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continuities; continuity; continuo; continuous; continuously; contione; conto; contort; contorted; contorting
  1. These behavioral criteria, too, could each be spread on a continuum to evaluate the effects of this aim of nursing on a patient's actual comfort status at any particular point in time.

  2. Next I struggled with an idealistic conception of comfort as opposed to a continuum of behavior which would indicate a person's degree or state of discomfort-comfort.

  3. And this implies that a percipient at any other position in the space continuum can deduce from the known system of correlations just what the series of shapes and colors will be from another position.

  4. A particular or single event of perceptual awareness can be determined as to its ingredients and structure only in a continuum of objects.

  5. As prizing, esteeming, holding dear denote ways of acting, so valuing denotes a passing judgment upon such acts with reference to their connection with other acts, or with respect to the continuum of behavior in which they fall.

  6. Or again, the argument is an invitation to him to note that at the very time in which he is thinking, his thinking is set in a continuum which is not an object of thought.

  7. Too apparently, their own galaxy, near as it was to the Milky Way, was of the same Space, its continuum forged in the same curvature matrices.

  8. As our practical interests break up the continuum of time into discrete states, so they break up the continuum of matter into distinct bodies.

  9. Every time that the temporal continuum revolves around eternity, it has a new age, much like the years of the earth as it revolves around the sun.

  10. He had seen the pattern on the scope, attuned to the tiny tributary of the Prime Continuum that was the life of Dr.

  11. Was the Prime Continuum shift as expected?

  12. You have seen the failure of the Prime Continuum to compute properly with you out of it.

  13. There is possible only a bending back of a branch of the Prime Continuum so that we can witness, warn, instruct, gain aid in saving the future.

  14. Further, the spherical surface is a non-Euclidean continuum of two dimensions, that is to say, the laws of disposition for the rigid figures lying in it do not agree with those of the Euclidean plane.

  15. Another example of an infinite continuum is the plane.

  16. Accordingly we say that the plane is an infinite continuum of two dimensions, and space an infinite continuum of three dimensions.

  17. According to this theory the metrical qualities of the continuum of space-time differ in the environment of different points of space-time, and are partly conditioned by the matter existing outside of the territory under consideration.

  18. Now we take an example of a two-dimensional continuum which is finite, but unbounded.

  19. This is the ultimate foundation in fact which enables us to speak with meaning of the mensuration, in Riemann's sense of the word, of the four-dimensional continuum of space-time.

  20. Further, by the study of solutions, of dissociation, in fact generally of phenomena which present a continuum of cases, the methods of thermodynamics have found entrance into chemistry.

  21. Here the classification is so simple a task that it rarely impresses us as such, whilst in infinitely fine gradations, in a continuum of facts, our number-system is ready beforehand to follow as far as we wish.

  22. Practically to experience one's personal continuum in this living way is to know the originals of the ideas of continuity and of sameness, to know what the words stand for concretely, to own all that they can ever mean.

  23. Being the very original of what we mean by continuity, it makes a continuum wherever it appears.

  24. Their names, to be sure, cut them into separate conceptual entities, but no cuts existed in the continuum in which they originally came.

  25. Of the celebrated formula, 'the continuum is unity in multiplicity,' only the multiplicity remains, the unity has disappeared.

  26. If then for any two elements A and B of the continuum C, it is always the first case which presents itself, we shall say that C remains all in one piece despite the cuts.

  27. Now take on the continuum C a certain number of elements in a way altogether arbitrary.

  28. He has disengaged the science of mathematics from all foreign elements, and can answer our question: 'What exactly is this continuum about which mathematicians reason?

  29. From this notion has arisen that of the mathematical continuum of several dimensions in the same way that the physical continuum of one dimension engendered the mathematical continuum of one dimension.

  30. On the contrary, we have devoted to the study of the continuum almost all our time and all our strength.

  31. If this condition is fulfilled for any two elements A and B of the continuum C, we may say that this continuum C is all in one piece.

  32. Thence the notion of the mathematical continuum of n dimensions has sprung quite naturally by a process very like that we discussed at the beginning of this chapter.

  33. The requirement of a continuum involves a gross form of the concept of efficient causation.

  34. The continuum in which the "abiding entity" of capital resides is a continuity of ownership, not a physical fact.

  35. On the other hand, some men think a good deal without any continuum of words and without any imagery, or with none that seems relevant to the purpose.

  36. We can in various ways choose out of the continuum an aggregate of points, which may be an infinite aggregate, and any such aggregate can be the "domain" of a "variable point.

  37. The numerical continuum of n dimensions (Cn) is the aggregate that is arrived at by attributing simultaneous values to each of n variables x1, x2, .

  38. The definition of a continuum in Cn leaves open the question of the number of dimensions of the continuum, and a further explanation is necessary in order to define arithmetically what is meant by a "homogeneous part" Hn of Cn.

  39. In fact the notion of a one-dimensional continuum first becomes precise in virtue of the establishment of the system of real numbers.

  40. We may define a continuous manifold as any continuum of elements, such that a single element is defined by n continuously variable magnitudes.

  41. The antinomy of the point--which arises wherever a continuum is given, and elements have to be sought in it--is fundamental to Geometry.

  42. Number cannot, either as Movent or as Form, produce a Continuum (b.

  43. How, moreover, can Magnitude, and a Continuum arise out of that which has no Magnitude?

  44. According to the Ionian school space is an infinite continuum possessing uniformity throughout its entire extent.

  45. The intellectuality is designed to deal with facets of truth; it is made to manipulate segments, parts, fractions, and cannot chart its way through a continuum such as reality.

  46. The usual explanation, Betty, is that they can't afford to allow the space-time continuum track to be altered.

  47. They're not going to stand for the space-time continuum track being altered.

  48. His interest was of a man who sees continuum of what he is or a rejuvenation of what he was.

  49. He coughed a deep chronic continuum that shook his body.

  50. The consciousness of "self" which starts as a mere continuum of bodily sensations comes to be the net result of one's social and intellectual as well as physical activities.

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