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descending; descendit; descendre; descends; descensus; descente; descents; describable; describe; described
  1. The view is magnificent, extending in one direction to Carnowee and the Blue Stack mountains, in another far over the wood-fringed bay, and southward to the Benbulben range, terminated by a steep descent like the end of a house.

  2. The landlords who claim in descent and those who buy in the open market are equally denounced.

  3. A steep descent brought us to the hotel, an unlicensed house kept by a Northern Protestant.

  4. In the excitement of the descent she had quite overlooked her doll, and was now regarding it with round-eyed horror!

  5. Then these four heroes who had looked with cheerful levity on the deadly peril of their descent became suddenly frightened at the mysterious darkness of the cavern and turned pale at its threshold.

  6. The most beautiful of all was at the edge of a fir-wood, with a huge rock, covered with moss and lichen, sloping down before us in a broad, open descent of thirty feet to the foaming stream.

  7. So much for the earthly origin of the Man Christ Jesus; but His heavenly descent must also be told; and with what exquisite simplicity and delicacy is this done.

  8. But that day of victory is still far off; and before it can even begin to come, there must be a descent into the valley of the shadow of death.

  9. Why is there not a word about Christ's entry into Paradise, or descent into Hades?

  10. The current idea of the time was that lineal descent from Abraham determined who belonged to the house of Israel and who did not.

  11. The descent of the Spirit means the bestowment on Him and His of heaven's best gift as an earnest of all the rest.

  12. Gospels, but solely from a passage in one of the Epistles, that the doctrine of the descent into Hades has been derived.

  13. After a slow and difficult descent we reached the Hermitage.

  14. The descent was infinitely more slow and difficult than the ascent, and much more trying to the nerves.

  15. The New York World Almanac gives a list of sixteen of these families of vast wealth, tracing the descent of their children and grandchildren with scrupulous care, as if for an Almanach de Gotha.

  16. Their spiritual descent is not from Etruria and Phoenicia and Carthage, nor from the silent red man of the western forests.

  17. Nothing could be more absurd than the complacent assumption that all the ancestors from whom the "Colonial Dames" or the "Sons of the Revolution" delight to trace their descent were persons of distinguished character and fervent piety.

  18. Indeed, in later life his descent from the Plantagenets[2] was a subject of some banter on the part of his political opponents.

  19. Trevor-Hampden and Hobart-Hampden, the descent in the male line becoming apparently extinct in 1754 in the person of John Hampden.

  20. The relationship of these languages to Semitic has long been noticed, but was at first taken for descent from Semitic (cf.

  21. They pitched my tent on a height, and close to the door was a precipitous descent into a hollow, where they lighted vast fires, and thus kept off the mosquitoes, which were in great force.

  22. Footnote 41: "The total descent of the Fall of St. Mary's has been ascertained to be twenty-two and a half perpendicular feet.

  23. On the east there is a precipitous descent into a wild, woody ravine, along the bottom of which winds a gentle stream, till it steals into the lake: this stream is in winter a raging torrent.

  24. Comparative poverty had embittered his spirit, as his lofty birth and ancient descent had generated the pride I have spoken of.

  25. Thence the descent towards the north is gradual till on the northern limit of the department the lowest point (less than 200 ft.

  26. The name as now used does not include the valley of the Herat river; on the south the limit seems to be the declivity of the higher mountains dominating the descent to the lower Helmund, and the road from Farah to Kandahar.

  27. But gentle descent is not all that is necessary.

  28. Very slowly the train was moving, and the woman, peeping from the window, watched a gentleman get off and begin the descent of the path.

  29. Here a starched rustling on the stairs betokened the descent of Mandy Calline.

  30. Illustration 213 (Descent into Mines): A--Descending into the shaft by ladders.

  31. Below Rosario the mean descent is twelve millimetres to the kilometre, below San Pedro only six.

  32. It was one of those mental attitudes, indeed, which, in the days of loose thinking and of hazy generalizations, might have proved its divine descent by its universality.

  33. Hennepin and Du Gay obtained a small canoe and commenced the descent of the Rum and Mississippi rivers to the falls, then called by the Indians Ka-ka-bi-ka Irara or "Severed Rock.

  34. He was of Irish descent and was born in Kentucky in 1799.

  35. He was of French descent and was born in Quebec, L.

  36. As it was, I drove on until far in the night, when we came to a steep hill, two steep for descent in the wagon.

  37. At South Stillwater village a considerable stream, known as Spring creek, flows from some large springs and forms a good water power in its descent to the lake.

  38. Their daughter Abigail was the first white child of American descent born in Hudson.

  39. Their total descent to the bed of the Mississippi is about four hundred feet.

  40. They could not see the forking valley roads until they had dropped down the last steep descent of the mountain and were almost upon them.

  41. But the narrow ledge-steps continued to be accommodatingly close for about fifteen feet; then another sheer descent was covered by repeating their former tactics.

  42. They seemed to be measuring the width of the road between the peak at their right and the edge of the descent at the left.

  43. To Burgam, the celebrated pewterer, ambitious of obtaining the heraldic honors of his family, he gave a full pedigree, tracing his descent directly from the noble family of De Bergham.

  44. After that the descent was easy, and Mr. Chalk, reaching ground once more, spent two or three minutes in slapping and rubing, and other remedies prescribed for sleepy feet.

  45. It was evident to the couple below that the terrors of the descent were too much for him, but that he was too proud to say so.

  46. All was done without ostentation, yet without concealment, for Padley was a solitary place, and had no fear, at this time, of a sudden descent of the authorities.

  47. There was still the memory of the descent of the Commissioners a year or two after his birth; he had been brought up on the stories of riding and counter-riding, and the hiding away of altar-plate and beads and vestments.

  48. To her right the descent was almost perpendicular for a hundred feet or more to where a creek ran at the bottom of a cliff.

  49. About midway in the descent they came upon a deserted cabin standing near the side of the road.

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