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Example sentences for "cleanup"

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cleansed; cleanser; cleanses; cleanseth; cleansing; clear; clearance; clearances; cleare; cleared
  1. Instead of having him down at the end I'm going to put him fourth--in the cleanup position.

  2. The manager also changed his batting order, putting Joe fourth in the cleanup position.

  3. Cleanup and closure of the facility is progressing, with completion anticipated in 2004.

  4. Cleanup and closure of the facility was completed in 2004.

  5. We will step up our effort to control harmful wastes, giving first priority to the cleanup of our most contaminated rivers.

  6. This will provide for a "super-fund" to cover hazardous waste cleanup costs.

  7. College crew and a thousand or so of second-hand culls donated by local citizens during cleanup campaigns.

  8. Besides the cleanup features a display of toilet articles and wearing apparel had to be made.

  9. Tomorrow night we'll make a grand cleanup and then fire the sawmill and wreck the machinery and light out.

  10. Now we must make a grand cleanup and work fast.

  11. I believe that I will go out tomorrow and go to town and 'phone Father that he had better make a cleanup here at the camp.

  12. Things are beginning to get too brisk here, so we'll make a good cleanup and light out," said Barrows.

  13. It was assumed that Witch Products had done the inside job in advance, and thrown in the outside cleanup during the night.

  14. We'll go to fifty thousand dollars or so on a cleanup job, and you use that.

  15. The night the new cleanup job was to show, Randolph tuned in his TV as ignorant of the details as the next viewer.

  16. Witches of the world, unite--let's cleanup this old world and make it livable.

  17. The biggest news in the country right now," Bill said in a solemn tone, "is the biggest single cleanup job in the country today.

  18. This cleanup theme isn't bad, it's just peace on earth that doesn't really belong to us you know.

  19. He said that now we had the witches of the world united, why didn't we do some real cleanup work, like slums and insane asylums.

  20. Look, Randolph, the cleanup job down there was supposed to start this morning.

  21. Oh, what a jape that would be, for the molecular cleanup would immediately disintegrate such abominations as the fur of animals, and much clothing 400 years ago was actually made of such things as sheep hair.

  22. As a concession to morality, John Davis Drumstetter agreed to step into a molecular cleanup booth.

  23. The night's cleanup of twelve hours' work was a big one--three pans full of gold.

  24. A second man, well armed with revolvers like the first, always accompanied the pair, and when the three had returned to the claim another cleanup awaited them.

  25. There were the long sluice boxes to be filled with what was once the creek bed, from which the water was now turned in another direction to await the morning's cleanup of gold.

  26. On July second, 1899, a second cleanup was made on number one above Discovery Claim, Anvil Creek, the property of J.

  27. A cleanup of nine thousand dollars and three of the largest nuggets I ever saw has just been made this evening.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cleanup" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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