole ground.

  51. The message was a clear and comprehensive statement of the existing tariff system, and the unequal distribution of both its burdens and its benefits.

  52. For fuller account see any reliable and comprehensive Bible Dictionary, and Josephus Ant.

  53. The philosophic soundness of the Lord's profound generalization and comprehensive summarizing of the "law and the prophets"[1121] will appeal to all students of human nature.

  54. It is a splendid type of our Lord's parables in general, and is particularly valuable for its great intrinsic worth and because we possess a comprehensive interpretation of it by the divine Author.

  55. The admonition closing this division of the discourse is an effective and comprehensive summary of all that had preceded: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

  56. His reply to their charges is not confined to the question of Sabbath observance; it stands as the most comprehensive sermon in scripture on the vital subject of the relationship between the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

  57. The reply was prompt, incisive, and so comprehensive as to cover the requirements of the law in their entirety.

  58. From this general and comprehensive sentence follow all the details which make a June day perfect.

  59. At the end of the whole should be the strongest and the most comprehensive argument.

  60. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "comprehensive" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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