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  1. The yield of grain was everywhere abnormal, with an increased acreage of about 23 per cent.

  2. The man who cannot incur a heavy fertilizer bill, when necessary, should restrict acreage for his own sake.

  3. This disadvantage of one of our most valuable crops is to be taken into account, but it will not prevent rapid increase in acreage as the merit of the soybean becomes known.

  4. The cowpea has been grown in the southern states over one hundred years, and the acreage is large, but it never has come into the full use it deserves.

  5. The soybean is gaining a place among the valuable legumes of the United States, and the acreage is increasing as its merits become known to all.

  6. In some regions potatoes are the best crop in point of net income per acre, where the acreage is kept restricted so that there may be plenty of organic matter to help in conserving moisture.

  7. The tide was out at that time, and the banks of the Orwell are to this day a marvellous acreage of muddy foreshore at low water.

  8. The Rede is a stream which drains an enormous acreage of moor.

  9. At low water this is nothing more than a huge acreage of mud, with quicksands beneath.

  10. The possibilities of acreage production are steadily increasing as our scientific knowledge of the mysteries of plant growth and methods of fertilization advances.

  11. It is a most common thing for berry-growers to realize that acreage product from an acre of berries in Louisiana or Washington.

  12. After a given acreage is ready for cutting, which is the third year after planting, the annual cost of cultivation is not very much, if any, more than that of a crop of potatoes.

  13. Some growers assert it is three times as much work to take care of a given acreage of asparagus as of potatoes; admitting it, the relative cost is stated above.

  14. The best we could do would be to cover a vast acreage under glass and apply steam heat.

  15. All the crops (of which oats and potatoes are the principal) show a decrease, but there is a growing acreage of meadow land.

  16. The acreage under tillage decreases, the proportion to pasturage being as one to nearly three.

  17. Eight thousand acres of the acreage now out, are seedling trees that must be topworked before Oregon will be truly famous for the quality of the nuts it produces.

  18. There has been a steady increase in the acreage of these two nut crops during the past five years but, fortunately, no planting boom.

  19. It is the acreage of young filbert trees that will make good the agricultural statistician's estimate of 40 to 50 percent of a filbert crop this year.

  20. Many years ago a large acreage of the bottom lands along the Mississippi river were thick with immense, heavy-producing pecan trees--but most of this pecan timber was cut down either for fuel wood or saw timber.

  21. The man of whom we leased this acreage said he had a yield of from six to eight tons of sucrose an acre every year.

  22. But he had more land than he could cultivate, hence he leased us this acreage and agreed to keep an eye on our men and the work, whenever he could.

  23. The greater the arable acreage in this country, the less will be the necessity for a bounty on corn.

  24. The mangold-wurzel, occupying four times the acreage of swedes and turnips, is by far the chief root-crop in France.

  25. Flax and hemp showed a decreasing acreage from 1881 onwards.

  26. In the prairie regions of the great central West, the virgin and fertile soil, the large acreage of easy cultivation, and the good prices made success inevitable.

  27. Increased population is reducing the acreage and cultivation, while it is eliminating the surplus fertility; competition and social and economic pressure are reducing the margin of profits.

  28. In proportion to the population the parks in Minneapolis exceed in acreage those of any other city in America and of all but three foreign cities.

  29. I'm sorry we didn't have a larger acreage in hay--this statement shows an earning of over $50 per acre.

  30. You have seen his tractor working this morning in the wheat field, and you can all judge of the advantage of the use of power by the acreage he cut since morning.

  31. Why, do you know, Al, the acreage wasted by rail fences on this farm alone would raise enough corn each year to send a boy to college.

  32. As Hilgard remarks, it would seem that the farmer in the arid region owns from three to four farms, one above the other, as compared with the same acreage in the eastern states.

  33. The known facts concerning corn make it safe to predict, however, that its dry farm acreage will increase rapidly, and that in time it will crowd the wheat crop for preƫminence.

  34. Thus, the average acreage of corn in Rhode Island and Connecticut is less than three townships, or less than one-tenth as much corn land in the two States as the area of single counties in the Illinois corn belt.

  35. One Illinois farmer with a four-horse team raises more corn than ten Georgia farmers with a mule a piece on the same total acreage Fertile soil and competent labor are the great essentials in crop production.

  36. The wide acreage of blank agricultural brownness, apparent where the swedes had been pulled, was beginning to be striped in wales of darker brown, gradually broadening to ribands.

  37. Lunenburg embraced a vast acreage stretching from the rolling country where bright tobacco came to perfection as far west as the mountains and on the south to the North Carolina boundary.

  38. He purchased a large acreage in Henry County but resided in nearby Campbell County.

  39. He was fertilizing each year a third of his corn acreage with cotton seed, and a twentieth of his cotton with barnyard manure; and he was making a surplus of thirty or forty bushels of corn per hand for sale.

  40. To this effect it was customary to plant in corn, which required less than half as much work, an acreage at least equal to that in cotton, and to devote the remaining energy to sweet potatoes, peanuts, cow peas and small grain.

  41. In 1860 Louis Manigault listed the forty-one rice plantations on the Savannah River and scheduled their acreage in the crop.

  42. The acreage to be seeded in the staple was accordingly fixed by a calculation of the harvesting capacity, and enough more land was put into other crops to fill out the spare time of the hands in spring and summer.

  43. In consequence the acreage cultivated per hand came to be several times greater than that which had prevailed in Jamaica's heyday.

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