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clays; claystone; clean; cleane; cleaned; cleaners; cleanest; cleaning; cleanings; cleanliness
  1. I found by experience that a dibble made of a flat board would work much better and leave a cleaner hole if worked into the earth with a horizontal swinging motion.

  2. A supply dug some days before and kept by packing in fresh moss and slightly moistening with milk and water will prove more attractive in appearance and the worms will be tougher and cleaner to handle than when carried in earth.

  3. A Cleaner for Brass In some recent laboratory experiments the following solution was found to cleanse brass very quickly without harm to the hands or the metal.

  4. Corner Cleaner Attached to a Scrubbing Brush [Illustration] Dirt will accumulate and harden in the corners of a floor and the baseboard just because the end of the scrubbing brush will not enter them.

  5. A small whisk broom makes a handy cleaner to brush the caked grease and lint from pulleys and gear wheels where waste and rags are useless.

  6. A whisk broom is the best cleaner for a gas stove.

  7. The cleaner is made of a round rubber ball with slits cut in it as shown and then fastened to the end of a stick.

  8. A Cleaner for Canvas Shoes One of the most economical cleansers for canvas shoes is oxide of zinc.

  9. A Comb Cleaner [Illustration] A good comb cleaner that does the work easily and quickly can be made from a worn-out varnish brush.

  10. Wall-Paper Cleaner The following mixture I have used with the best results for years.

  11. He was at work on a vacuum cleaner at the moment--a Mahon-modified machine with a flickering yellow standby light that wavered between brightness and dimness with much more than appropriate frequency.

  12. A vacuum cleaner seemed uncomfortable if it did not perform its task to perfection.

  13. There was a vacuum cleaner on it, on standby.

  14. There are several pleasant little towns along the shore, rather neater and cleaner than the average German village, though even these are not free from occasional touches of filthiness.

  15. The country is trim and apparently well-tilled; the villages are better and cleaner and the road a very dream for the motorist.

  16. We pass but two or three villages in the one hundred and ten miles between Cologne and Treves; there are numerous isolated farmhouses, rather cleaner and better than we have seen previously.

  17. It is cleaner than the average French town of ten thousand and clear streams of mountain water run alongside many of its streets.

  18. We reach the George after the dinner hour, but an excellent supper is prepared for us, served by a canny Scotch waiter clad in a cleaner dress-suit than many of his brethren in British country inns are wont to wear.

  19. There are several towns and villages on both sides of the river and they are cleaner and better in appearance than those we passed yesterday.

  20. That was the name, she knew, that the vacuum cleaner agent had given Uncle Jabez when he had interested the miller in the mine.

  21. Her eye was brighter, her dress cleaner and better fitting, and her demeanor showed more intelligence and self-possession.

  22. It was cleaner than when she first saw it, and had a bit more of furniture in it.

  23. It consists of those filaments which remain upon the drawing rollers, and collect, in a great measure, upon the flannel facing of the top and bottom cleaner bars.

  24. She was a cleaner in an office building; not until all the arrangements had been made did it occur to me to ask where.

  25. New York is a many times cleaner and better city to-day than it was twenty or even ten years ago.

  26. It awakened my personal attention to the cogent need of exercising the utmost care in sending plate to the cleaner and repairer, when a tankard of the George I.

  27. A quick child has often been known to pick cleaner and in greater quantity than many an adult, and, as with strawberries, so with hops, the gypsies are almost invariably the cleanest and most rapid pickers.

  28. The boy was better dressed, but no cleaner than when first he knew him.

  29. The house is cleaner than it was, I know, but it is not in such good order as when we went into it.

  30. To take from them the one decent excuse for being in such places it is establishing its restaurants, where the men can have cleaner and better food than in the saloons, and without the risk to the railroad.

  31. And suppose somebody told him that the introduction of an entirely new vacuum-cleaner would compel him to a reluctant reconciliation with his wife.

  32. One beauty of the electric stove is that it produces no ashes; one advantage of the vacuum cleaner is that it does away with dust.

  33. If the Country Girl of the New Era is asked to go and begin her own home-making in the old homestead, she will ask to have the walls perforated and a large-sized vacuum cleaner installed in the cellar with hose connections on all the floors.

  34. She would like a kitchen cabinet, electric lights, a furnace, a vacuum cleaner run by electricity, and a system of plumbing.

  35. And on Congress to make more of our clean-energy technologies available to the developing world--creating cleaner growth abroad and new jobs at home.

  36. Because of a generation of bipartisan effort we do have cleaner water and air, lead levels in children's blood has been cut by 70 percent, toxic emissions from factories cut in half.

  37. As our economy has grown, we have rid more than 500 neighborhoods of toxic waste and ensured cleaner air and water for millions of families.

  38. The more soups or broth are skimmed, the better and cleaner they will be.

  39. The oftener it is scummed, and the cleaner the top of the water is kept, the cleaner will be the meat; and if a little cold water be occasionally thrown in, it will bring up the remainder of the scum to the surface.

  40. In a circle of flaming logs I saw the Shaman, clad in pure white and looking considerably cleaner than I had previously thought possible.

  41. And while we recognize that improved environment alone can not correct human deficiencies we must nevertheless not relax our efforts to get cleaner foods, cleaner surroundings, cleaner politics and cleaner hearts.

  42. It then passes beneath the cleaner E'' (Fig.

  43. I think this a cleaner way than using a lamp for the purpose.

  44. The side blast, though not so much used as in former years, is still preferred by many skilful mechanics, on the ground that it will give a cleaner fire with less trouble.

  45. The cleaner the surface of a cutting, and the less ragged its edges are, the keener the tool has cut; thus, in Fig.

  46. When used on wrought iron the tool is sometimes given top rake, which greatly facilitates the operation, as the tool will then take a heavier as well as a cleaner cut.

  47. A piece of a stick or a nail cleaner should be passed beneath the nails every time the hands are washed.

  48. Use a suction cleaner or have rugs which can be cleaned out of doors.

  49. Then I listened to Mr. Devering who was saying, "We use this cleaner for the work-horses only.

  50. A vacuum cleaner for horses," exclaimed Dallas after we had crossed to the horses' side of the stable.

  51. We have found that the fine-filtered vacuum cleaner pulls all of the dirt and old debris from a blanket which are embedded on the inner portion of the fabric.

  52. It was not as large as the scar indicated because in cleaning up the ragged edges of the wound, some of the skin was excised in order to make a cleaner incision.

  53. But I hope the place was cleaner when Peter lodged there than it is now.

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