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  1. The effeminate homosexual is decidedly unfit for the army, being unable to stand the war stress.

  2. He talked freely of homosexual relations, and said he wandered off because it occurred to him to do so.

  3. Let it be granted that a certain number of homosexual offences are committed by persons who are sexually normal in temperament.

  4. And in this connexion it must be remembered that homosexual practices tend to seduction, inasmuch as the attraction is frequently towards those who have not attained intellectual manhood.

  5. The homosexual has his place, within restrictions, as has the celibate or the sexless type.

  6. The problem of the homosexual cannot however be avoided in this way, for the simple reason that the invert forms so comparatively large and permanent a part of the community.

  7. It appears to be undeniable that a large number of normal people possess to some extent a strain of the homosexual temperament.

  8. The homosexual must, and does in fact, exist in the most honoured offices of the community.

  9. The homosexual tendency may be as evil as they imagine it to be, but we must only arrive at that conclusion as a result of impartial and incontestable reason.

  10. The theory that we all pass through a homosexual period at a comparatively early stage, lends support to this conclusion.

  11. No, the State regards the homosexual as one who has of his own choice assumed this form of sex temperament, in the same way as a man decides to rob or forge a signature.

  12. Chapter 8: The Homosexual Temperament We must now pass from the normal or hetero-sexual to the second-class of sex-temperament.

  13. The pugnacious behavior of males that are in breeding condition ordinarily would prevent homosexual mating.

  14. However, I observed no homosexual matings, either under natural conditions or in confinement.

  15. A homosexual patient always dreamt of her stepmother whom her father married when she, the patient, was only twelve years of age.

  16. Further examination, however, proved that the patient was homosexual and that his anxiety states were due to the cessation of his perverse relations with X.

  17. A patient who was often terrorized by a dream in which some man stabbed him in the back, gradually came to recognize his unconscious homosexual leanings and analysed the nightmare in his sleep when it occurred again with excellent results.

  18. At every stay in a sanitarium, however, dreams of her stepmother, representing veiled and symbolized homosexual situations, obsess her night after night.

  19. He has all the symbolical wealth and the symbolical potency or homosexual love he could wish for.

  20. At once a vigorous propaganda on behalf of the homosexual has sprung into existence.

  21. The English attitude, again, is characteristically seen in the method of dealing with homosexual practices and other similar sexual aberrations.

  22. No country in the world, it is often said, has preserved by tradition and even maintained by recent accretion such severe penalties against homosexual offences as England.

  23. The same point has lately been illustrated in Holland, where a recent modification in the law is held to press harshly on homosexual persons.

  24. At all events, we also wish to maintain, something we do not as yet understand, that this reminiscence, equally significant for both sexes, was elaborated in the man Leonardo into a passive homosexual phantasy.

  25. What one calls homosexual for practical purposes may have its origin in a variety of psychosexual inhibiting processes, and the process recognized by us is perhaps only one among many, and has reference only to one type of "homosexuality.

  26. Sadger emphasizes the fact that the mothers of his homosexual patients were often man-women, or women with energetic traits of character who were able to crowd out the father from the place allotted to him in the family.

  27. In consequence of the repression of the love for the mother this portion assumed a homosexual attitude and manifested itself as ideal love for boys.

  28. While he still lived as an apprentice in the house of his master Verrocchio, he with other young men were accused of forbidden homosexual relations which ended in his acquittal.

  29. In continuing the work of interpretation we now encounter the strange problem why this memory content was elaborated into a homosexual situation.

  30. For its more striking feature really consisted in the fact that the nursing at the mother's breast was transformed into being nursed, that is into a passive act which thus gives the situation an undoubted homosexual character.

  31. It is beyond question that love is the chief motive of the moon walking of the prince von Homburg, love to a woman as well as a homosexual tendency otherwise authenticated in the case of Kleist.

  32. Both may be driven by sexual jealousy--I offer this as a hypothesis--which would not permit the other sexual gratification which is denied to himself or herself, the friend perhaps meaning jealousy from a homosexual tendency.

  33. This homosexual tendency was first directed toward her own mother in childhood and early puberty.

  34. I lay emphasis upon a specially strong homosexual tendency[5] among her various perversions, although she had the usual sex relations with a legion of men with complete satisfaction.

