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Example sentences for "conferring"

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confermed; conferment; conferre; conferred; conferreth; confers; conferva; confervae; confervoid; confes
  1. When he came back with Rue Carew, the Princess Mistchenka was conferring with her maid and with her stewardess.

  2. I enclose a paper which she has executed, conferring power of attorney.

  3. We have no other resources but those of conferring benefits and showing kindness; and this is even more the case with a dauphiness or a queen consort, which I myself have not been.

  4. While the Kafr ambassadors were conferring with Barreto, one of the camels belonging to the Portuguese happened to break loose and came up to where Barreto was, who stopped it till those who were seeking for it came up.

  5. Accordingly, the custom began of making him presents and conferring on him pensions.

  6. And this question is inseparably connected with another, namely, the conferring of degrees.

  7. Thus they, beneath the vaulted roof obscure Of Pluto's house, conferring mutual stood.

  8. To one so humble as myself It should be matter for some pride To have such noted fellows here, Conferring at my side.

  9. Infinite is that I offer you, Myself conferring it, expos'd alone to all your odds, Only imploring right of arms.

  10. England supplied him with money to defray the charges of the war: but the Queen of Hungary went farther, conferring on him a little state, which did not belong to her[3].

  11. It was on a Prince who might be looked on as a Lorrainer, that she was conferring the title of presumptive heir; for Charles VI.

  12. But, besides the art of giving, she has a thousand other ways of conferring kindnesses.

  13. The Government had replied that nothing could be agreed upon without previously conferring with the other Powers of the Continent, and especially with the Emperor Alexander.

  14. He made it the happiness of his life never to miss, whenever opportunity occurred, the chance of conferring pleasure and gladness on those who needed kind words and substantial aid.

  15. By afterwards sparing persons and property, among a people accustomed to consider conquest as conferring a right to murder, pillage, and devastate, he would create a sentiment that would be most advantageous to the French army.

  16. The most hospitable attention was paid to her by the Royal family, the Empress conferring upon her the appointment of Lady of Honour to Her Majesty.

  17. Conferring upon him the dignity of 'Comitiva Patrimonii.

  18. We are conferring new lustre on your body by the promotion of Tulum.

  19. And put up your prayers for your most affectionate Sovereigns, that they may receive back again from Heaven the favour which they are conferring on you.

  20. He was quite right in doing this, but he thereby prepared for us, his young successor, an opportunity of conferring an unexpected favour, for we hereby remit to you all the augmentum which was assessed upon you at the fourth Indiction.

  21. In conferring upon you the office of Quaestor we look first to character, and we find in you that love of justice which is all important in a representative of the Prince.

  22. Be heroes then, see that your swords be sharp and your wits not blunted; for I hold that there is no judgment so just as that of a country conferring honors upon the brave; and he who earns the glory shall have it.

  23. But, to show equal candor on the other side, it must be remembered that this institution descends to us from ancient times, when wealth was not so often divided from territorial or civic honors, conferring a real precedency.

  24. His signing is sufficient to satisfy the Statute of Frauds in any state conferring on an agent authority to make and contract for the sale of real and personal property without requiring his authority to be in writing.

  25. If one at the time of conferring a benefit on another confers it as a gift, it cannot afterward be claimed that the gift was conferred relying on a supposed contract.

  26. In 1855 Congress passed an act conferring citizenship on alien women who should marry American citizens.

  27. He might well imagine however, should Maurice discover that it was he who had prevented the commissioners from conferring with him as instructed, that it would go hard with him.

  28. The party at Utrecht in favour of a compromise and in awe of the Stadholder sent a deputation to the Hague with the express but secret purpose of conferring with Maurice.

  29. But, Sir, in case you do, Sir, I shall take it upon myself to teach you better manners than to insult a gentleman conferring with your master, Sir!

  30. He first endeavored to prevent the chartering of private colleges; later he sought to deny them the privilege of conferring degrees.

  31. Nothing is surer than that a certain gayety of heart and mind constitute the most wholesome climate for young children.

  32. When there came a man with a gun, gun, gun, And fired at them over the walk, O!

  33. Thus, Cardinals, Vicars and Prefects Apostolic, and Abbots have the power of conferring tonsure and Minor Orders from Canon 239.

  34. It is the teaching of learned authorities that the Roman Church for the good of souls has allowed ecclesiastical jurisdiction to remain in the schismatic Oriental Churches for the conferring of the Sacraments.

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