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  1. Their problem will, however, be more intimately concerned with homosexuality as it is manifested among women!

  2. In Germany and England, on the other hand, where the antiquated laws against this perversion still prevail, homosexuality is extremely prominent, and its right to exist is vigorously championed.

  3. He does not think that the law should interfere with homosexuality in adults, but he does consider it should interfere with incest, on the ground that in-breeding is not good for the race.

  4. There are very many English people who think that the fact that homosexuality is disgusting to most people is a reason for punishing it with extreme severity.

  5. In France, under the Bourbons, the sexual invert was a sacrilegious criminal who could legally be burnt at the stake, but homosexuality flourished openly in the highest circles, and some of the kings were themselves notoriously inverted.

  6. The history of the legal attempts to suppress homosexuality shows the same results.

  7. Homosexuality is not less common in women than in men.

  8. But it must be pointed out that homosexuality is undoubtedly in many cases inherited.

  9. The Egyptians showed great admiration of masculine beauty, and it would seem that they never regarded homosexuality as punishable or even reprehensible.

  10. Among the Papuans in some parts of New Guinea, as already mentioned, homosexuality is said to be well recognized, and is resorted to for convenience as well, perhaps, as for Malthusian reasons.

  11. In the next stage this conception was adopted by the psychiatric and other scientific authorities on homosexuality (Krafft-Ebing and the majority of other students).

  12. Further light is thrown on homosexuality in Australia by the supposition of Spencer and Gillen that the mika operation (urethral subincision), an artificial hypospadias, is for the purpose of homosexual intercourse.

  13. Mercante found that homosexuality here is not clearly defined or explicit and usually it is combined with a predisposition to romanticism and mysticism.

  14. Such a supposition, however, is not required to account for the existence of homosexuality in France.

  15. It is evident that there must be some radical causes for the frequency of homosexuality among prostitutes.

  16. This theory, as Freud also remarks, favors the growth of homosexuality when its germs are present.

  17. After this the rush and strangeness of a large public school distracted my attention, but I heard about wet dreams, masturbation, and homosexuality from the other boys, and soon became thoroughly initiated.

  18. Knows all about homosexuality of both sexes and wants to know more about everything.

  19. Though all had been to public schools where homosexuality was known to occur, yet (as I can assert from intimate knowledge) none had given signs of inversion or perversion in Burma.

  20. I know nothing about masturbation or homosexuality in her case.

  21. He did not understand, being ignorant of homosexuality and quite virile, and would have nothing to do with me, though he was very nice about it.

  22. I would have nothing to do with him, but was glad to have his confessions of homosexuality and somewhat surprised to learn that he was not alone in the regiment.

  23. Never masturbated, and did not know of homosexuality among women; very sensitive to touch on the pudenda.

  24. The real truth, I feel to be, is that few men are wholly masculine or women feminine, and that somewhere, in comparative degrees, homosexuality is in us all.

  25. The literature of homosexuality is almost entirely romantic, and small though it is forced to be, in quality and ideal its average must rank as extraordinarily noble.

  26. For in the countries, such as France, where the Code Napoleon does not cover these prosecutions, homosexuality is far less rife than in England, or in Germany, where until the Revolution the penal law was rigidly enforced.

  27. Accordingly, in England, homosexuality is branded as a crime for which a heavy sentence can be pronounced.

  28. The fallacy consists of the assumption that homosexuality means only the perpetration of the physical sex-act.

  29. Homosexuality is a romantic cult rather than a physical vice.

  30. This attitude may be described as that of regarding homosexuality as a disease, which should neither be punished nor ignored, but treated.

  31. In the social sphere also, the place of this aspect of homosexuality is obvious.

  32. The English law, by branding homosexuality as a crime, assumes that it is a deliberate perversion; for it would be obviously ridiculous to punish a man for doing what he could not help doing.

  33. Be this as it may, homosexuality takes place under a different set of biological and social expectations than do heterosexuality and other forms of sexuality.

  34. The extent of homosexuality under the structural circumstances of the civilization of illiteracy is not only the result of increased tolerance and permissiveness.

  35. Freud, modern homosexuality, AIDS The godfather of modern homosexuality is Freud (independent of his own sexual orientation), insofar as sexual expression remains a symbolic act.

  36. It is this threat to survival that caused so many taboos to be placed on homosexuality in the first place.

  37. I hear of men who talk as if homosexuality was quite a normal and right thing with men of a certain type.

  38. Crichton Miller says in The New Psychology and the Teacher: "From the point of view of psychological development homosexuality in the adult is a regression.

  39. As a matter of fact homosexuality is always a sexual perversion and is fraught with great danger of nervous disorder.

  40. The sublimated forms of transference are more frequent in men, the direct sexual demand is rarer to the extent to which manifest homosexuality retreats before the methods by which these instinct components may be utilized.

  41. Of course the differences between manifest homosexuality and the normal attitude are not thus erased; their practical importance persists, but their theoretic value is greatly decreased.

