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  1. All these possess emetic properties to a greater or less degree.

  2. Several spirits expressed much astonishment at this his satisfaction; but we were afterwards informed he had not taken the emetic above mentioned.

  3. Cinchona supplies us with quinine, while Ipecacuanha produces ipecac, which is an emetic and purgative.

  4. Betony is a herb belonging to the mint family, and its root was formerly employed in medicine as an emetic or purgative.

  5. There is hardly a season in which some carcase-butcher's or grocer's wealthy relict is not the talk, and wonder, and emetic of the town.

  6. To this same bath there is next added tartar emetic and 1 lb.

  7. In the recipes the quantities of dyes, sumac or tannin, and tartar emetic only are given, the other ingredients and processes are the same in all.

  8. Antimonial wine, from half a teaspoonful to a dessertspoonful, is much preferable to tartar emetic and calomel.

  9. Probably the pebble may be returned with the food when the emetic acts.

  10. Gave all three Calomel and Tartar Emetic as before, and repeated, it not having produced any effect.

  11. Common salt is in large doses a poison, and in apparent small quantities is so strong an emetic as to be dangerous.

  12. The tartar emetic solution and purgative pills I employ for these purposes, in preference to castor oil or ipecacuanha, and during the same time I prescribe the following pills:-- Ext.

  13. Gave him Calomel and Tartar Emetic as before, with No.

  14. It is true the primary effects of an emetic are generally gratifying, but the after consequences, if carefully traced, will not be found to be equally satisfactory.

  15. An emetic may even be administered; but, if repeated at all, it must be only after two or three days have elapsed.

  16. A quarter of a grain of tartar emetic in solution is sufficient for a middling sized dog; and four grains of ipecacuanha is equally effective.

  17. At the commencement a gentle emetic given every other morning until six or seven have been administered, with a laxative occasionally if the bowels are torpid, is often productive of speedy benefit.

  18. In this instance an emetic would have been of benefit; but such occurrences are rare, and the emetic does not, even when required, do the same good as is produced by the natural ejection of the offending agent.

  19. Tartar emetic in very minute doses may be exhibited three times daily.

  20. When a bitch has devoured her young, let an emetic be administered; and should the bowels be costive, an aperient be exhibited.

  21. In this process the tannic acid is called the mordant, the tartar emetic acts as the fixing-agent for the tannic acid, and the cotton as finally prepared for dyeing is said to be mordanted.

  22. The cotton is then worked in a solution of tartar emetic or stannic chloride, so that the tannic acid absorbed by the fibre may be fixed upon it as insoluble tannate of antimony or tin.

  23. The heart, however, appeared to be pushed up somewhat, and it was thought that this might be partly due to stomachic distention, but a mustard emetic produced little effect.

  24. In a few instances, angina seems to be provoked by the irritation of indigestible food, and when there is good reason to suspect this an emetic should be given.

  25. I strongly recommend that mustard should be used for this purpose, for the effect of a mustard-emetic is by no means merely to empty the stomach, it has a powerfully rousing influence on the heart.

  26. This usually consisted of a Lobelia emetic or vomit, more or less thorough as the symptoms of the impending disease appeared to require.

  27. He says: "I took another emetic of lobelia to-day, and perspired freely.

  28. Give another emetic and continue the other medicine.

  29. I ordered a slight emetic every third day.

  30. The effect of the emetic was temporary, and the cough is again worse.

  31. In distemper, whatever be the form which it assumes, an emetic is the first thing to be given.

  32. They irritate the lining membrane of the stomach and intestines, and cause a portion of the food to be occasionally evacuated; acting either as an emetic or a purgative, or both.

  33. An emetic will clear the fauces, or at least force out a portion of the adhesive matter which is clogging the bronchial tubes.

  34. He had an emetic in the morning, which produced a large quantity of phlegm, but the cough is no better.

  35. Learning that she was fond of sweet things, I prepared an emetic containing a grain of calomel and a grain of tartar emetic: she took it readily, and I promised to call on the following day.

  36. An emetic was given, and, after that, an ounce of sulphate of magnesia.

  37. An emetic was given, and the balls resorted to as before.

  38. An emetic was given immediately, and a distemper-ball daily.

  39. Of these tartar emetic and ipecacuanha come under both heads: when taken by the mouth they act as gastric emetics before absorption into the blood, and later produce a further and more vigorous effect by stimulation of the medullary centre.

  40. Copper sulphate has been purposely omitted from this list, since unless it produces vomiting very shortly after administration, being itself a violent gastro-intestinal irritant, some other emetic must promptly be administered.

  41. In addition, an emetic should be given, as this often cuts short the fever or causes it to disappear more rapidly.

  42. The effect of an emetic in abridging a chill by revulsive action are uncertain, and I avoid resorting to them for this purpose alone in simple intermittents.

  43. Autenreith[19] recommends tartar emetic to the epigastrium till vesicles appear and even ulcerate.

  44. Sometimes a drachm or two of chloroform dashed over them increases their anti-emetic action.

  45. If his stomach is loaded with food, an emetic should be administered to him.

  46. Vomiting, when it occurs early in the disease, is usually checked by the administration of an emetic and by the application of sinapisms to the epigastrium.

