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Example sentences for "conjoint"

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conjecturing; conjoin; conjoined; conjoining; conjoins; conjointly; conjoyned; conjugal; conjugate; conjugated
  1. They hunted out Mrs. Barnet and heard her ideas about conjoint homes for spinsters in the Garden Suburb.

  2. All were, however, pouring forth their inmates, who uniformly held their way toward the point where the expected exhibition of the conjoint taste of Richard and Benjamin was to be made.

  3. On the other hand Irish has developed a peculiar system of absolute and conjoint inflection with different sets of endings.

  4. The conjoint endings are always used in the case of compound verbs, and in simple verbs they are employed after certain proclitics, e.

  5. In like manner, all the variety of Christian emotions and experiences is to be traced to the conjoint operation of that Divine Spirit as the source, and my own spirit as influenced by, and the organ of, the Spirit of God.

  6. In consequence of these conjoint invitations, I spent a week with Mr. C.

  7. In Anglo-Saxon there had been no distinction between the conjoint and absolute forms of the possessive pronouns; the simple genitive sufficed for both uses.

  8. Schools require for their full efficiency more opportunity for conjoint activities in which those instructed take part, so that they may acquire a social sense of their own powers and of the materials and appliances used.

  9. A democracy is more than a form of government; it is primarily a mode of associated living, of conjoint communicated experience.

  10. It is truly educative in its effect in the degree in which an individual shares or participates in some conjoint activity.

  11. To pull at a rope at which others happen to be pulling is not a shared or conjoint activity, unless the pulling is done with knowledge that others are pulling and for the sake of either helping or hindering what they are doing.

  12. But they are also interested, and chiefly interested upon the whole, in entering into the activities of others and taking part in conjoint and cooperative doings.

  13. The failure arises in supposing that relationships can become perceptible without experience--without that conjoint trying and undergoing of which we have spoken.

  14. Were he to become a copartner, he would, in engaging in the conjoint activity, have the same interest in its accomplishment which others have.

  15. With its companion, it revolves round their common centre of gravity in eighty-one years, and hence it would seem that their conjoint mass is less than that of the sun.

  16. Their conjoint weight is about one-third that of the sun.

  17. Up to this time the primary object of the British Government had been the establishment of such an alliance with the rulers of the Punjab, as might ensure a strenuous conjoint opposition to an European army advancing from the West.

  18. The subject of these Ordinances and many very interesting remarks thereon and on the Conjoint College may be seen at p.

  19. The governors are reasoning agents for the nation, in their conjoint acts as such.

  20. The distinctively rational phase of reflective inquiry consists, as we have already seen, in the elaboration of an idea, or working hypothesis, through conjoint comparison and contrast, terminating in definition or formulation.

  21. Nobody else has any claim upon the conjoint proceeds.

  22. It especially becomes us to understand how the United States have fared in a century's attempt to keep in equilibrio as a conjoint and legal Measure of Services both gold and silver in a fixed numerical relation.

  23. Intellectual causes, which are the chief subject of these lectures; the conjoint influence however of the emotional being always presupposed.

  24. Insufficiency of these causes to explain the whole phenomenon of unbelief, unless the conjoint action of emotional causes be supposed.

  25. Provided Austria cedes her conjoint authority in the Duchies, I thought they intended to settle the boundaries of Silesia to your advantage.

  26. But our rule is only conjoint in the Grand Duchies.

  27. Thus a nucleus such as that of the IVth nerve or of the facial is small and compact in comparison to the extensive conjoint nucleus of the vagus and cranial accessory.

  28. If any state took up arms against one of the allies, the whole confederation would conjointly enter the field, at their conjoint expense, against the offending state.

  29. A conjoint Faculty of Medicine and Surgery was founded in 1423.

  30. A grace consisting of two or more small notes moving by conjoint degrees, and leading to a principal note either above or below.

  31. The conjoint influence of Gammon's wine and eloquence not a little agitated Titmouse, in whose eyes stood tears.

  32. Mr. Titmouse, immensely excited by the conjoint influence of the brandy, and the news of the night; "capital!

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