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Example sentences for "acquittal"

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  1. His acquittal or his condemnation will make no difference in the compensation I receive for my services.

  2. The jury, it was understood, had been divided, from the beginning, four for acquittal and eight for conviction.

  3. Nay, even the joy of acquittal might be equally dangerous--for Heaven's sake!

  4. That is the privilege of another, as the matter of your condemnation or acquittal is in other hands than mine.

  5. In this respect, a suspension of the case was equivalent to an acquittal and entitled him to resume possession of what remained of his property.

  6. On acquittal he begged to be released from his fetters, which was done on his swearing not to leave the prison--for he was not discharged.

  7. When the trial ended in acquittal or suspension, if he had property sequestrated, the lifting of the sequestration would announce it to the heirs; otherwise, it does not seem that there was any provision for their notification.

  8. Yet the Ordinary's signature is appended to the sentence of acquittal of Fray Joseph de Sigueenza, in 1592.

  9. James's vexation at this acquittal was only surpassed by his outburst of wrath when he saw the universal demonstration of joy with which the news was received.

  10. In the very month of the acquittal of the seven bishops, an event happened which profoundly affected the king's prospects.

  11. But the acquittal on this first charge did not at all secure the escape of Dalton from danger.

  12. The verdict of acquittal created deep and widespread dissatisfaction, for it seemed as though justice had been cheated of a victim.

  13. From this it follows that the court can not take from the jury this power of acquittal in a criminal case, by directing and compelling a verdict against the prisoner, and refusing to have the jury polled.

  14. But you must expunge from it all reference to where you are, and tell him, to send the acquittal of your imprudent cousin, direct to herself.

  15. In the morning he had gained a verdict of acquittal in the case of one of the McMahon Gang for manslaughter connected with jumping a claim; and this meant increased reputation.

  16. As Mazarine left the lawyer's office, he met in the doorway that member of the McMahon family for whom Burlingame had secured a verdict of acquittal a couple of hours before.

  17. And he thought of his young heir, whose birth secured the Romish succession in England; an event that took the sting even from the acquittal of the stubborn bishops.

  18. Meantime appeals were lodged against the sentence on both sides--by the prosecuting counsel, because of the acquittal of Madame Seignes, and by the friends of the prisoner against his conviction.

  19. The acquittal of Cazeaux followed as a matter of course, and he was dismissed from the bar of the Ch√Ętelet with unblemished reputation, but broken in health and ruined in fortune.

  20. If only a semi-proof of the crime exists, or if appearances will not admit of the acquittal of the prisoner, he shall make an abjuration as being either violently or slightly suspected.

  21. But in multitudes of other cases the trial was carried through to its consummation in the death of one party, and the triumph and acquittal of the other.

  22. It is not a technical defense, as I say, because an acquittal on this indictment does not prevent their being tried a half a dozen times under different issues.

  23. It stood eleven for acquittal and one for conviction.

  24. Acquit me here, and procure for me, when it is allowable, the acquittal and good wishes of that said Emma Woodhouse, whom I regard with so much brotherly affection, as to long to have her as deeply and as happily in love as myself.

  25. Dragged before the sanguinary tribunal by inexorable revolutionary vengeance, she appeared there without any chance of acquittal, for it was not to obtain her acquittal that the Jacobins had brought her before it.

  26. The fact that neither Burke nor any one else spoke with confidence of the acquittal had, however, a deep effect upon Goldsmith.

  27. It was supported by the populace because it dealt promptly and summarily with rebellion or some scandalous acquittal of a notorious criminal by bribed or partial jurors, and thereby prevented anarchy.

  28. Pamphletts describing the Zenger trial and acquittal were published and republished in London and the colonies.

  29. In a trial of commoners for their lives, a jury of twelve freeholders had to all agree on acquittal or conviction.

  30. It had been carefully kept from her, and she had supposed that my acquittal in the public mind was as certain as Arthur's.

  31. With the relief of young Arthur's acquittal my faculties had cleared to the desperate position in which this very acquittal had placed me.

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