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familiarly; familiars; familias; familie; familier; famille; familles; family; familyar; familys
  1. The classes of society widened as great fortunes were accumulated; pride of wealth kept pace with pride of ancestry; and when plebeian families had obtained great estates, they were amalgamated with the old aristocracy.

  2. This is an old custom almost entirely abandoned, and now practiced only by a few families of this pueblo.

  3. Earthenware, so far as I can learn, is not now made in Taos, except by a few families where a Taos Indian has married a woman from San Juan or some other tribe where the manufacture of pottery is carried on.

  4. These had brought back news that the Vignerolles held a high place in the Huguenot colony, that they lived in a fine old house at Hampstead, and were generally liked and respected among the great families who lived near them.

  5. Most families can trace their pedigree back for more grandfathers than the greatest folk in the land.

  6. Fatal Consequences of domestick Divisions in the Families or Princes, W.

  7. I think I am justified in laying down as a rule that no apparent similarity between words in the Semitic and Asian families can be used to establish a real identity, the two classes of language being radically and fundamentally distinct.

  8. Chester, also, has been put into a state of defence against the insurgents, though there are many Roman Catholic families in the city.

  9. Cadets of our best Lancashire and Cheshire families are constantly apprenticed, so there is nothing in that," remarked Jemmy.

  10. Some of the best English families are gone.

  11. He has taken pains while in France to hunt up bygone records, and found that the families are related.

  12. When I first heard her name a vague memory puzzled me, and when I went to France I resolved to search for a family link almost forgotten in the many turns there have been in the old families in my native land.

  13. You see, Monsieur, Jeanne Angelot is in some sort a foundling, and many families would not care to take her in.

  14. The better class people had a few select schools, and sometimes several families joined and had their children taught at the house of some parent and shared expenses.

  15. The other young girls with whom she was associated, of good families for the most part, did not like her, and taunted and jibed her whenever they could find opportunity.

  16. The village in which we lived contained a goodly number of families of high standing and comfortable fortune.

  17. I have got the trade of about half the families in this bay; all of them on the islands, and a good many of them on the mainland, especially sech as has piers of their own.

  18. Then we coasted along the shore, tying up at various little piers, where the small farmers' and fishermen's families came on board to make purchases.

  19. This amount has been expended in providing for the families of two of the party in their absence; in paying the passage of Martin R.

  20. They are the tombs in which the kings of ancient Egypt and their families were buried.

  21. By it our world is a collection of families in which the tenderest affections are cherished and the worst generally subdued.

  22. He founded a new capital, a city which he peopled with families brought from Kishu and Babylon: for a long time after his day it bore the name which he bestowed upon it, Dur-Sharrukîn.

  23. In the ruins of Uru, Eridu, and Uruk, the remains of houses belonging doubtless to well-to-do families have been brought to light.

  24. The documents contained in them relate for the most part to the families of Sininana and Amililâni, and form part of their archives.

  25. Women of noble or wealthy families found in their fortune a certain protection from the abuse of marital authority.

  26. They made its individual annals the framework for the history of the entire country, and from the succession of its princely families on the throne, diverse as they were in origin, they constructed a complete canon of the kings of Chaldæa.

  27. Families appear to have been fairly united, in spite of the elasticity of the laws which governed them, and of the divers elements of which they were sometimes composed.

  28. Many families of the lower and middle classes owned the houses which they occupied.

  29. Myself having obliged both these families in this business very much; as both my Lady and Sir G.

  30. They look upon us as lost, and remove their families and rich goods in the City; and do think verily that the French being come down with an army to Dunkirke, it is to invade us, and that we shall be invaded.

  31. He tells me of his last and great book that is coming out: that is, the History of all the Families in England; and could tell me more of my owne, than I knew myself.

  32. Some noble families in Ireland had very ancient Papal dispensations of this nature.

  33. I cannot find either name in the printed pedigrees of the various families of Owen, nor in such of the Harl.

  34. The armorial bearings of both families (originally affixed to the monument) have been effaced.

  35. Any loss or injury," she said, "would tend to involve the creditors in absolute ruin, and among them are an incredible number of poor families of all sorts of artisans.

  36. In order to appear more submissive still, the chiefs surrendered their hostages; but they were the sons of enemies on whom they wished to be revenged, or uncomely children not born of families who were the issue of the gods.

  37. Now this young demonstrator knew nothing or practically nothing, of geology, because he came of one of the richest and best families in town and didn't need to.

  38. Boomer an intimate acquaintance with the pedigree and fortunes of the greater ducal families from Jock of Ealing downwards was nothing.

  39. Spies, too, in all directions, and families rent in twain by greed of gold, and rare examples of honesty.

  40. Magistrates and petty officers were held to have behaved wisely in permitting cottages to be burnt in the name of religion, in allowing fathers of families to be kidnapped in the night, and spirited away no one might tell whither.

  41. It was well that my lord had ridden forward, for so many families were beginning to steal out of Dublin that, as an ostler put it, there was a 'furious penury of beds.

  42. Abstinence is the best means of revenue as well in private families as in the State.

  43. For example, one neighbor sells another a peck of green peas and takes in pay a peck of new potatoes, both vegetables may be cooked for dinner in the respective families the same day, and the commercial transaction is all over.

  44. Since so much depended on the watchfulness and fidelity of the Vestals, the office of priestess to the temple was held in high honor, and the maidens were chosen from the noblest families of Rome.

  45. The Peplus was covered with embroidery worked by virgins of the noblest families in Athens.

  46. Pyramus and Thisbe In far-off Babylon there dwelt a youth and maiden whose families lived in adjoining houses with a party-wall between the two estates.

  47. The Lares also guarded the welfare of the city, and presided over the fortunes of those great groups of families that were the probable foundation of every Roman town.

  48. The wind was rising, scattering the straw and ruffling the tails of the ducks as they floated in families over Evie's pendant.

  49. Their acquaintance was singular rather than intimate, and she divined that the Wilcox clan would resent any expenditure on outsiders; the more compact families do.

  50. While, on her other side, Sir James Bidder sat, repeating that she only had to give the word, and he would whip up the county families for twenty miles round.

  51. Whether Sir James, who was Garden Seeds, had promised what he could perform, she doubted, but so long as Henry mistook them for the county families when they did call, she was content.

  52. He and she were advancing out of their respective families towards a more intimate acquaintance.

  53. On Shrove Tuesday in the County of Sussex (and I suppose in many others) apprentices are always permitted to visit their families or friends, to eat pancakes, &c.

  54. I know," she nodded, "you were chums at College.

  55. The same animation throbbed like a pulse in her emaciated bosom, which only the extreme smallness of her bones kept still lovely in its low-cut evening gown.

  56. She glanced at Gerty with a look which hardly simulated a curiosity she apparently did not feel.

  57. There has been nothing like this in my life before," he had said in a passion of sincerity, "there has been nothing in my life but you from the beginning.

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