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Example sentences for "cleaned"

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claymores; clays; claystone; clean; cleane; cleaner; cleaners; cleanest; cleaning; cleanings
  1. Coote's face brightened, as he produced his pencil and cleaned his largest unoccupied nail.

  2. We have very carefully cleaned up this class of error, and hope no more are to be found.

  3. He had a scorn for cleaned gloves and minor economies.

  4. She cleaned the wound after a fashion and dusted it with some sulfa drug from her first-aid kit, then drew the edges together with some sticking plaster.

  5. Her first job, and that of many other nurses, was to get the men cleaned up, and begin dressing their wounds.

  6. Would you like to join me at breakfast when you get cleaned up?

  7. The last nest of "Yellow Jackets" had been cleaned from the island.

  8. In the afternoon the cottagers' wives and the farm-girls sat round the great heaps of herring by the pump, and cleaned the fish.

  9. Lasse and Pelle pumped water to rinse them in, and cleaned out the big salt-barrels that the men rolled up from the cellar; and two of the elder women were entrusted with the task of mixing.

  10. When he was finished he went into the stable and cleaned out the mangers, while Lasse curried the cows; it was all to look nice for Sunday.

  11. I have a stable outside, in which I keep five hundred horses, and that stable has not been cleaned these seven hundred years.

  12. Then the hen called out to him in a human voice, "You wouldn't do that to me the day I cleaned the stable for you.

  13. My boots, I find, have been cleaned even.

  14. They were cleaned with a rag, O-hanna apologizing for the absence of shoe-brushes and blacking in pidgeon English: "Brush no have got.

  15. When the police cleaned up the old districts along Twenty-ninth Street and Thirtieth and threw the regular houses out of the business, the call system grew up.

  16. MacFarland cleaned out his pipe with a scalpel knife, and put in another charge of tobacco.

  17. When he had cleaned the last clods from the ditch, he set off with tripod and shovel on shoulder to walk with her to the cabins, while Dave followed with Dick.

  18. The third reason is that I believe this is just a phenomenally rich pocket and that I have about cleaned it out.

  19. She dried her tears and gently but firmly informed Mrs. Pennycook that the house had been thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed three days previous.

  20. The next morning, as soon as it was light enough to see, the work was commenced again, and by noon the last piece of rotten honeycombed rock with its streaks and wens of dull virgin gold had been cleaned up.

  21. After Paulina had cleaned the pages with fresh bread, Wunsch was amazed to see what a fine book he had.

  22. If he believes the Bible, he ought to have gone to the calaboose and cleaned that man up and taken care of him.

  23. He could not see how it was to be cleaned up exactly.

  24. You have pulled me out of the mire; now that I have cleaned some of the mud off I want you to take me by the hand and continue the journey with me.

  25. It means that we have been cleaned out," answered the doctor's son, after a hasty glance around.

  26. Only a sharp click followed, and all in a flash Snap remembered that in the evening he had cleaned the firearm, but had not loaded it.

  27. The practical objection to animal food in my case was its uncleanness; and besides, when I had caught and cleaned and cooked and eaten my fish, they seemed not to have fed me essentially.

  28. My bricks, being second-hand ones, required to be cleaned with a trowel, so that I learned more than usual of the qualities of bricks and trowels.

  29. And he might just as well have let it alone, for the servants cleaned it again with the other things in the morning, and he could never find the sock afterwards.

  30. But we jolly well cleaned them up first with Brooke's soap and brick dust and vinegar, and the knife polish (invented by the great and immortal Duke of Wellington in his spare time when he was not conquering Napoleon.

  31. If it keeps on the whole school will be cleaned out.

  32. I got it from some close friends that the Ritters were almost cleaned out, and that Mr. Ritter wanted Reff to give up school and go to work.

  33. The only soul who remained untouched by her appeal was the waiter, who leaned idly against the wall of the salon and cleaned his nails with the edge of a programme.

  34. He dashed into the bathroom, turned on both taps as far as they would go, cleaned his teeth and pared his nails while the water was running.

  35. She held him on her knees, with a pan of cold water beside her for the cleaned vegetables and the "ducks' bucket" for the peelings.

  36. Prompted by the thought, he wiped his neck and face with his dinner napkin and carefully cleaned his ears.

  37. We run out after them twin harlots, Slavery and State Rights, and they've cleaned us out.

  38. The citizens congratoolated each other on the certainty uv the acceshun uv the President to the Dimocrisy, and in their enthoosiasm five nigger families were cleaned out, two uv em, one a male and the tother a female, wuz killed.

  39. Lalie was always there; she cleaned and scrubbed and gave to everything a look of gentility.

  40. She had saved seven francs for the shawl and two francs fifty centimes for the cap; the dress was an old one, cleaned and made over.

  41. You can easily imagine, therefore, at the end of two months we were cleaned out.

  42. Gervaise was then near her confinement, but it was she who cleaned and put in order her new home.

  43. The dissectors, when they had cleaned the body, put it into the vat where it was to soak seventy days.

  44. Meanwhile Isis, when she had passed over the entire vault, approached the chamber where the dissectors had cleaned the pharaoh's body.

  45. Skim well; add vegetables, cleaned but not cut up, and spices.

  46. The raw materials should be washed most carefully and well cleaned before mixing, and the utensils for cutting and mixing, as well as the basins or bowls used, should be clean and dry.

  47. I was just mentioning, that as these guerillas had cleaned him out, he would be all the better of five or six dollars till he got home, poor fellow.

  48. So, Sir, I hear you hwe been cleaned out; and, as they tell me, to a tolerable tune?

  49. Roman friend, cleaned the picture for me beautifully, insisting on doing so lest I should spoil my new velveteen frock.

  50. What a "sventramento" that must have been when the Italians cleared away and cleaned up all that congested horror.

  51. You see, young Maillard thinks that he's cleaned me up fine.

  52. Got quite a shipment of cars comin' in from Texas, and we're tryin' to get some o' these boats cleaned out to make room.

  53. The note made it plain that we were not criminals; now the whole affair is cleaned up and out of the way.

  54. Regaining the house, he saw that Hammond had indeed cleaned up in great style, and had the main room looking clean as a pin, with a fire popping on the hearth.

  55. I can get this shack cleaned out in about half an hour--this one room, anyhow.

  56. See that threshing machines, hay racks, grain bags from other farms are well cleaned before used on the farm.

  57. He took the child again and amused it while the woman carefully cleaned his wound and rebandaged it so that he could breathe and see and eat, though the cotton folds wrapped in much of his face like a mask.

  58. It had been rubbed and recovered and cleaned and straightened, until its grotesque appearance was infinitely increased.

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