  35. Shoghi Effendi has interpreted this reference as a prohibition on all homosexual relations.

  36. The first appearance of the homosexual appetite with its youthful impulses, causes love and happiness to appear to the invert in a special aspect, determined by the inverted irradiation of his sexual appetite.

  37. Even homosexual love that does not affect minors nor insane persons, is a sign of degeneracy, but produces no offspring and consequently dies out by means of selection.

  38. An invert, named Ulrich, announced himself publicly as the apostle of homosexual love, describing inverts under the name of Urnings, a name which is still used in Germany.

  39. It is not very common and must not be confounded with homosexual inclinations.

  40. In the case of perverse dispositions, such as homosexual appetites, sadism, etc.

  41. Here, homosexual love in general, and love of boys or pediastry, has always played the principal part.

  42. A second very grave result of homosexual love is the continual blackmail which is levied on inverts by all kinds of scamps.

  43. The Greek philosophers regarded it as based on an ideal homosexual love, and not as a vile form of prostitution.

  44. In the East and in Brazil, homosexual love is very common.

  45. This is how homosexual inclinations may be formed by suggestion and maintained by mutual masturbation, pederasty, etc.

  46. He was convicted several times for pederasty with men and young boys, and confessed to me that he had more pleasure from homosexual intercourse than from normal connection with women, but could satisfy himself either way.

  47. It is, therefore, false to regard homosexual sensations as depending on vice and depravity: they are a pathological product of abnormal hereditary sexual dispositions.

  48. This patient, a man who was being treated for homosexual tendencies which worried him a great deal, on one of the first days brought this dream.

  49. I have been struck in dream analysis by the almost constant coincidence in dreams of Mutterleib symbols in the same dream that on analysis proved to be homosexual in principle.

  50. If we now take the crude homosexual fancies and study their first elaboration we find that he had many ideas about eunuchs.

  51. In the case I have cited the relation of the patient to his wife is psychologically a homosexual one.

  52. Now we understand why the patient in an acute alcoholic hallucinosis almost invariably hears voices making homosexual accusations.

  53. Homosexual behavior is of relatively frequent occurrence in the female when she is threatened by another female, but it is rarely manifested in response to sexual hunger.

  54. Sexually immature male monkeys appear to be normally impelled toward homosexual behavior by sexual hunger.

  55. Be reasonably sure that he is homosexual and you need not hesitate to tell him so.

  56. Do such sexual reaction-types as homosexual intercourse, efforts to copulate with non-primate animals and masturbation normally occur among any of the primates, and if so, what is their biological significance?

  57. Homosexual behavior is normally an expression of tendencies which come to expression even when opportunities for heterosexual intercourse are present.

  58. Homosexual alliances between mature and immature males may possess a defensive value for immature males, since it insures the assistance of an adult defender in the event of an attack.

  59. He came to me to be treated for neurosis, but the neurosis was simply the result of homosexual lack of gratification.

  60. The individual is threatened that if he doesn't come back to this country and work for them they will expose the fact that he is a homosexual or a degenerate or has been indiscrete.

  61. Belli asked the man, meant to ask him another word and says, he meant to say homicidal tendencies and he said homosexual tendencies and his one witness said yes, sir.

  62. Homosexual tendencies and their part in the sex problem.

  63. At the International Conference of Medical Women (New York, 1919) it was stated that homosexual fixations among women are a frequent cause of female celibacy and divorce.

  64. The tendency of emotions to seek a vicarious outlet must also be considered in any inclusive attempt to explain the homosexual attachment of women.

  65. This, too, results in the avoidance of marriage and the establishment of vicarious outlets for the sexual emotions, or less often in homosexual attachments or perversions of the sex life.

  66. The frequent lack of opportunity to be with men during adolescent school days, and a certain amount of taboo on male society for the unmarried woman, are in direct favour of the establishment of homosexual reactions.

  67. We meet all these types of homosexual fixations in daily life.

  68. Whenever their work throws a number of these women into constant association, it is almost inevitable that homosexual attachments will spring up.

  69. But how about those cases where the persecutor is not of the same sex as the persecuted, where our explanation of a guard against homosexual libido is apparently contradicted?

  70. If it is a matter of thwarting a strong and undesirable homosexual impulse, the way back to narcism is made especially easy.

  71. Homosexual choice of object is originally more natural to narcism than the heterosexual.

  72. We concluded from such ever-increasing experiences, that paranoia persecutoria is the form in which the individual guards himself against a homosexual tendency that has become too powerful.

