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Example sentences for "homunculus"

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  1. Homunculus for homunculus I prefer that of the Frenchman; he’s at least more amusing.

  2. This Rabbi is said to have created an Homunculus which became so troublesome that it had to be incarcerated.

  3. A row of iron clamps leads up to a small door on the outside wall facing the Mikulašska Třida, leads up to where Homunculus is still believed to be in durance.

  4. Mephistopheles sees nothing of it, and the Homunculus taunts him with his northern nature.

  5. The work succeeds; the Homunculus appears in the phial, as a shining being, and is at once active.

  6. As a being to whom the present is perfectly clear and transparent, the Homunculus sees into the soul of the sleeping Faust, who, enraptured by a lovely dream, beholds Leda visited by swans, while she is bathing in a pleasant spot.

  7. I do not remember now what sort of a part Homunculus played--.

  8. He was one of the most insignificant in the Assembly, but, like the homunculus in the bottle, he drew the fiery trail of a great reputation after him, and wherever he appeared he was greeted with special respect.

  9. The homunculus Coccoz had ceased to smile.

  10. The homunculus offered me his last book, with his last smile.

  11. Thus he creates an homunculus which he adopts as his double, and with that she lets him do as he likes.

  12. The love of a man for his homunculus often survives every illusion; he may have conceived a deadly hatred against herself, while his love for his double continues.

  13. The Homunculus in an ecstasy of love dashes himself against her chariot.

  14. Meanwhile the Homunculus has found congenial spirits among the sea-nymphs and sirens on the shores of the Aegean.

  15. He was sitting with Doctor Wilhelm in his cabin, and, as Wagner once had done, was observing a homunculus still undergoing embryonic development in a glass sphere on which light was shining.

  16. The homunculus in the glass sphere in Doctor Wilhelm's cabin appeared again.

  17. It is easy to show the possibility that many a duffer was led toward the production of the homunculus by erroneous interpretation of the procreation symbolism occurring in the alchemistic writings.

  18. Their business was based on the great profits that were offered by the possession of a homunculus and that are equivalent to those of mandrake alum.

  19. We call it homunculus and it should then be brought up just like another child with great diligence and care till it comes to its days of understanding.

  20. Mandrake alum gave a certain impetus to the development of the homunculus idea and practice.

  21. In the description of the generation of the homunculus the power of rotting material has been pointed out.

  22. The instructions that he gives for the production of the homunculus are found in a work (De natura rerum) whose authorship is not settled.

  23. The homunculus motive would likewise have to be regarded in a new light.

  24. I must observe that the hermetic attempt to get back to Adam’s condition has some of the homunculus phantasy in it.

  25. Now the generation of the homunculus is not to be forgotten.

  26. The idea of palingenesis appears to have no little significance for the existence of the homunculus production.

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