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Example sentences for "chicken"

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  1. The butter is melting and the chicken grilling and the cabbage wilting while I stand here talking to you.

  2. A pound of blackberries and a cream cheese, and a chicken and a cabbage, each from a different old woman with a covered basket.

  3. I saw that vile creature Felicite buying a chicken in the market this morning," he would say.

  4. Antoine, unable to resist the temptation of having something nice to eat, sent her to get a roast chicken from an eating-house in the Faubourg.

  5. This is a most extraordinary and new monster, and, if it persist, a chicken with its heart on its back, like a hump, may be expected.

  6. There was but half a Chicken now between them and starvation, and no sign of Corney.

  7. Not even the cream-and-chicken fed Cat of the pawn-broker's wife has such a position as the Royal Analostan.

  8. Next to them sat a peasant woman with a chicken basket on her lap, a red-headed girl who held the hind part of pig on her knees, and a workman whose face was bandaged.

  9. Chicken every day, cake too, wine always on hand, and one guest merely opens the door on another.

  10. I can't do it; I've got bread to mix an' a chicken to dress.

  11. I'll take my chicken here, when I'm hungry.

  12. She returned with chicken and ham, cold apple-tart and cream, and a little jug of cider.

  13. The chicken you will grill for one hot dish, and do not forget to garnish with rolls of bacon.

  14. Chicken wire fences should protect the walnut orchard from squirrels and the trees should be sprayed against bacterial disease.

  15. A chicken yard is near and the kitchen drain empties close by to supply moisture.

  16. The flower-like children wear on their heads the grotesque combinations of muslin and chicken feathers they called hats?

  17. Here's just a little bite of turkey and mince pie and chicken salad.

  18. This is done in the firm conviction that through the sacrifice of each chicken his life will be accordingly prolonged.

  19. Taking the chicken in his hand, the priest first of all touches the patriarch's face with it, and afterwards passes it over the whole of his body.

  20. The cowardly brutes shot this man on sight--in full view of his family--carried his body out and later on buried it in the chicken run.

  21. One day he had gone quietly after a Prairie Chicken that kept moving away from him without taking flight, clucking when she clucked, and nodding his head or shaking his "wings" when she did.

  22. Illustration] That evening the Badger brought the egg of a Prairie Chicken and set it down unbroken before the child.

  23. Another kennel that is fine for terriers is one I adapted from the suggestions of a chicken owner, who used a similar box as a coop for hens with young chicks.

  24. One wants to build a model kennel of hard wood and concrete, while the next has an old chicken house to adapt to doggy uses; naturally requirements and conditions are very different.

  25. After I missed the chicken I nailed this up and lost no more.

  26. Night after night the scrap-pail by the back door was rummaged and something taken from it, and once a chicken was missing from the barn.

  27. When Mammy foun' dat chicken gone, she tuk er brush broom an wo' us plum out.

  28. I 'members one time de minks got in de chicken house and killed nearly every chicken on de place.

  29. Sometimes us mought git a chicken for dinner on a Sunday or some day lack Chris'mas.

  30. Nex' mornin' Marse Jim have nice brown chicken floatin' in graby what I done cook for him.

  31. I've eaten them more than once," Rob informed them, "and I never had spring chicken that was more toothsome and tender.

  32. Still, after the large hind legs had been duly skinned, they presented so much the appearance of the white meat of a spring chicken that Tubby felt encouraged enough to set forth again.

  33. Perhaps it was the dreadful fright which Betty felt while she was in the jaws of Gip, which made her so grave and thoughtful a chicken as she soon became.

  34. The pretty dog, finding himself treated in this way, soon dropped the chicken out of his mouth.

  35. She lives at the same farm, and would divide her last worm with a chicken or a friend.

  36. A great chicken pie, fresh and hot, was carefully wrapped up and put in.

  37. Slowly and enjoyingly the little company wandered along, leaving the lawns and pleasure ground of flowers behind them; through the cedars, past the spot where a day or two ago they had sat and read and eaten their chicken pie.

  38. They had their chicken pie and their roasted sweet potatoes, the omelet they for to-day dispensed with, being all tired.

  39. I can carry this chicken under my coat; but how in Sam Hill you'll manage with the turkeys, I don't see.

  40. Yes, and eats its way out of the end that was not gummed, leaving its old skin behind, just as a chicken does its shell.

  41. Mince very fine six table-spoonfuls of the white part of cold chicken or turkey, the soft parts of six large oysters, and a sprig or two of tarragon or parsley; add a grated nutmeg, and the yellow rind of a lemon.

  42. When quite cold, cover with it thickly the heap of chicken in the centre of the salad.

  43. You may prepare a suet-paste; but for a chicken pot-pie it is best to make the paste of butter, which should be fresh, and of the best quality.

  44. Put the cut lettuce on a dish, (spreading it evenly,) or into a large bowl, and place upon it the minced chicken in a close heap in the centre.

  45. I can't promise that uncle will give you a job, but There's going to be chicken and dumplings for dinner.

  46. Fourteen men sat down to a long table with a great shuffling of feet and scraping of benches, and immediately began a voracious attack upon the heaped platters of chicken and dumplings and the bowls of vegetables.

  47. There was the smell of chicken stewing, and the odor of fresh-baked pies.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "chicken" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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