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Example sentences for "what sort"

  • What sort of a watchman, of a checker, are you?

  • What sort of lives do the majority of folk lead?

  • My God," she cried, "what sort of a man is that?

  • Well," cried Simon, with a laugh, "what sort of an old scarecrow is that?

  • What sort of a reward do you want, my child?

  • What sort of a day do you expect to-morrow to be?

  • I think I am of just as much consequence as the king, and my woman would look just as nice as the queen, if she would put on fine clothes and ride round in a gilded carriage.

  • Behind these wild masses came two hundred gardes du corps without weapons, hats, and shoulder-straps, every one escorted by two grenadiers, and they were followed by some soldiers of the Swiss guard and the Flanders regiment.

  • What sort of freedom does a man enjoy who may any day find himself and his family on the point of starvation just because he has lost his work?

  • What sort of a spectacle would be exhibited by the public-houses in Hoxton and Islington at closing time to-night?

  • If every man who achieves notoriety paid for his faults in this way, what sort of reputations would history consist of?

  • What sort of people are those old Stormers?

  • Whither was he going--to what sort of fate?

  • From Nedda: "What sort of Bigwigs are they, Dad?

  • What sort of a one is her aunt now, squoire?

  • She acknowledged with many smiles that of course she had had no right to expect that Mrs Pipkin should understand what sort of place she needed.

  • What sort of life should she endeavour to prepare for herself?

  • When we had got so far, Mr. Spenlow offered to take me into Court then and there, and show me what sort of place it was.

  • What sort of bundle I looked like, I don't know, but I felt a very hot one.

  • All at once he jumped up shouting wildly, "What sort of devil is this PROgymnasium?

  • If you're such a melancholy dreamer, his lips murmured again, what sort of a revolutionist will you make?

  • What sort of a man are you," Fimishka repeated slowly.

  • And by things right and just you know what sort of things are meant?

  • Tell me (said he), Euthydemus, what sort of thing you take piety to be?

  • And can you tell me what sort of person the pious man is?

  • What sort of journey and return they had?

  • Pilate saith to them, What sort of temple is that of which he speaketh?

  • Well, now, what sort of colleague am I to you?

  • He became angry: "What sort of boorishness is this, anyway!

  • What sort of comedy are you trying to put over!

  • And then--what sort of Lafitte can you have here?

  • What sort of corporate honour do you think this is?

  • At Lowell's table that day they spoke of what sort of winter I should find in Venice, and he inclined to the belief that I should want a fire there.

  • I had somehow not prospered in my visit to Emerson as I had with Hawthorne, and I came away wondering in what sort I had gone wrong.

  • And--what sort of a house has Rodney planned, anyhow?

  • What sort of business did she want to see you about?

  • Why, what sort of a mother do you think I have?

  • The sight of my approaching figure is, of course, the signal for a general suspension of operations, and a wondering as to what sort of being I am.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "what sort" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    giving spirit; what account; what adventure; what comes; what evidence; what exists; what followed; what goes; what had been done; what has been done; what kind; what king; what land; what matters; what must; what not; what she; what should; what sort; what then; what they; what time; what used; what wilt; what would you have; whatever comes