  73. We call such persons homosexual or inverted.

  74. Paranoia, a disturbance which cannot be counted among the transference-neuroses, must in fact be assumed as arising regularly from the attempt to ward off powerful homosexual tendencies.

  75. I'm not sure what you mean by that," he said but he knew, or at least sensed, an attempt to deface his masculinity with homosexual innuendos and thus he manipulated his words and actions accordingly.

  76. Whether the dream attempted to indict him as a homosexual or depict sexual ambiguity, he could not see either one as exceptionally true at mirroring his image (truth being that--a mirror).

  77. No, neither homosexual encounter nor this sending of a wedding ring into oblivion had freed him from memories.

  78. He said a bit of a prayer, as much as any atheist could, to exorcise homosexual inclinations from his brain.

  79. He was not a homosexual fleeing murder but a bisexual fleeing interconnectedness.

  80. They had parted with him and fled like the bird that had witnessed his homosexual solo-eroticism in the fetid toilet of the train.

  81. Thus they provided him with evidence that "adultery" was just a perception like everything else and from it that a homosexual encounter was, as his brother had called their activity together, cheap dates more aligned to sport.

  82. It is possible that with proper bringing up the development of any homosexual traits will be prevented.

  83. I know a homosexual woman, who, knowing her abnormality, married for the sake of a comfortable home.

  84. The wrong committed by a homosexual marrying is a double one: it is wrong to the partner, wrong to the children.

  85. But to emphasize: homosexuality is a dysgenic factor, and no homosexual should marry.

  86. Thus a homosexual man does not care for women, but is attracted to men.

  87. A homosexual woman is not attracted to men; she only cares for women and may even loathe men.

  88. I also know a highly refined and educated homosexual gentleman, who married before understanding his condition.

  89. The Hebrew conception of homosexual love to some extent affected Muhammadanism, and passed into Christianity.

  90. Westermarck shows that, apart from the genuine cases of sexual perversion, as to the frequency of which opinions differ, homosexual love frequently arises in three conditions of society.

  91. Homosexual practices are believed to be distinctly rare among Hindus, and not common among Muhammadans of the Central Provinces.

  92. In Morocco supernatural benefits are expected not only from heterosexual, but also from homosexual intercourse with a holy person.

  93. I pass over as out of the range of this book the question raised by Freud, whether or not we are all of us homosexual as well as heterosexual.

  94. But, the theory continues, the conscious personality is the socialized personality, having aims and ends not consistent with desire for mother, homosexual cravings, lust for a married man or woman.

  95. To one versed in the psychology and manifestations of the sex instinct this can only mean one thing, namely, that we are dealing here with a homosexual whose erotic receptors were concentrated in the anal region, with an anal-erotic.

  96. I am firmly convinced that these two activities of the patient, namely, stealing and detection of crime, are the results of his endeavor at sublimating a totally inacceptable homosexual career.

  97. In many inverts (even absolute ones) an early affective sexual impression can be demonstrated, as a result of which the homosexual inclination developed.

  98. By also studying sexual excitations other than the manifestly open ones it discovers that all men are capable of homosexual object selection and actually accomplish this in the unconscious.

  99. A very important cause of homosexual practices is absence of the other sex.

  100. But it seems to me probable that in such cases the homosexual {468} attraction in the course of time quite easily develops into genuine inversion.

  101. The Society Islanders had for their homosexual practices "not only the sanction of their priests, but the direct example of their respective deities.

  102. Homosexual practices are said to be taken little notice of even by some uncivilised peoples who are not addicted to them.

  103. The Hebrew conception of homosexual love to some extent affected Muhammedanism, and passed into Christianity.

  104. The excessive sinfulness which was attached to homosexual love by Zoroastrianism, Hebrewism, and Christianity, had quite a special foundation.

  105. Have the most draconic codes ever been able to suppress, say, homosexual love?

  106. The laws of the ancient Scandinavians ignored homosexual practices; but passive pederasts were much despised by them.

  107. Homosexual indulgence with a man gave me enjoyment and a consequent feeling of well-being, whereas onanism faute de mieux produced an opposite result.

  108. Onanism is a miserable makeshift, and pernicious, whereas homosexual love elevates the moral and strengthens the physical nature.

