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  1. With shallow rails the nuts must be placed outside and the cup-heads inside, to give ample clearance to the wheel-flanges.

  2. By giving proper clearance space at the tops of the chair-jaws, a bull-head rail can be taken out by simply driving out the wooden keys, and a new rail inserted without in any way disturbing the chairs or spikes.

  3. The top of the loading-bank should be a little below the level of the railway-truck floor to give clearance to all truck-doors opening outwards.

  4. The starting signals 6 and 3 should be placed sufficiently far away that the longest passenger or goods train may stand between them and the clearance points at G and E.

  5. The greater width would not only provide more clearance in case of breakdowns, but would afford increased safety to the platelayers and other workmen engaged on the line.

  6. That of the Pioneers was the clearance of the Wieltje-Gravenstafel Road.

  7. Finally all troops reached their quarters and settled down, the chief work being the clearance of the roads and the making of tracks past the most formidable drifts where this was impracticable.

  8. Corps captured Bourlon Wood; and the third, the clearance of the area and of Cambrai itself.

  9. The fuel-block was not returned until clearance for departure had been granted.

  10. They'd been on Coryus Three and they'd gotten departure clearance from its space-port.

  11. The trouble was that the Nadine had clearance papers covering five persons aboard--four men and a girl Carol.

  12. This will ensure the necessary clearance being allowed for.

  13. This automatic clearance of "slops" is a very desirable feature of a developing sink.

  14. Solder to the boiler three legs of such a length as to give an inch clearance between the lamp wick and the boiler.

  15. If the wing W under the cylinder is screwed to the side of the bed, instead of passing through it, as shown, a slight cutting away of the edge will give the necessary clearance in both cases.

  16. The next morning the Captain and Paul went ashore for the clearance papers and that afternoon anchor was weighed and the "Foam" stood away for the south.

  17. They build their huts and keep their gardens just as well as we do at Unguja, with screens and enclosures for privacy, a clearance in front of their establishments, and a baraza or reception-hut facing the buildings.

  18. Pushing on again, we cleared out of the woods, and arrived at the eastern border of the largest clearance of Ugogo, Kanyenye.

  19. This almost overturns the trooper afresh, but he sets himself up with a great, rough, sounding clearance of his throat.

  20. It was twelve o'clock before we could obtain possession of the room, and the clearance it required then was so discouraging that Caddy, who was almost tired out, sat down in the middle of the dust and cried.

  21. The music industry says the same thing when its pettifogging clearance procedures and permission culture are criticized.

  22. You can use English without license or fee, and you can innovate by producing new words, slang, or phrases without clearance from some Academie Anglaise.

  23. In particular, while artists fare very poorly under the current clearance culture--paying but not receiving the benefits of payments--the middlemen who profit from transaction costs are not keen on abolishing them.

  24. Illustrations showing how Effective Angles of Slope and Clearance change as Tool is raised or lowered] =Angle of Tool-point and Amount of Top Slope.

  25. It will be noted that the hole in the shank for pin E is "bell-mouthed" on each side of the center and that there is clearance at F between the shank and reamer shell; hence the reamer has a free floating action in any direction.

  26. The blank is then fluted or gashed to form the teeth, after which the tops of the teeth are relieved or backed off to provide clearance for the cutting edges.

  27. When the reaming operation is completed, a clearance groove N is cut on the inside of the rim, using a tool G held in the carriage toolpost.

  28. The clearance is, however, reduced and the lip angle changed.

  29. The side of the roughing cutter A is ground to a slight angle c to provide clearance for the cutting edge, and the front has a backward slope s to give the tool keenness.

  30. There is also sufficient clearance at the bottom of the V-shaped anvil to prevent it from bearing on top of the thread.

  31. There is only six inches clearance between tops and sides of cars and tunnel arches.

  32. There is only six inches clearance between tops and sides of cars and bridge superstructures.

  33. There is only a slight clearance between sides of cars and signal-towers.

  34. This gives a strong and a keen die, and by using a hob 1/32 inch smaller than the diameter of bolt to be cut, the clearance is sufficiently maintained.

  35. At V and W are sectional views of the cylinder R, showing that the clearance is greater at V than at W.

  36. When a single-pointed tool is employed to cut a thread, the angles of its sides are not the same as the angle of the thread it produces, which occurs because the tool must have clearance to enable it to cut.

  37. The next thing to do is to divide the length of the diagram into any convenient number of equal parts, by vertical lines parallel to, and beginning at, the clearance line, as shown in Fig.

  38. This also serves to keep the clearance equal in amount both top, and bottom, and sideways.

  39. A, A, and clearance being given by grinding the curve as denoted by the line C.

  40. A, A, but in any event they should not have clearance sufficient to form them as at B, B, Fig.

  41. The following formula is also used by punch and die makers: Clearance = D = d + 0.

  42. Some of the material facts therein mentioned, are founded on the bill of sale for the vessel, her clearance from Baltimore, and her log-book.

  43. The captain asks a clearance for his own purposes.

  44. How could you get over the fact of having no clearance papers, and all the rest of it?

  45. The Engineering Staff also effected in seven days a clearance through the Lang's Nek Tunnel, blown in by the Boers, and constructed several miles of new lines, sidings and deviations.

  46. Exhaust clearance is the opening between the exhaust edge of the valve and the exhaust edge of the steam port with valve in central position.

  47. If the valve has neither exhaust lap or clearance it is said to be line and line.

  48. A clearance will then be granted to the vessel.

  49. The Board, however, had not advanced far with its work relating to the intradistrict branch of the clearance system before technical and other difficulties began to make their appearance.

  50. This slowness is largely due to the failure of jobbers and merchants to appreciate the advantages of the clearance system and to enlarge its membership by insisting that their own banks join and co-operate in the plan.

  51. Clearance should be provided in both the front and rear of the unit for cleaning.

  52. Corbett," Strong continued, "you may take her down as soon as you get clearance from Venusport traffic control.

  53. An hour later, as gray-clad customs men finished searching the empty ship, Roger waited for final clearance at the air lock of the freighter.

  54. There's three inches of clearance in there.

  55. Request clearance for approach and touchdown on Ganymede spaceport!

  56. From such a clearance the lady would not be likely to come off worst.

  57. First, to enable the United States Housing Authority to undertake the immediate construction of about three hundred million dollars of additional slum clearance projects.

  58. The Congress set up the United States Housing Authority to help finance large-scale slum clearance and provide low rent housing for the low income groups in our cities.

  59. Had to get clearance for Nineteen around by MQ, and now we've lost them.

  60. Can you give 144 and the Mail clearance from Q and let me go up?

  61. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "clearance" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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