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Example sentences for "heifer"

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  1. The heifer is then given to a Brahman, and the male, being first branded on one flank with a figure of a trident and on the other with a representation of the sun and moon, is set at liberty for life, and no Hindu will injure it.

  2. One sept has the name Killibhasam, and its ancestor is said to have eaten the flesh of a heifer half-devoured by a tiger and parched by a forest fire.

  3. Paiya is a heifer which has not borne a calf, such as is offered to the gods.

  4. He was suckled by a heifer and subsequently adopted by a weaver and was the ancestor of the Koris.

  5. And the ancients of that city which they shall perceive to be nearer than the rest, shall take a heifer of the herd, that hath not drawn in the yoke, nor ploughed the ground, 21:4.

  6. And the ancients of that city shall come to the person slain, and shall wash their hands over the heifer that was killed in the valley, 21:7.

  7. Shure a man can never be after thinkin’ what a young heifer might be havin’ in her mind.

  8. On my way down in the fall, I had left a horse and a heifer with the Doctor.

  9. On the way the fellow who had bought the heifer overtook us and demanded the horse, as he said he had not time to hunt up the heifer.

  10. I agreed that in case the heifer could not be found, to give him another on my return to Oregon.

  11. The heifer I traded for a horse, the purchaser to find her.

  12. The two families who had lost their provisions succeeded in finding a heifer that belonged to one of the companies traveling in advance of us.

  13. But wherever there is a cure something will go, and what would a sheep or a heifer be beside a misfortune on a child?

  14. If you were to bring a heifer from those mountains beyond and to put it into a meadow, it would be glad to get back again to the mountain, because it is the place it knows.

  15. Humphrey told them that he had not been to see the heifer yet, as he thought it better not.

  16. They went in and found the heifer drawn close to the side of the cow- house by the rope which was round her horns, and unable to move her head.

  17. They followed the dog and found him about to seize a calf which stood by a heifer that Edward had shot.

  18. The calf became quite tame, and as the heifer perceived that the calf was quiet, she became more quiet herself.

  19. At last the heifer gave a loud bellow, and rushed out of the thicket in pursuit of her calf, checked by Smoker, who held on to her ear, and sometimes stopped her from advancing.

  20. I have got Smoker to worry the heifer and keep her employed, while we put the calf in the cart; a rope that we may tie the cow if we can; and you with your guns must keep off the herd if they come to her assistance.

  21. The attack of the dog drove back the heifer quite into the thicket, and as the dog bounded round her, springing this way and that way to escape her horns, the heifer was soon separated from the calf.

  22. The heifer was at first too busy defending herself against the dog to perceive that the calf was gone; when she did, Jacob called Smoker to him, so as to bring him between the heifer and where the boys were going out of the thicket.

  23. Humphrey and Pablo went away after breakfast, with Billy, and the meat and skin of the heifer in the cart.

  24. The heifer is united in holy wedlock to the bullock, after formal chanting of mantrams, by the tying of the tali and toe-rings to the neck.

  25. The bride, which should be a heifer that has not calved, is furnished by the father-in-law of the donor.

  26. I recall this touch from Emerson: The heifer that lows in the upland farm, Far heard, lows not thine ear to charm.

  27. The goddess was not yet relieved of her suspicions; so she delivered the heifer to Argus, to be strictly watched.

  28. Juno joined her husband, and noticing the heifer praised its beauty, and asked whose it was, and of what herd.

  29. Many stories are told of Milo's vast strength, such as his carrying a heifer of four years old upon his shoulders and afterwards eating the whole of it in a single day.

  30. She brushed away the cloud, and saw her husband on the banks of a glassy river, with a beautiful heifer standing near him.

  31. In the collection of the veterinary school of Zurich there is a croup membrane from a heifer which had been exposed to a fire; at Munich, one from the trachea of a horse, produced by forcibly injecting medicines into the nose.

  32. At Cockburnspath, East Lothian, Scotland, a yearling heifer contracted anthrax, and the whole herd was bled, commencing with the sick one.

  33. An old cow and a heifer in the stock-yard.

  34. The cow and the heifer ran into a corner, and switched their tails, and raked skin and hair off each other with their horns.

  35. In 1663 this house was called the GOAT, and enjoyed the right of commonage for two cows and one heifer upon Chelsea Heath.

  36. The tiger had actually passed him by, entered the drove, knocked the heifer down and stood over it as the boy circled past.

  37. The heifer lows, uneasy at the voice Of a new master; bleat the flocks aloud.

  38. HER mother, more experienced than the maid, Observed, that from the cattle one had strayed; The girl was scolded much, and sent to find The heifer indiscreetly left behind.

  39. The goddess delivered the heifer to Argus, to be strictly watched.

  40. She brushed away the darkness and saw him on the banks of a glassy river with a beautiful heifer standing near.

  41. Fall prostrate at the threshold of Tarpeian Jove, and sacrifice to Juno a heifer with gilded horns, if you have the rare good fortune to find a matron with unsullied chastity.

  42. She bade him watch the heifer closely, and report anything unusual in its actions.

  43. A neighbor of his had a black heifer with a white face, which occasionally made irruptions into Uncle Obed's pasturage.

  44. Of course, the buffalo all scattered, and the bear was trying to bite the heifer and kill her, and she was trying to get away.

  45. Any celebrated work like the Niobe of Praxiteles, or the bronze heifer of Myron, was the practising-ground for every tried or untried poet, seeking new praise for some clever conceit or neater turn of language than had yet been invented.

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