  109. Rousseau, for example, who evinced a perfect horror of homosexual indulgence, and J.

  110. It is carried on at public schools, where young men are kept apart from females, and where homosexual vices are frequent.

  111. Has society the right to punish individuals sent into the world with homosexual instincts?

  112. What seems unwarranted by facts is the suggestion that inherited neuropathy is an indispensable condition and the fundamental cause of homosexual instincts.

  113. Ancient literature abounds in prose and poetry which are both of them concerned with homosexual love.

  114. Their annals abound in eminent instances of heroic enthusiasm, patriotic devotion, and high living, inspired by homosexual passion.

  115. The etiological centre of gravity has to be sought in hereditary disease; and I think it is questionable whether an untainted individual is capable of homosexual feelings at all.

  116. In the next place he comes to true homosexual individuals, or Urnings in the strict sense of that phrase.

  117. I pass now to the polemical writings of a man who maintains that homosexual passions, even in their vicious aspects, ought not to be punished except in the same degree and under the same conditions as the normal passions of the majority.

  118. If none but tainted individuals are capable of homosexual feelings, how did these feelings first come into existence?

  119. With such a body of facts staring us in the face, it cannot be contended that "only tainted individuals are capable of homosexual feelings.

  120. This is the outfit behind the Noel Garde bibliography of Homosexual Literature, mentioned in the editorial.

  121. Worldly woman marries a homosexual who wants her for a "front".

  122. Illustration] Related Publications Information about the following publishers in the field of homosexual studies was supplied by the editors; we at the Checklist assume no responsibility for this information.

  123. Long sections are variant, male-homosexual or lesbian; bibliography would occupy entirely too much space.

  124. Because of courageous approach to the basic problem of relations between the homosexual and his family, this story of a young homosexual in an unconventional household deserves shelfspace everywhere.

  125. Tiring of this life, Laura runs away again, this, time to marry a male homosexual friend, Jack, in a search for stability and permanence.

  126. The hero's housemate is a deeply sublimated homosexual who cracks up when Jake gets a girl; this episode snaps the high pitch of tightrope tension and precipitates the denouement of the novel.

  127. Successor to the famous Cory Book Service which was founded by Donald Webster Cory, author of "The Homosexual in America".

  128. The bizarre murder of a homosexual hoodlum, and the interrogation of his boy friend, form important sequences in this hard-boiled murder mystery.

  129. Minor and subtle homosexual overtones in a novel of jazz musicians.

  130. In 1950, D W Cory called this "the low point of the homosexual novel".

  131. Mr. Garde has indexed virtually every homosexual work from antiquity to the latest paperback shocker, and has also performed the mighty task of separating them into categories .

  132. Philosophically, then, the homosexual passion of female for female, and of male for male, was placed upon exactly the same footing as the heterosexual passion of each sex for its opposite.

  133. There was no opportunity in the harem or the zenana of raising homosexual passion to the same moral and spiritual efficiency as it obtained in the camp, the palaestra, and the schools of the philosophers.

  134. This is due, not to the absence of the phenomenon, but to the fact that feminine homosexual passions were never worked into the social system, never became educational and military agents.

  135. Greek logic admitted the homosexual female to equal rights with the homosexual male, and both to the same natural freedom as heterosexual individuals of either species.

  136. If homosexual love between females assumed the form of an institution at one moment in AEolia, this failed to strike roots deep into the subsoil of the nation.

  137. Yet, inasmuch as Homer gives no warrant for this interpretation of the tales in question, we are justified in concluding that homosexual relations were not prominent in the so-called heroic age of Greece.

  138. Did you have any reason to think that he had any homosexual tendencies?

  139. I read someplace in newspaper something, trying to tie him in with something homosexual but I did not hear it from anybody at all.

  140. On a homosexual or leading a normal life, and again, now, this is a personal opinion.

  141. What gave you the impression that he had or might have had homosexual tendencies?

  142. There was nothing that you ever heard or had any reason to suspect about Oswald being abnormal, homosexual in anyway?

  143. Two adults are caressing each other with homosexual intentions.

  144. It is the same consciousness of dislocation which makes us condemn homosexual practices.

  145. If the homosexual is still the most misunderstood, maltreated, and suffering of our race, it is due to our ignorance and brutal contempt.

  146. It is no more "wicked" to have the temperament of a homosexual than to have the weakness of an invalid.

  147. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "homosexual" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.