  42. Quite recently the tendency to homosexuality has been emphasized as an important factor in the psychological problem of sex.

  43. One gets a very clear idea from Brill's excellent paper on homosexuality of Freud's essential thesis.

  44. Here the idea of homosexuality is that of a revulsion from the mother.

  45. I think the formulation I have here advanced offers us a distinct advantage in placing the causative factor in homosexuality in either sex upon an identical genetic basis.

  46. This passage and, generally, the suggestion that there is a certain relationship between the social reaction against homosexuality {753} and against infanticide, have been excluded from the last edition of Dr.

  47. In Bali homosexuality is almost as common among women as among men, though it is exercised more secretly;[61] and the same seems to be the case in India.

  48. Homosexuality in ancient Greece partly due to the methods of training the youth, p.

  49. During the years that have passed since the first edition of this book was issued, the study of homosexuality has been carried on with remarkable activity.

  50. It has been suggested that the popular attitude towards homosexuality was originally an aspect of economics, a question of under- or over-population, and that it was forbidden or allowed accordingly.

  51. And in a society where the {484} large majority of people are endowed with normal sexual desires their aversion to homosexuality easily develops into moral censure and finds a lasting expression in custom, law, or religious tenets.

  52. I cannot but think that our chief authorities on homosexuality have underestimated the modifying influence which habit may exercise on the sexual instinct.

  53. The fact that homosexuality has been much more frequently noticed in men than in women does not imply that the latter are less addicted to it.

  54. Male and female homosexuality in a ballet company, with Jill in the middle.

  55. Primarily concerned with books and periodicals on socio-sexual themes, particularly fiction and non fiction dealing with homosexuality and related themes.

  56. Despite this vicious slanting, the book is explicit, funny in places, and presumably verifiable--but certainly makes homosexuality look like a Fate Worse Than Death.

  57. Editor's note; why are the best novels of male homosexuality written by women?

  58. Hollywood codes (which regulate distribution even of foreign films in this country) state unequivocally that homosexuality may not be portrayed or suggested.

  59. It is our further contention that many novels dealing with male homosexuality come also within the province of the serious collector of lesbiana.

  60. Excellent attitudes on homosexuality in general, in short story of isolated men.

  61. Articles include scholarly evaluation of literary figures such as Gertrude Stein, Walt Whitman, homosexuality and religion, etc.

  62. The youngest child, Aliciane, becomes a lesbian; this is one of the few realistic and unromanticized portraits of the factors in the development of homosexuality from childhood.

  63. Owing to the fact that in consequence of the fuller development of homosexuality he is no longer interested in the heterosexual, he is apt to forget any early heterosexual inclinations.

  64. The congenital nature of homosexuality has been assumed more particularly in those cases which are described respectively as effemination and viraginity.

  65. It is obvious that this is likely to do grave moral injury to the boy--altogether apart from the fact that the production of homosexuality is thereby greatly facilitated, however much interested homosexuals may contest this assertion.

  66. I will merely add that whilst the examples I have given concern only homosexuality and sadism, similar considerations will be found to apply, mutatis mutandis, to other sexual perversions.

  67. In such cases it may reasonably be suggested that the homosexuality is the result, not so much of a congenital inversion of the sexual impulse, as of the contrary sexual education.

  68. Later in life, when the homosexuality has developed fully, the memory of the inclination towards boys fades away, and her homosexual sentiments only are remembered.

  69. The theory of the congenital nature of homosexuality was based for the most part on the common assumption that the condition is primary and premature in its occurrence, and that it is exclusive of the opposite mode of sexual sensibility.

  70. Many investigators regard homosexuality as an acquired manifestation.

  71. As is known, the preference for homosexuality did not manifest itself till near the years of puberty.

  72. Straightforward homosexuality and the eunuchoid constitution have always been intimate.

  73. In a thymo-centric, tendencies to homosexuality and masochism appear.

  74. Homosexuality as a cult has appeared correlated with the production of the functional hermaphrodite by artificially creating the eunuchoid type of constitution.

  75. The homosexuality of the thymo-centric is more subtle and disguised, often buried under the stronger masculine component of the personality.

  76. So we may see homosexuality of a kind in the lowest animals.

  77. In this sense I can speak from experience in my own case, and more especially in that of my brother, that what you have said about philanthropic activity resulting from repressed homosexuality is very true indeed.

  78. Their marriage, due to Philippe's homosexuality and excessive jealousy, was far short of successful.

  79. He married Henrietta Stuart of England in 1661, but his homosexuality and jealousy ensured that the marriage was less than ideal, to say the least.

  80. Homosexuality is hereditary, and nobody has a right to bring homosexuals into the world, for there is no unhappier being than a homosexual.

  81. But to emphasize: homosexuality is a dysgenic factor, and no homosexual should marry.

  82. Homosexuality= Homosexuality (homos--the same) is a perversion in which a person is attracted not to persons of the opposite but to persons of the same sex.

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