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Example sentences for "impregnating"

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impregnable; impregnably; impregnate; impregnated; impregnates; impregnation; impresario; imprescriptible; impress; impressa
  1. I am inclined to think that I have derived advantage from impregnating the flower from which I wished to obtain seed with pollen from another individual of the same variety, or at least from another flower, rather than with its own.

  2. Botanic Gardens, were all rendered fertile, merely by impregnating each with pollen of one of the others.

  3. I find the methods of procuring fixed air, and impregnating water with it, which you have published, are preferable to those I made use of in Mr. Lightbowne's case.

  4. Directions for impregnating water with fixed air, in order to communicate to it the peculiar spirit and virtues of Pyrmont water, and other mineral waters of a similar nature.

  5. This experiment led me to attempt the making of spirit of sal ammoniac in a larger quantity, by impregnating distilled water with this alkaline air.

  6. The lower chlorinated products are oils, which may be used for impregnating paper or soft wood, making it non-inflammable and impregnable to water.

  7. For flame arc lamps the carbons are specially prepared by impregnating them with salts of calcium, magnesium and sodium.

  8. The act or process of combining or impregnating with sulphur or its compounds; also, the state of being so combined or impregnated.

  9. An apparatus for impregnating with, or exposing to the action of, sulphur; especially, an apparatus for fumigating or bleaching by means of the fumes of burning sulphur.

  10. Granjon has proposed impregnating a suitable variety of wood charcoal with chlorine, with or without an addition of bleaching-powder; then grinding the product to powder, and converting it into a solid porous mass by the aid of cement.

  11. The act of fecundating or impregnating animal or vegetable germs; esp.

  12. An apparatus for the generation of gases, or for impregnating a liquid with a gas, or a gas with a volatile liquid.

  13. I am thy father; by me are begotten all thy members as divine; I have formed thy shape like the Mendesian god; I have begotten thee, impregnating thy venerable mother.

  14. But while the stigma is ready, the pollen at this stage never is, and the insect which comes usually laden with pollen from other flowers cannot avoid impregnating the stigma with this foreign pollen.

  15. Thus they always enter the flower with foreign pollen, use it up impregnating the waiting ovule, and are held until the flower’s own pollen gives the signal for their release properly dusted for a renewal of the work.

  16. Then another tries and, again, as though realizing the futility of impregnating the unreceptive stigma, it also moves back.

  17. The act of impregnating or secting with aroma.

  18. The act rendering alkaline by impregnating with an alkali; a conferring of alkaline qualities.

  19. Love and Mercy impregnating Rigor and Severity by Benignity, 796-u.

  20. Heavens, the Father, impregnating the earth with its rains, 656-l.

  21. Priestley's Directions for impregnating Water with fixed Air.

  22. Directions for impregnating Water with Fixed Air, by Joseph Priestley, L.

  23. Directions for impregnating water with fixed air, &c.

  24. Several hides, in this state of preparation, are put together into a vat, for the purpose of impregnating them with tannin.

  25. The art of tanning consists in converting hides and skins into leather, by impregnating them with astringent matter.

  26. The art of dyeing consists in impregnating flexible fibres with any color which may be desired, in such a manner, that it will remain permanent, under the common exposures to which it may be liable.

  27. In these we can see whether the population is sufficient to admit of division, if the brood is of the proper age, if males exist or are ready to be produced for impregnating the young queens.

  28. For this purpose, we prevented some of the queens from extracting the parts left by the impregnating males, and by dissection we discovered that the laminæ were pincers as we had conjectured.

  29. We then confined her, and the eggs she afterwards laid proved that the second copulation had been more successful than the first and that there are some males more fit for impregnating queens than others.

  30. Cotton is dyed by first impregnating it with a solution of manganous chloride, then dyeing and passing into a hot solution of caustic soda.

  31. Iron Buff is produced by impregnating the cotton with a solution of ferrous sulphate, squeezing, passing into sodium hydrate or carbonate solution, and finally exposing to air, or passing through a dilute solution of bleaching powder.

  32. Instead of penetrating the stone the impregnating medium forms a firm coating which is liable to be lifted, and in parts broken, by the crystallisation of salts, and thus allows the destructive processes to continue uninterrupted.

  33. This evil can be remedied by gradually heating the object to redness to destroy the impregnating material, and by a careful repetition of the steeping and impregnation.

  34. When impregnating with pure paraffin[117], specimens may be lightly wiped with a cloth, but need not be dried.

  35. In such cases it is advisable to begin with dilute varnish so as to allow the impregnating solution to penetrate as deeply as possible into the material, instead of merely forming a skin.

  36. In 1887 he had described his method to Appelgren by letter, but at that time he treated the object after reduction, washing, and drying, by impregnating it with a paraffin-petroleum solution.

  37. If one succeeds in impregnating the tanned skin with some water repelling application the seams are apt to leak in worn shoes and the leather treatment goes for naught.

  38. So get it of the tightest weave and by impregnating the fibers with a waterproofing solution they are enveloped by the water repellent mixture and the interstices are not large enough to let the water through.

  39. Defn: A plant or vegetable produced by impregnating the pistil of one species with the pollen or fecundating dust of another; -- called also hybrid.

  40. Defn: The act or process of combining or impregnating with sulphur or its compounds; also, the state of being so combined or impregnated.

  41. The act of impregnating or the state of being impregnated; fecundation.

  42. The act of impregnating with a mineral, as water.

  43. Defn: An apparatus for impregnating with, or exposing to the action of, sulphur; especially, an apparatus for fumigating or bleaching by means of the fumes of burning sulphur.

  44. Defn: The act of fecundating or impregnating animal or vegetable germs; esp.

  45. Defn: Thae act or process of combining or impregnating with silicon or silica; the state of being so combined or impregnated; as, the silicification of wood.

  46. Defn: A process for preserving timber and rendering it incombustible by impregnating it successively with solutions of sulphate of iron and calcium chloride in vacuo.

  47. Defn: Impregnating with the qualities of turpentine; terbinthine.

  48. They have at all times held aloft the banner of liberty, thus impregnating the social vitality of the Nation.

  49. The work of impregnating has become much cleaner and easier, while at the same time the tar can be heated to a much higher temperature.

  50. The coal tar, be it either crude or distilled, is not a perfect impregnating material, and the roofing paper, saturated with it, possesses several defects.

  51. There are three different sorts of roofing paper, according to the impregnating fluid used in its manufacture.

  52. The pan is generally filled with distilled coal tar, and the heating is regulated in such a manner that the temperature of the impregnating mass is raised far beyond 212° Fahrenheit.

  53. In most cases, however, this appellation was applied to the ordinary tar paper; the impregnating substance was mixed only with coal pitch, or else a roofing paper saturated with distilled tar.

  54. But it is better to apply myself to the task of thoroughly impregnating one point of space with my presence than henceforth to beat my wings vaguely all through infinitude.

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