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Example sentences for "comprehensiveness"

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comprehends; comprehensible; comprehension; comprehensive; comprehensively; comprend; comprende; comprendre; comprends; compress
  1. There is not so much of calm comprehensiveness of thought, and there are more angles.

  2. The forehead was rather low, prominent above the eyebrows, and with keen, hollow temples, but deficient both in comprehensiveness and ideality.

  3. The extraordinary comprehensiveness of Aristotle's philosophy makes it quite impossible to render here even a general account of it.

  4. Philosophy as the truth of synthesis and reconciliation, of comprehensiveness and coƶrdination, must be a living unity.

  5. Sincerity of expression does not require what is distinctly another mode of intelligence, comprehensiveness of view.

  6. The progress of science is marked by the growth of these conceptions in the direction of comprehensiveness on the one hand, and of refinement and delicacy on the other.

  7. Whoever neglects the former, will want breadth and comprehensiveness of Christian culture.

  8. The effort after comprehensiveness of view reduces things to unity, but this unity stands out in opposition to the manifold phenomena which it transcends, and rejects as unreal.

  9. Indeed, Hume, notwithstanding his vast powers, was inferior to Smith in comprehensiveness as well as in industry.

  10. Hitherto, however, the physiologists have immeasurably outstripped the pathologists in the comprehensiveness of their views, and, therefore, in the value of their results.

  11. For, he had neither the comprehensiveness of Smith, nor the fearlessness of Hume.

  12. The Apostle shows his sense of the comprehensiveness of this blessing by the adjuncts of his prayer.

  13. Notice the comprehensiveness of the Apostle's prayer in this place.

  14. You will remember three forgotten things--that poetry is rooted in emotion, and that it grows by the mastery of emotion, and that its significance finally depends upon the quality and comprehensiveness of the emotion.

  15. But I value his lyrics as presenting himself (the self he does not obtrude into the comprehensiveness of his novels and The Dynasts) as truly, and with faults as well as strength visible in it, as any character in his novels.

  16. He was a stranger in the city at the very time when he was describing its mental life with a picturesqueness and comprehensiveness which has never been equaled.

  17. The encyclopedic picture of the world, the deliberate comprehensiveness of the design, necessitated the forcible introduction of many elements which transcended the powers of harmonious composition.

  18. The proof of them is, 1st, their comprehensiveness and consistency with one another; 2ndly, their agreement with history and experience.

  19. There is no organic unity in a succession of feeling or sensations; no comprehensiveness in an infinity of separate actions.

  20. There is no great critic who by his readableness and comprehensiveness is as well qualified as Hazlitt to aid in bringing home to students the power and the beauty of the essential things in literature.

  21. The other and more important characteristics of this work are delicacy of taste, solidity of judgment, vigour and boldness of fancy, and depth and comprehensiveness of understanding.

  22. He had a strong craving for comprehensiveness of opinion, and was not content to store up knowledge that demanded a mere act of memory in its acquisition.

  23. Language must be left to grow in precision, completeness and unity, as minds grow in clearness, comprehensiveness and sympathy.

  24. Their fullness and comprehensiveness have been a marvel.

  25. The policy of the country in regard to education in these early times was further marked by a lack of comprehensiveness in its aims.

  26. A combination of simplicity of narrative, with comprehensiveness of detail, admirably adapted for the use of the School-room.

  27. His anxiety to affiliate his own speculations to those of his predecessors is a marked feature in all his philosophical works, and illustrates at once the modesty and comprehensiveness of his mind.

  28. In the great requisites of simplicity of arrangement and comprehensiveness we have none better adapted for general use.

  29. In the great requisites of simplicity of arrangement and comprehensiveness we have seen none better adapted for general use.

  30. Gradually, however, it increased in definiteness, persistence, and comprehensiveness of purpose.

  31. The study of languages makes no special demand on the quality of concentration, but the study does demand and creates comprehensiveness and clearness.

  32. He was a fertile and stimulating thinker, and much of his great influence arose from the comprehensiveness that led to his celebrated classification of the sciences.

  33. Darwin was well fitted by the comprehensiveness of his observations to deal with the various factors of extinction and survival.

  34. I desire to try in a series of sermons to set forth what little I can see of the depth and comprehensiveness of this model of all prayer, and of its ever fresh applicability to the wants and difficulties of our days as of all days.

  35. He was distinctly justified in so doing, both by the meaning of the original words, which are perfectly general and capable of either application, and by the true and deep view of the comprehensiveness of our Lord's mission and purpose.

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