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Example sentences for "cleanest"

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clean; cleane; cleaned; cleaner; cleaners; cleaning; cleanings; cleanliness; cleanly; cleanness
  1. When I am a woman I mean to have the nicest, cleanest house in all the world!

  2. Put in the cleanest things first, and only a few at a time, so they will not be chipped.

  3. Sara after gardening is delicious, but Sara clean is assuredly the cleanest thing on God's earth.

  4. But why does dough, in the hands of the cleanest child, become dark gray?

  5. God's blessing comes pure, if the lips are not the cleanest that speak it.

  6. The best and cleanest seeds of the Hollyhock should be purchased.

  7. One of the cleanest and easiest methods of doing this is to pack them with the small end downwards, in clean dry salt, in barrels or tubs, and to place them in a cool and dry situation.

  8. The palest and cleanest mastic and lac, dissolved in alcohol, and also the palest and quickest drying oil should alone be used when these substances are ordered.

  9. Here the resourceful old sergeant keenly picked out the cleanest one of the guards and approached him with signs and his limited Russki gavareet and made his protest at being left dirty.

  10. The men usually content themselves with their cleanest breeches, a pair of high boots of beautiful leather, an embroidered blouse buttoning over the heart, a broad belt, and a woolly angora cap without a visor.

  11. And one of the cleanest and busiest school-rooms ever visited was one of those little village schools.

  12. A caravanserai is not the cleanest spot on earth!

  13. It shall be the cleanest in the world when we get through, but many a dark enemy lurks in our path.

  14. It's the East at its vilest pitch, a hellish sub-consciousness in which murder is the cleanest conception.

  15. We began it by attending early mass in San Francisco, about the cleanest church in Mexico, and most frequented by the better classes.

  16. We sat down to rest in the cleanest of these leafy bowers, and then returned to Coyohuacan.

  17. It needed not to add any injunctions concerning the rooms; of course, the cleanest and the best were appointed by Francesco spontaneously for such honoured guests.

  18. It is said to be the cleanest place in the world, in which respect it is like those Shaker houses, where every tin pan is scoured daily, and every floor is as white as broom and mop can make it.

  19. Among the materials shown to the visitor, are drawers full of the brightest and cleanest gold; and ingots of silver, pure, or slightly streaked with copper.

  20. Some of the gold fragments are of the cleanest and brightest yellow.

  21. The town has twenty thousand people, is well built of substantial materials, a fresh-looking pink stone predominating, and is the cleanest city we have seen in Great Britain.

  22. Well, today our economy is the strongest in a generation, and our environment is the cleanest in a generation.

  23. Thanks to the pioneering leadership of all of you, we have the lowest violent crime rate in a quarter century and the cleanest environment in a quarter century.

  24. The town is well built, and the cleanest I have yet seen since leaving Europe.

  25. Here, as in the Indian Seas, our laundresses are men, the cleanest and quickest washers we have encountered in the voyage.

  26. The system of drainage is abominable, though personally, the people are the cleanest on earth, if constant bathing is to be taken as an index to cleanliness.

  27. At half-past nine o'clock the bugler sounded the call to quarters, and the Jackies appeared on deck rigged in their cleanest clothes for their regular Sunday inspection.

  28. Montevideo vies with Rio de Janeiro as being one of the cleanest cities in the Western Hemisphere; like Rio de Janeiro, its taxicabs and public automobiles for hire are the best in the Western Hemisphere.

  29. Since Captain Rowlands has been its skipper everything has changed, and it is now one of the cleanest and most comfortable steamers on the coast.

  30. Electricity is the cleanest source of heat for cooking.

  31. Owing to its peculiar municipal laws, throughout the Middle Ages, Oxford had the proud distinction of being the cleanest city in England.

  32. If she'd just spend the time a-scouring as she spends a-chattering, her house 'd be the cleanest place in Oxfordshire.

  33. Illustration: The cleanest village in the world] Water and soap are all that are needed to keep the skin clean and ready for its work, and every one can get these.

  34. In Holland there is a village which is said to be the cleanest in the world.

  35. Now, which half of the field will be in the cleanest and best condition, and which will produce the best corn, and the best barley, or oats, afterwards?

  36. The best and cleanest land is necessary to start with, and then manures must be appropriately and freely used.

  37. But as it is necessary to have some mangel-wurzel and Swede turnips for the Ayrshire cows and long-wool sheep next winter and spring, select the cleanest and richest land that can be found that was under cultivation last season.

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