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Example sentences for "cleanser"

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cleanly; cleanness; cleans; cleanse; cleansed; cleanses; cleanseth; cleansing; cleanup; clear
  1. Blossoms are sometimes steeped for sore eyes, leaves are used in poultices, and the fruit is considered a throat cleanser as well as being the basis of a beverage.

  2. It is a very fine, and very gentle cleanser of wounds and ulcers.

  3. It is appropriated to the breast and lungs, and is a fine cleanser to purge them from thick and putrified flegm, it helps phthisicks and coughs, and diseases subject to old men, and cold natures.

  4. Thou art he who is the great cleanser of all from every kind of sin, in the form of shrines and sacred waters.

  5. The cleanser among all cleansing things, it is the most auspicious of all auspicious objects.

  6. The commentator explains this as 'thou art the cleanser of all cleansing entities, i.

  7. Thou art the cleanser of all including Brahma himself.

  8. Why also is gold regarded as a cleanser superior to earth itself and kine?

  9. The cleanser is almost a certain remedy and cure.

  10. The margaras, or cleanser of the night, the white cat, is the moon.

  11. Witch soap or detergent, Witch cleanser upsurgent, which Witch do you need?

  12. From the face the cleanser passes to the thorax, thence to the haunch, and so along the first leg, along the second and third in the same manner, around to the abdomen, and thence up the other side of the ant to the head.

  13. This will completely absorb any of the cleanser which may have permeated the rubber, and thus minimise any injurious effect.

  14. After the superfluous turpentine or other cleanser has been wiped off, dust over the blanket with French chalk.

  15. The Dutch Cleanser woman, in her eternal chase of dirt, is one of the best-known advertising characters in current use.

  16. Evidence of this is seen in the well-known Dutch Cleanser trade-mark, where the motion of the lady in wooden shoes dominates every other quality of the symbol.

  17. It would be hard to beat this Dutch Cleanser woman as an eye-catcher.

  18. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cleanser" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    cathartic; cleaner; cleanser; cream; dentifrice; detergent; disinfectant; diuretic; emetic; enema; holystone; lotion; nauseant; purgative; purge; purifier; rinse; scavenger; shampoo; soap; solvent; sweep; wash