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Example sentences for "gal"

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  1. She's a good gal if there ever was one on the face of the earth.

  2. I ain' laugh so hearty sence I wuz little gal mos', en dat wuz de time w'en Marse Rowan Tomlinson come 'long en ax me my name.

  3. I tell you what, sir, that gal looks mighty puny.

  4. He sent some yuther gals home in the carriage, an' him an' the Yankee gal went a-walkin' down the road.

  5. You wouldn't believe it skacely, but this yer great big chunk of a gal wants her ole pappy to pick her up an' tote her thes like he useter when she was er little bit of a scrap.

  6. Well, sir, you might go a week's journey in the wildwood, as the poet says, and not find a handsomer gal then that.

  7. He whipped another nigger gal most to death fer fergiting to put onions in the stew.

  8. One white man uster say ter nuther white man, "My nigger man Sam wanter marry yer nigger gal Lucy what does yer say en if he said hit war all right why dat couple war supposed to be married.

  9. One nigger gal sudie wuz found across the bed with a pen knife in her hand.

  10. One time when I was actin' nurse for missis, there was another nigger gal there and we was playin' horse-shoes.

  11. I'd rudder co't a yallar gal Dan work foh Henry Clay Heave away, yaller gal, I want to go.

  12. I onced saw a light colored gal tied to the rafters of a barn, and her master whipped her until blood ran down her back and made a large pool on the ground.

  13. Well she picked dat thing up en started off wid hit en hit made her feel creepy all ober en dat night her baby war born a gal child en de print of er big hog-liver war standing out all ober one side of her face.

  14. I'se was a mischevious gal when I was grow'in up.

  15. Well, Miss Mary Stallins, who you know is the darlinest gal in the county, came home t’other day to see her folks.

  16. Gentlemen, from that day I drapped the courtin’ bizziness, and never spoke to a gal since!

  17. He been leetle gal so high jest big 'nuf for open gate for white folks.

  18. Dat gal knowed all de time in dat little kinky head of hers dat I was goin' to see her dat night.

  19. Well, once when I was a young 'buck', I was setting up to a gal and there was another fellow setting up to her, too.

  20. Did I marry dat first gal what mammy fussed wid me 'bout?

  21. It's dis way: He take 'vantage of de young gal slaves.

  22. I was a big size gal by dis time and I start to be de waiting gal in my new Marse's house fer his wife, Miss Betsy.

  23. Dat when I lived as a little gal on Marse William's home tract, called Musgrove Tract.

  24. Then when I 'fuse him, him 'suade another gal to love him and leave wid him.

  25. Two hunderd is 'nuff fer a little gal like yer," Alston said the next morning.

  26. I ain't goin' ter cou't no other gal tell I fin's out.

  27. Yer gal won't be the wus off, hevin' three men ter look aout fer her, if it duz come on ter blow.

  28. The gal up ter the squire's holds herself pooty high an' mighty, but like as not she's as plaguey fond of bundling with a good-looking man on the sly as most wenches.

  29. A hard dollar from a gal was bad enough, but I did n't expect ter see the general go clean crazy like that.

  30. My lay is to take the house gal that old Gripefist's young wife thinks so much of.

  31. I don't know no more about it, Cunnil, than a pore, ignorant gal would, you know.

  32. McLane has become the owner of a gal thar, an' wants her sneaked.

  33. Dat bell on de buzzard, gals, is like white beauty in a colored skin; it draws white men and black men, like quare music in de air, but it makes de pale gal lonesome.

  34. Milbun's gwyn get a gal out yonda in forest.

  35. There ain't no white gal in Princess Anne purty as them two house gals of Jedge Custis's.

  36. It broke a woman's heart to git a little kittle left her, an' the big-kittled gal was jest pestered with beaux.

  37. Eh, lad, there never was such a gal for minding a house.

  38. So if my gal is set agin a man, I'm set agin him.

  39. If a gal looks after her old father well, she'll look after her husband, too, when he comes along.

  40. You might give a gal a few pennyweights, or even an ounce, but when you say you hope you may find gold for her sake, ain't that just a trifle flabby?

  41. The gal gets twenty-pound worth of gold, and offers a rose in return.

  42. That gal is worth any seven grown-up women in town.

  43. Er--suppose an old soldier was in front of the White House at eleven o'clock--an old soldier with a gal suppose?

  44. They do say that she wanted that gal almighty bad,--she was most awful cut up not to get her.

  45. Farmer Bell had the prize Bartlett pear tree, and the prettiest gal in that section.

  46. He met a gal on the trail--a blazin' fine gal," said Chauncey Dike.

  47. Mebbe you set up wit' li'l seeck gal while I'm gone.

  48. I tell you somet'ing now: dis li'l gal she's come to mean whole lot for me.

  49. This gal can size up a stack with her eyes shut!

  50. Wat for you fellers leave dis seeck gal settin' up, eh?

  51. Him and his gal are down at the Ophir now, playing faro.

  52. It's a little gal as uster hunger and thirst ez quiet and mannerly ez she now eats and drinks in plenty; whose voice was ez steady with Injins yelling round her nest in the leaves on Sweetwater ez in her purty cabin up yonder.

  53. Yaller gal fine; She may be yone but she oughter be mine!

  54. Black gal sweet, Same like goodies w'at de w'ite folks eat; Ho my Riley!

  55. Deze de ve'y kinder footses w'at kicks up a row; Can't you jump inter de middle en make yo' gal a bow?

  56. Never saw a gal that was," responded Marty.

  57. But I made up my mind when I was a mighty leetle gal that if ever I had a baby I'd call it sumthin' pretty.

  58. That board money comes to me, or you can take Broxton's gal to the ho-tel.

  59. Wouldn't like to be in the way when that gal was headed anywheres," said another.

  60. I've seen that gal of Hautville's with that mare of his'n.

  61. Guess you'd better take your gal home," he said, his red, bristling cheeks broad with laughter.

  62. Lord, I wouldn't tech a gal that could git the upperhand of a horse like that roan mare with a ten-foot pole," half soliloquized the man at work over the bay.

  63. Dunno--queer she's so thick with the parson's gal all of a sudden.

  64. A gal wouldn't be singin' if her weddin' was put off.

  65. If that gal belonged to me I'd get her some stronger bits," said the man who had been cleaning the bay horse when Madelon came for the white.

  66. I been watching this young gal of Jane's, and I seen what sort of a young gal she be.

  67. Just you drop this foolishness, young Tom, and leave that young gal be, else you'll burn your fingers, same as what I say.

  68. You're making up to that young gal of Jane's,' he proceeded.

  69. The man as marries that young gal has got to be master in his own home.

  70. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gal" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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