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copiers; copies; copiis; coping; copings; copiously; copiousness; coplas; copped; copper
  1. A well written, weekly current chronicle of the events of the war, prepared from copious sources.

  2. We regret that our limits forbid copious extracts from these treasures, but do the more earnestly entreat the reader to buy the volume and make himself familiar with it.

  3. New Edition, with numerous Additions and Original Letters, now first published, and a copious Index.

  4. Where can I find a copious and accurate account of the battle, or perhaps I should rather say skirmish, of Villers en Couché?

  5. Its smooth versification, copious diction, and sustained elegance made it a sort of canon of poetical technique.

  6. In description he is too copious and detailed: his poems abound with long speeches: his parade of varied learning, his partiality for abstruse mythology, are just the natural defects of a lettered but uninspired epoch.

  7. Shenstone gave a partly humorous effect to his poem by imitating Spenser's archaisms, and Thomson reproduced in many passages the copious harmony and luxuriant imagery of the Faerie Queene.

  8. Spenser changed somewhat the order of the rimes in the first eight lines and added a ninth line of twelve syllables, thus affording more space to the copious luxuriance of his style and the long-drawn sweetness of his verse.

  9. This luxuriance attested to the copious and recent rains.

  10. With the ground saturated by the copious rain, and the fury of the storm blast, a great many trees were felled.

  11. Under Giulio he afterwards became a painter on a great scale, and a very copious composer of large histories, as well as a decorator in wood and stucco in a magnificent style suitable only for a palace.

  12. To these is prefixed a laboured preface by Pierfrancesco Zanotti, with copious emendations and notes by the Canon Crespi.

  13. In his composition he most affected Raffaello, as may be gathered from the celebrated Dispute of St. Augustine at the Scopetini, where the maxims of the School of Athens, and of other copious and noble conceptions of Sanzio, are apparent.

  14. Francesco Monti, another pupil of the same school, was endowed by nature with an enthusiasm for ample and copious subjects, to which he applied himself without much previous culture, either from imitation or from art.

  15. The same fertility of ideas and attraction of style are conspicuous in his grand histories, dispersed among the first galleries of Europe, and in his no less copious altar-pieces.

  16. Footnote 78: There is annexed to them a learned Treatise, by the Count Felice Durando di Villa, with very erudite and copious notes.

  17. Apollinare; a history both copious and full of dignity; commissioned by the Cardinal Lambertini, who, on becoming pope, caused him to make a duplicate for the church of S.

  18. He was also a finished artist of pictures for private rooms, occasionally exhibiting there copious histories, as in that we read of in the full and well drawn up catalogue of the Sig.

  19. From thence he returned much improved, whence his latter pictures far exceed the first in invention and copious composition.

  20. The Slaughter of the Innocents, at the Gesu in Genoa, is pointed out to us as one of his best pictures, and is a copious and careful composition, extremely well arranged.

  21. Its load of vapor is therefore carried to a height, it expands on reaching the height, it is chilled in consequence of the expansion, and comes down in copious showers of rain.

  22. The Chinese pilgrim Sung-Yün has left us an account of India in this distressful period and for the seventh century the works of Hsüan Chuang and I-Ching give copious information.

  23. It appears to be the same as the Candrapradîpa-sûtra and is a complete and copious treatise, which not only expounds the topic from which it takes its name but incidentally enumerates the chief principles of Mahayanism.

  24. Copious materials for the study of Śâktism and Tantrism are being made available in the series of tantric texts edited in Sanskrit and Tibetan, and in some cases translated by the author who uses the pseudonym A.

  25. He had something of his descendant's inextinguishable passion for pamphleteering, and the copious effusion of public letters and articles.

  26. Whether the task were reasoning or exposition or expostulation, the copious springs never failed.

  27. When a large House broke up after a considerable division, a copious dark stream found its way up Parliament Street, Whitehall, and Charing Cross.

  28. To talk of the silences of the most copious and incessant speaker and writer of his time may seem a paradox.

  29. Though he was not exact in business, the minister's despatches and letters show shrewdness, good sense, and right feeling, with a copious garnish of flummery.

  30. George Selwyn and Gladstone were joint editors, and each provided pretty copious effusions.

  31. On some Sundays he hears two of these discourses in the morning and afternoon, and a third sermon in the evening, for though he became the most copious of all speakers, Mr. Gladstone was ever the most generous of listeners.

  32. Such a question is always graver than to the heedless outsider it may seem, and the Peelite discussions upon it were both copious and vehement.

  33. Even copious Dryden wanted, or forgot, The last and greatest art, the art to blot.

  34. The number of eggs remains high even upon insufficient pods, because the original food-plant offered a copious provision, both in the multiplicity and the size of the seeds.

  35. To make sure of its full effect, the suspected person is made to drink a copious draft.

  36. Into this curious question Sir Frederick Madden has entered with great learning and ability, collecting the numerous observations of previous writers, and illustrating them from his own copious stores.

  37. Orkney, resident in London, who under this title presented to the Society from time to time a curious and valuable collection of books relating to the Orkney and Shetland Islands, accompanied with copious MS.

  38. The Samlingar för Nordens fornälskare, already referred to, is also of considerable avail, especially from its copious illustrations.

  39. General Grant is a copious worker and fighter," President Lincoln wrote to General Burnside in July, 1863, "but a meagre writer or telegrapher.

  40. The poet rises with his subject, and the correspondent periods seem to flow more copious and majestic with the grandeur and sublimity of the theme.

  41. There are a great many reasons against copious profanity of speech.

  42. Copious memoirs of his life are now in the course of publication.

  43. He naturally drank copious draughts of the water, which, having long imbibed the virtues of the bark, that floated abundantly on the stream, quickly dispersed the fever of the Indian.

  44. No," said the girl, with a shake of the head which expressed a more decided negative than the most copious language could have conveyed.

  45. If Keble has not the exquisite poetical mysticism of Christina Rossetti he is more copious and more strictly scholarly, while he escapes the quaint triviality, or the triviality sometimes not even quaint, which mars Herbert.

  46. It was stated in the Times Telescope, 1822, "the women of the poorer class in Derbyshire used to indulge in copious draughts of Foxglove tea, as a cheap means of obtaining the pleasures of intoxication.

  47. In France continuous inhalations of Peppermint oil combined with creasote and glycerine, have become used most successfully, even when cavities exist in the lungs, with copious bacillary expectoration.

  48. The juice of the root is very acrid when sniffed up the nostrils, and causes a copious flow of water therefrom, thus giving marked relief for obstinate congestive headache of a dull, passive sort.

  49. The water impregnated with it was as strong to the taste as common lime-water, and the precipitate which fell from it, on blowing air into it, was as copious as I ever observed from that prepared with stone or oyster-shell lime.

  50. By this may be seen, that the language we have adopted is both copious and expressive.

  51. When the proportions of oxygen and azote is below three parts, by weight, of the former, to one of the latter, the acid is red coloured, and emits copious fumes.

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