  47. Copeland ordered an emetic every third day in ordinary cases.

  48. On the whole, the cases in which an emetic would do good are extremely rare.

  49. Graves was in the habit of combining it with a small quantity of tartar emetic in the condition in which the sleeplessness is associated with active delirium.

  50. I saw an emetic once given to a man who had poisoned himself with the root of the May Apple.

  51. Still there is a superstitious notion, in which all their physicians participate, which is, that when an emetic is to be administered, the water in which the potion is mixed must be drawn up a stream, and if for a cathartic downwards.

  52. If he does not take some emetic substance, he is not apt to vomit, his stomach cramping so as to prevent it.

  53. Belladonna:--Give an emetic of mustard, salt and water; then drink plenty of vinegar and water or lemonade.

  54. The emetic action of Narcissus has been used to break up intermittent fever and relieve bronchial catarrh with congestion or obstruction of the air tubes.

  55. For "saltpetre," give an emetic of mustard seed with water, and afterwards elm bark mucilage, and small doses of laudanum.

  56. An emetic is of great importance, and has caused the throat to break when persons have been very ill.

  57. The treatment of poisoning by phosphorus consists of the administration of a powerful emetic and the copious use of mucilaginous drinks.

  58. A peculiar substance, possessing powerful emetic properties, extracted from the root bark of Calotropis gigantea, in which it exists to the extent of 11%.

  59. In small doses, squill acts as a stimulating expectorant and diuretic; in larger ones, as an emetic and purgative.

  60. In cases of poisoning by fungi, vomiting should be immediately induced by an emetic and tickling the fauces with the finger or a feather; after which a purgative clyster or a strong cathartic should be administered, with 1/2 to 1 fl.

  61. A strong solution of emetic tartar in wine.

  62. Even in a suspected case of poisoning, when proper medical advice is not at hand, an emetic should be immediately administered.

  63. Vomiting must be induced as soon as possible, by means of a strong emetic and tickling the fauces.

  64. Administer an emetic of sulphate of zinc or sulphate of copper, and, if necessary, tickle the fauces with the finger or a feather, to induce vomiting.

  65. The treatment consists of a gentle emetic of ipecacuanha wine, followed by an occasional dose of rhubarb and magnesia, to keep the bowels clear, and to arrest diarrh[oe]a.

  66. A mixture of equal parts of tartar emetic and sulphate of copper.

  67. Before adding the tartar emetic to the lard it should be reduced to the state of an impalpable powder.

  68. In malignant scarlet fever a smart emetic should be given early, and mercurials and diaphoretics at once freely exhibited.

  69. This article is powerfully emetic and cathartic, but is now scarcely ever used internally.

  70. Give a prompt emetic and then reliance must be placed on continual stimulation with brandy, whisky, etc.

  71. Treatment: The stomach and bowels are to be cleared by an emetic of ground mustard or sulphate of zinc, followed by frequent doses of Glauber of Epsom salts, and large stimulating clysters.

  72. Death seldom ensues, in consequence of the emetic effect.

  73. Treatment: An emetic is to be promptly given; copious draughts containing magnesia in suspension: mucilaginous drinks.

  74. Treatment: Empty the stomach immediately with an emetic or with the stomach pump.

  75. No emetic with mercury; raw eggs; milk, or flour, and water.

  76. It is to be remembered that in some poisons, as certain acids and alkalies, no emetic should be given.

  77. Again, for certain poisons (except in case of arsenic) causing local irritation, but which also affect the system at large, no emetic should be given.

  78. This may be done by an emetic given as follows: Stir a tablespoonful of mustard or of common salt in a glass of warm water and make the patient swallow the whole.

  79. One emetic and a gentle cathartic is generally sufficient; and the frequent swallowing of weak broth, or gruel, both without salt in them, relieves the patient, and absolves the cure.

  80. After an emetic his pulse still continued very intermittent and unequal.

  81. She took rhubarb five grains, and emetic tartar a quarter of a grain every night for many weeks.

  82. Hence small doses of emetic tartar, and ipecacuanha, and large doses of nitre, by producing nausea debilitate and lessen the energy of the circulation, and are thence useful in inflammatory diseases.

  83. Vomits of from five grains to ten of emetic tartar, repeated every third morning for three or four times; with solution of gum-ammoniac, and soluble tartar, so as to purge gently every day.

  84. Five grains of calomel once a month, with a cathartic, five grains of rhubarb and a quarter of a grain of emetic tartar every night for many weeks.

  85. A periodical emetic or cathartic once a fortnight.

  86. Or lastly, by having been previously too violently stimulated by an emetic drug, as by ipecacuanha.

  87. The quantity of the dose of an emetic is not of so great consequence as of other medicines, as the greatest part of it is rejected with the first effort.

  88. Five or ten grains produce constipation, 20 or 30 grains are either emetic or cathartic.

  89. Mix one grain of emetic tartar with forty grains of chalk, and divide into eight papers, one to be taken twice a day, or with magnesia alba, if stools are wanted.

  90. This should be effected by an emetic which is quickly obtained, and most powerful and speedy in its operation.

  91. After that he takes an emetic and is declared clean.

  92. I prescribed an emetic and purge, and a cold poultice and lotion.

  93. In two other cases, after the application of twenty leeches and the administration of an emetic and purgative medicine, I applied the lunar caustic freely over the whole surface of the knee previously moistened with water.

  94. Give an emetic and plenty of strong coffee.

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