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  1. He gives no special encouragement to his hen when he becomes a prospective father, and renders little assistance when the responsibilities become actualities.

  2. Have the forest-lovers who listen so respectfully to, and interpret so exquisitely, the notes of birds--have none of them made psychological investigations of the hen cackle?

  3. One could believe that of the first few eggs, but a hen who has laid two or three hundred can hardly feel the same exuberant pride and joy daily.

  4. Catherine of Aragon, the black Spanish hen that stole her nest, brought out nine chicks this morning, and the business-like and marble-hearted Phoebe has taken them away and given them to another hen who has only seven.

  5. The brown hen that we have named Cornelia is the best mother, the one who waits longest and most patiently for the web-footed Gracchi to finish their swim.

  6. Mother Hen was not to be embarrassed or daunted, even if her most sacred feelings were regarded in the light of a cheap entertainment.

  7. For if yo'll believe me that hen never laid another egg i' ony o' my nests.

  8. Phoebe and I have been to a Hen Conference at Buffington.

  9. I wonder if the hen mother is quite, quite satisfied with her ducklings!

  10. I shall be rather busy; the Crossed Minorca hen comes off to-morrow.

  11. Well, aw darsay yo' know heaw a hen carries on as soon as it's laid a egg.

  12. Put a knuckle of Veal and a Hen into an earthen Pipkin with a Gallon of water (about nine of the Clock forenoon) and boil it gently till you have skimmed it well.

  13. The hen did what she was told every day, and they sold the eggs for a bag of money, and ever after had plenty to eat.

  14. The hen looked at the duck and said: “Can you lay eggs?

  15. So the lamb moved on and soon came to a white hen sitting on a fence.

  16. Another bean went up into the air and fell into a chicken yard, where the old hen promptly ate it.

  17. Jack, and the hen laid a golden egg for Jack and his mother.

  18. The wife brought a hen and placed her before the giant.

  19. And the old hen laughed until she fell off the fence backwards.

  20. The cat spit at him as he ran, and the hen scratched dirt in his face, and even the old woman, who was blind, threw her shoe at him thinking he was a weasel.

  21. In the hut lived an old woman, a hen and a cat.

  22. Sometimes it happens that a hen carries an egg to a nest, and deposits it there without noticing that some other hen has been before her.

  23. He was comparatively shy; most of the cuckoos that passed over the meadow, calling as they flew, were hen birds, and it was seldom that he answered their call.

  24. It is the size of a small, or say a good-sized hen turkey.

  25. This affair being settled I start off, like an old hen with a brood of chickens to provide for, to get chop for my men, and go first to Hatton and Cookson's factory.

  26. Indeed, Rob and I could just hear a kind of roopy clattering like that of a hungry hen complaining to the vague Powers which rule the times and seasons of distribution from the "daich" bowl.

  27. To bring up children, trust an old hen who has clucked over a brood of her own!

  28. She "shooed" into duty's path a youngling hen with vague maternal aspirations which was wandering off to found a family by laying an egg in the underbrush about the saw-mill.

  29. In hen neemt het oude, groote België, dat in een arbeid van eeuwen was opgebouwd, afscheid van de wereld.

  30. This must be made with fine hen lobsters, when full of spawn: boil them thoroughly (No.

  31. You must have a hen lobster, on account of the live spawn.

  32. The hen lobster is distinguished by having a broader tail than the male, and less claws.

  33. He had scarcely read half a page when the sky became dark, and a great wind shook the house violently; still he read on; and in the midst of the storm the door flew open, and a black hen and chickens came into the room.

  34. In a parish adjoining Dartmoor is a green fairy ring of considerable size, within which a black hen and chickens are occasionally seen at nightfall.

  35. Ceridwer takes the form of a hen in the Hanes Taliesin.

  36. I believe a hen and chickens is sometimes found on the bosses of early church roofs.

  37. She replied: "Aunt is going to give me a hen for a wedding present.

  38. To a girl in love, every hen egg will hatch; not a chicken will ever die with the gapes; they will all live on love, like herself, and everything will be profit.

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