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Example sentences for "descends"

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descendeth; descendible; descending; descendit; descendre; descensus; descent; descente; descents; describable
  1. That this love with man descends increasing, is in consequence of the glory of honor, which in like manner increases with him according to amplifications.

  2. That it descends from generation to generation, or from sons and daughters to grandsons and granddaughters, and does not ascend from these to fathers and mothers of families, is well known.

  3. The love of infants descends and does not ascend.

  4. The sphere of adulterous love ascends from hell, and the sphere of conjugial love descends from heaven.

  5. The understanding, while such cold prevails towards the wife, looks downwards to the lowest region, and also, if not prevented by fear, descends to warm itself there at an illicit fire.

  6. That the sphere of conjugial love descends from heaven, was shewn in the places cited just above, n.

  7. I will wager that your son will marry into a Faubourg St.-Germain family, a family which descends authentically from the Crusaders.

  8. The spirit of repose descends upon us; one after another the several members of mine host's household roll themselves into mummies and lie in a solemn row along the side of the room, sleeping.

  9. It is a cool, green spot up yonder; the rain descends upon it in continual baptism.

  10. Therefore at the soul's request, trouble after trouble descends without intermission, and the greater speed means the greater pain.

  11. It seemed, indeed, suddenly to sink into the earth, for the opposite lip of the fissure into which it descends was only eighty feet distant.

  12. The severed head still retains the plumed cap, from which a long pendant descends in front of the face.

  13. There are encircling bands at the knees and ankles, and a fan-like extension of the costume, somewhat resembling the tail of a bird, descends between the legs.

  14. The road from Volta to this place descends along the hillside in a gentle slope, and, after traversing the river, winds up in a similar but much steeper rise, so that you can keep in view the whole passage through the valley.

  15. The native captains, however, suggested the Pass of Mezzagna, which descends from the heights behind Gebel Rosso into the plain of Palermo.

  16. This range descends precipitously to the rapid and narrow Volturno, leaving room only for the road toward the Scafa di Carazzo.

  17. The principal branch descends on the right along the garden of the Villa Corsini, surrounded by high walls, and goes on to join the great road to Civitavecchia.

  18. From the northwest the Greensburg Pike (or Penn Avenue) descends into Turtle Creek with many sharp angles and a very steep gradient.

  19. The avenue now descends toward the railroad from both directions, and the best plan appears to be to carry it over the tracks.

  20. The wild bird descends from the hedge to feed on the dock-seed and is caught.

  21. At the falls of Killaloe, it descends twenty-one feet in a mile; and above one hundred feet from Killaloe to Limerick.

  22. From Mainhill the highway descends slowly to the village of Ecclefechan, the site of which is marked to the eye, a mile or more away, by the spire of the church rising up against a background of Scotch firs, which clothe a hill beyond.

  23. Their armour descends almost half way down the thigh, but a piece of silken stuff is attached circularly to the bottom of it, that falls down to the calf of the leg.

  24. And after is Upper and Lower Lybia, which descends low down, towards the great sea of Spain, in which country are many kingdoms and different people.

  25. This kingdom descends on this side towards us, and towards Prussia and Russia.

  26. Bertrand withdraws, and Eugenia descends the stair with a folded paper in her hand--she appears to struggle with emotion, and running towards Monica, casts her arms passionately around her.

  27. He turns quickly toward the Terrace and catches De Valmont's arm as he descends to prevent his approach--then turns imperatively to the men.

  28. She descends with a rapid fall--bursting into exclamation of despair, and dragging back the horses.

  29. A joy, which I cannot analyse, descends into the depths of my soul.

  30. The Gorgon's skin covers her breast, and a linen peplum descends in regular folds even to her toe-nails.

  31. His white hair, parted like that of Christ, descends regularly over his shoulders.

  32. The royal encampment seldom lost sight of Mount Altai, from whence the River Irtish descends to water the rich pastures of the Calmucks, which nourish the largest sheep and oxen in the world.

  33. From the Iberian Caucasus, the most lofty and craggy mountains of Asia, that river descends with such oblique vehemence, that in a short space it is traversed by one hundred and twenty bridges.

  34. From the point where the slope descends to the latter river, there opened before me one of the most glorious landscapes I ever beheld.

  35. From the city wall, the ground descends abruptly to the Valley of Jehosaphat.

  36. But the cloud clears away before strangulation begins, and the velvety mass descends upon the body.

  37. Now he descends to the hip-joints, knees, ankles, and feet, forcing each and all to discharge a salvo de joie.

  38. A genealogist proves to a prince that he descends in a right line from a count, whose parents made a family compact, three or four hundred years ago, with a house the recollection of which does not even exist.

  39. The faithful nymph descends from high } With rapid flight, and cuts the sounding sky: } Black clouds and stormy winds around her body fly.

  40. Thus situated, the comet descends to its perihelion, getting faster and faster into a medium far less dense, and there must consequently be an escape from the nucleus, or in common parlance, the comet is positively electric.

  41. As the ether descends the poles or axis at Z, it is met by the current down the opposite pole, and is thence deflected in radii along the equatorial plane to J.

  42. As it receives continual accessions from the atmosphere, it will therefore increase in volume till it descends to the level of perpetual snow.

  43. The terminus varies, however, somewhat with the seasons, being lower in winter than in summer, though the motion is much less in the cold season than in the warm; and it descends many rods further some seasons than it does others.

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