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  1. Yet the stream that hems my path Checks me with its angry frown, While its waves, in rising wrath, Weigh my weary spirit down.

  2. It is likely that its original color had been a flaunt of yellow, and that it had been bedizened with certain buttonholes and hems and selvages and things, such as adorn garments in a general way of whatever nature or sex.

  3. We had some pieces of brass chain, and found them splendid to run through the hems of the tablecovers when in use on the porch in summer.

  4. To turn the hems of the table linen easily and accurately, remove the needle from your sewing machine, adjust the hemmer to the desired width and pass the goods through.

  5. In deciding about trimmings and the width of crepe hems many a woman forgets her woe, for a time at least.

  6. To Turn the Hems of the Table Linen Easily and Accurately.

  7. If used at all, it is in the form of hems or narrow bands on face veils and as borders or facings, on gowns.

  8. There is no hope of escape, for a forest of flashing spears hems him in.

  9. On this side the barbarian hems us in, on that Rufinus oppresses us; land and sea are alike denied us.

  10. Orontes once more flows to the north east, and in five or six miles reaches Hems itself, which it leaves on its right bank.

  11. Here the course of the river again changes, becoming slightly west of north to the Lake of Hems (Buheiret-Hems), which is nine or ten miles below Ribleh.

  12. When the faggoting is finished, the hems are worked with a row of stem stitch, which keeps them in place and gives a neat finish.

  13. Turn up the hems on the right side of the garment, and with turkey-red embroidery cotton of medium thickness, make the first row of tacking about where the hem would be machined.

  14. A simple kind of stitchery is usually resorted to, and very often meets the case, and one may see little frocks and tunics of inexpensive materials, with quite a note of distinction given by the pretty stitching on the hems and bands.

  15. In making a little magyar overall, like that illustrated, for instance, the side seams and opening may be sewn with a machine, the hems and neck prepared as if for machining, and then the decoration applied.

  16. Would it continually jerk and pull at the silk hems and the thin rods which were to hold my basket to the balloon?

  17. Instead I attached the suspension cords of my basket directly to the balloon envelope by means of small wooden rods introduced into long horizontal hems sewed on both sides to its stuff for a great part of the balloon's length.

  18. Until she marries the Parsee girl wears wide trousers fashioned from brilliantly-hued silk or satin, and the hems of the legs are adorned with bands of embroidery in quaint designs of birds and beasts worked in the most gorgeous tints.

  19. It was in the earliest days of the nineteenth century that artificial flowers began to obtain considerable popularity, and they were used in the hair and on the bodices and in festoons on the skirts, and on the hems of trains.

  20. Heavy gold embroideries were worked on the hems of skirts and mantles.

  21. The ancient Greeks embroidered the hems of their graceful draperies in the well-known Greek fret and other designs so invariably seen on the old Greek vases.

  22. HEMS [Sidenote: Folding Hems] A hem is a fold of goods twice folded to protect a raw edge.

  23. Sidenote: Flannel Hems] Flannel hems should not be twice folded, for there will be a ridge instead of a flat surface after the garment has been laundered, owing to the felting properties of the wool.

  24. Uneven basting is used for hems and seams to be machine stitched.

  25. Hems and Seams: Describe the different kinds for thick and thin materials, including those for flannel and state when they should be used.

  26. Hems and seams should be small and neatly done with, perhaps, the daintiest beading inset by hand and feather stitched.

  27. Sidenote: Hem Stitch] (6) Hemstitching is used for ornament in making hems and tucks.

  28. Hems on flannel should not be stitched by hand or machine, but cat stitched on the wrong side and finished on the right side with any ornamental stitch.

  29. Sidenote: Fastening Threads] Much time may be saved in fastening the threads at the ends of tucks, hems on sheets, towels, etc.

  30. Ornaments are appropriate on the hems or edges of garments where it serves the purpose of strengthening and protecting the parts most worn, and not simply where fancy or fashion dictates.

  31. Hems in infants' clothing may be turned on the right side and made ornamental by feather stitching.

  32. Wide desert where a diadem of towers Above Adajar hems a silent town, And locks, unmindful of the mocking hours, Her twenty temples in a granite crown.

  33. With mountain shores now nature hems thee in And shuts thy waves from Libya; in the midst Hence do thy waters run, till Memphis first Forbids the barrier placed upon thy stream And gives thee access to the open fields.

  34. Fierce rage the waves till hems (9) them in the land; Nor Auster's force in frequent buffets spent Prevails upon the shore.

  35. You may make a double hem, if you please, by gathering three times instead of only twice; and one of the hems may be straight, while the other is drawn to one side a little.

  36. India-rubber or elastic tape drawn into hems to hold the contents of the bag is better than tape-strings.

  37. If plain muslin is used, you can ornament them with hems an inch in width, in which insert a strip of gingham or chambray of the same color as your chintz.

  38. The curtain should be in three parts, with lead or large nails in the hems to keep it in place.

  39. How much will you allow for hems at the bottom?

  40. Turn these hems backward to wrong side and crease so that the edge of the turned hem is exactly at the finished edge of the garment.

  41. Flannel hems do not have the first turning as it is so thick.

  42. Hems and facings should be carefully basted before being stitched.

  43. Baste also one-fourth inch hems at the outside edges of the side lengths which are raveling.

  44. Can you make a three-inch gauge, and keep your hems even by following the marked notch?

  45. This is a very useful stitch for finishing hems instead of using the hemming stitch.

  46. Turn the hems to the same side as the seams, the wrong side.

  47. What are the important things to remember in turning the hems at the bottom of the nightdresses?

  48. Practice turning hems neatly on a scrap of cloth before starting to turn them on the dish towel.

  49. Fold so that the overlapping of hems comes about 4 inches from one end of the cushion.

  50. After the hems have been turned backwards and creased to the wrong side, we are ready to sew on the insertion.

  51. How much was allowed for the hems at the bottom of the nightdresses?

  52. We'll measure and cut all the curtains, and turn the hems up.

  53. If I were rich I would kiss her feet, I would kiss the place where the gold hems meet, And the golden girdle round my sweet-- Ah!

  54. If I were rich I would kiss her feet, And the golden girdle of my sweet, And thereabouts where the gold hems meet;-- Ah!

  55. So much he has secured from the past history of colony and state; but he has done it at the cost of making himself offensive to the gentlemen whose lawns he hems as a seamstress hems a skirt.

  56. And the smock she had sewn daintily at the hems and the bosom with fair knots and buds.

  57. They should be provided with a 2-inch marker, for use in making the hems in the top of the bibs.

  58. The basted hems should then be sewed with the hemming-stitch.

  59. Overhanding] The overhanding of narrow hems is not always necessary, but the ends may be made stronger thereby, and the stitch is a valuable one for the pupils to know.

  60. These low hems of the land, however, often meet physical obstructions to ready communications with the interior in the silted inlets, shallow lagoons, marshes, or mangrove swamps of the littoral itself.

  61. Her rainy-day boots went to the cobbler time and again, and between the wavy ends of her cotton gloves and the hems of her sleeves laboriously stretched to meet them, gleamed a strip of red, slender arm.

  62. Now came the chase for work in shop and factory, in all places where bed-linen and shirts and nightgowns are made, where cheap lace is added to cheap underwear, where white goods is vitalised with hems and yokes and bindings and strings.

  63. Wide desert where a diadem of towers Above Adaja hems a silent town, And locks, unmindful of the mocking hours, Her twenty temples in a granite crown.

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