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Example sentences for "acquitting"

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  1. It is, indeed, true that juries are apt to be more lenient with women than with men, but this leniency shows itself not in acquitting them of the crimes charged against them, but of finding them guilty in lower degrees.

  2. In all other cases he follows the medical rather than the legal test, but instead of acquitting the accused on account of his medical irresponsibility, merely convicts in a lower degree.

  3. In one way, however, your nephew's acquitting himself creditably, considering that there are apparently three people anxious to exert a beneficent influence upon him.

  4. Marcy the greater opportunity for acquitting himself with glory and vindicating his friend.

  5. The jury, after deliberating for about five or six minutes, returned a verdict acquitting Edward Clarke, but finding Mary Anne Higgins Guilty.

  6. Lord Denman summed up the evidence, and at the end of the second day's trial the jury returned a verdict, acquitting the prisoner, upon the ground of insanity.

  7. To Jarvis he must seem sane and normal, capable at least of acquitting himself creditably in the sport of sane and normal men.

  8. And he is typical of the mass of men and women who assist in acquitting the guilty and sending the innocent to the gallows.

  9. An upright demeanour, a self-acquitting conscience, are not sufficient for our safety.

  10. But a strong body of honest gentlemen, as Wharton called them, could not, by any management, be induced to join in a resolution acquitting Godolphin.

  11. They sent Taaffe to prison for prevarication; and they passed resolutions acquitting both the government and the judges of all blame.

  12. It is the same in Poland, for Count de Pulaski was much affronted at the decision of a court-martial entirely acquitting Colonel Molens.

  13. Your act is not applauded by thinking minds, nor did the jury intend to convey the impression that in acquitting you they considered you had performed a very meritorious act.

  14. For, says this author, a man possessed but of one employment, is much more capable of acquitting himself well in the execution of it; because affairs are then examined with greater care, and sooner despatched.

  15. So superior and universal was his genius, that it took in all parts of government; and so great were his natural abilities, that he was capable of acquitting himself in all the various functions of it with glory.

  16. The man was so thoroughly wicked that it is charity to pronounce him mad, and we accordingly set him down as a lunatic, though we feel scarcely justified in acquitting him of his many crimes on the single ground of insanity.

  17. We have no hesitation in acquitting him of this dreadful crime; but we cannot say that we shall be able to allow him to quit these pages without a stain on his character.

  18. By acquitting the man who is the author of their death, you are deciding that they were justly put to death.

  19. If they made some other excuse no one would censure those acquitting them; for in such cases it is at your discretion to believe either way.

  20. So I advise you not to convict yourselves by acquitting these, nor think that your vote is secret, for you will make your decision known to the city.

  21. With regard to his examination, he felt confident of acquitting himself well.

  22. Do not deny me the satisfaction of acquitting myself in point of duty and obligation.

  23. For a little after, acquitting the Alcmaeonidae, he charges others with the treason.

  24. If all who are nominally "in fellow ship" were acquitting themselves thoroughly as men of God, what a very different condition of things we should be privileged to witness!

  25. If every "man in Christ" were only acquitting himself thoroughly as "a man of God," what blessed fellowship there would be!

  26. But our ancestors arranged it otherwise, and it was the consequence that such commissioners very seldom, by acquitting the persons brought before them, lost an opportunity of destroying a witch.

  27. Wood and Billings, by their several confessions, acquitting Springate of having any concern in the aforesaid murder, she was soon discharged from her confinement.

  28. The stay-at-homes on the Yale campus that day were not curious to know whether their team was acquitting itself creditably, but whether it was winning the game.

  29. Given one team bent upon acquitting itself creditably, and another team determined to win, which will be victorious?

  30. So that the Court immediately acquiesced in, Acquitting them.

  31. During the Civil War Mohun had drawn his sword for the king, acquiring the rank of major, and acquitting himself as a soldier with much distinction.

  32. My gratitude would lead me to repeat in this place, what the English have written of his humanity and politeness; but I leave to count de la Perouse the pleasure of acquitting the debt which every individual in the expedition owes to M.

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