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Example sentences for "impregnated"

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  1. Lyle, the geologist, at Pretoria, examined the rock with bones in it, and pronounced it a kind of lava impregnated with lime from the bones.

  2. Near the site selected for his house is a mineral spring, whose {55} waters are strongly impregnated with sulphuretted hydrogen gas.

  3. If the earths, after having been lixiviated, are replaced in the caves, they again become impregnated with the same salts.

  4. Eggs of frogs and fish impregnated out of their bodies.

  5. Koelreuter impregnated a stigma of the nicotiana rustica with the farina of the nicotiana paniculata, and obtained prolific seeds from it.

  6. And after the prolific dust is shed on the stigma, the seed becomes coagulated in one point first, like the cicatricula of the impregnated egg.

  7. That such gaseous emanations and mineral springs, impregnated with the ingredients before enumerated, and often intensely heated, continue to flow out unaltered in composition and temperature for ages, is well known.

  8. Lyme, with the ink-bags still distended, containing the ink in a dried state, chiefly composed of carbon, and but slightly impregnated with carbonate of lime.

  9. In what manner they become so impregnated will be afterwards considered.

  10. This slaty marlstone is richly impregnated with copper pyrites, for which it is extensively worked.

  11. A] It is also ascertained that all the substances with which hot springs are impregnated agree with those discharged in a gaseous form from volcanos.

  12. However wretched the land may be on which it is put to feed, it can always find wherewith to satisfy its hunger, especially if the soil be impregnated with salt or nitre.

  13. Nor are the natives exempt from the noxious effects of an atmosphere saturated with moisture and impregnated with the fumes of vegetable decay.

  14. If indeed the man writes at all, he will very probably write prose, but this prose will be impregnated with poetic quality.

  15. Happy is the heart of the mother that bore a male child, that was impregnated with thee amongst the mountains.

  16. It is not less truly Emersonian, less fully impregnated with his unique genius; but the themes discussed are less interesting, and the glory and the beauty of the diction are much subdued.

  17. The little dark hall of the flat was impregnated with a disagreeable odour of patchouli, and on a bench against the wall--its only furniture--he saw a figure sitting.

  18. He said in a voice permanently gruff, but impregnated with a species of professional ingratiation: "Ye-es?

  19. Once again he read the letter, which seemed now impregnated with fresh meaning, and the anger which had mingled with his first sensation of relief detached itself and grew in force.

  20. The blood was no longer in his head; he was pale, walking down that mahogany-coloured room impregnated with the scent of wedding-cake.

  21. It was agitated and thick, and impregnated with the peculiar flavour of country coffee.

  22. Lady Bassett was mute to that, and all the journey home very absorbed and taciturn, impregnated with ideas she could not have invented, but was more able to execute than the inventor.

  23. Sparkling all over with intelligence, she impregnated her boy with it.

  24. In other districts the fibre is discoloured (and the value of it consequently much reduced) by the infiltration of water impregnated with the oxide of iron.

  25. His susceptible imagination, vivid and correct, was (170) impregnated by the Odyssey, and warmed with the fire of the Iliad.

  26. This place was famous for its herds of white cattle, brought up there for sacrifice, and supposed to be impregnated with that colour by the waters of the river last mentioned.

  27. The idea that women may be impregnated by the sun is not uncommon in legends.

  28. Similarly Breton peasants are reported to believe that women or girls who expose their persons to the moonlight may be impregnated by it and give birth to monsters.

  29. Traces in marriage customs of the belief that women can be impregnated by the sun.

  30. Even in the marriage customs of various races we may perhaps detect traces of this belief that women can be impregnated by the sun.

  31. Sometimes magical implements and remedies are supposed to lose their virtue by contact with the ground, the volatile essence with which they are impregnated being no doubt drained off into the earth.

  32. As we proceeded we constantly saw trees topple over into the river, the banks of which are continually widening, and which in many parts has the appearance of a lake after a storm, impregnated with debris.

  33. After this operation, the white wine becomes so impregnated with sulphur, that it has acquired all its taste and flavour, and is thus used as a ferment.

  34. Stum is a certain quantity of white wine, strongly impregnated with sulphur.

  35. Leather which is not sufficiently impregnated with the tanning principle, is generally known by a white speck or streak, which is observable in the middle of its substance.

  36. Because the fewer the inhabitants, the less carbonic acid will be exhaled; and thus country people will inhale pure oxygen, instead of air impregnated with the narcotic poison, called carbonic acid gas.

  37. Because it is impregnated with decomposed organic matter, washed from roofs, trees, or the casks in which it is collected.

  38. Because the air they breathe is not pure, but is both defective in oxygen, and impregnated with carbonic acid gas.

  39. Because it is impregnated with the breath of its numerous inhabitants, the odour of its sewers, the smoke of its fires, and many other impurities.

  40. Because when it filters through the earth, it becomes impregnated with sulphate of lime, and many other impurities from the earths and minerals with which it comes in contact.

  41. The water is of a moderate heat, and appears to be strongly impregnated with nitre.

  42. After being knitted, the mantles are impregnated with thorium nitrate, with the addition of a small quantity of cerium nitrate, and occasionally other nitrates.

  43. The original mantles were made of knitted cotton yarn, impregnated with rare earths and are still so made; but the most durable mantles are now constructed from ramie or china grass.

  44. No timber, except ebony and ironwood, which are too hard, and those which are strongly impregnated with camphor or aromatic oils, which they dislike, presents any obstacle to their ingress.

  45. The ovary contains the ovules, attached to a surface called the placenta; and these ovules, after having been impregnated by the pollen, develop into seeds which are plants in embryo.

  46. The ovule is now impregnated or fertilised, and the result is that the ovum divides and subdivides into more and more cells till at last an embryo plant is built up.

  47. They ruled over me by attraction, as others often do by their antipathy; for the moral atmosphere, like the physical, becomes impregnated with certain feelings.

  48. I think most all the soil of that part of California is impregnated with gold.

  49. The music to this work is impregnated with an indefinable Oriental colouring which imparts to it an undoubted measure of charm.

  50. It is applied by a small machine with a fan, by which the smoke from burning cotton-waste saturated with oil, or of coarse brown paper impregnated with sulphur, can be blown into the pipes; this locates leaks with great precision.

  51. The answer to the second question which is best supported is, that the malarial poison is brought into the system principally by breathing an atmosphere impregnated with this miasm.

  52. When the tissue is impregnated the drug fails.

  53. Dolan obtained similar results by injecting the nasal secretions, and also by compelling rabbits to inhale air impregnated with decomposing sputa and vomit of patients suffering with the disease.

  54. The calcification of a thrombus takes place when the latter becomes impregnated with salts of calcium and magnesium.

  55. Every case of whooping cough should be compelled to use two or three times daily the spray impregnated with a substance of this sort, either carbolic acid, the oil of eucalyptus, a solution of quinia, or thymol.

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