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  1. We went thither in the evening, the opera being Roberto Devereux, and the ballet the last Visconti and first Sforza.

  2. Before the ballet was over, he became bored with it.

  3. During the interval before the ballet he took her out of the circle, strolled with her up and down the promenade, and gave her an American drink in a refreshment saloon.

  4. Sulpice had often heard the greenroom of the ballet spoken about, and he was at once completely disillusioned.

  5. He reaches the greenroom of the ballet at last and exclaims: "'And that is all!

  6. I will stop here at the greenroom of the Ballet commended by Monsieur J.

  7. The picture of the greenroom of the Ballet with which the tale opens and where we are introduced in the most natural way possible to nearly all the characters that play a part in the story of Vaudrey is masterly in execution and intention.

  8. Besides, although the ballet was danced, the evening had scarcely begun.

  9. Do so, madame, do so, and that at once; for within an hour the ballet will commence.

  10. They took their places, and the ballet began.

  11. The ballet ended amid the applause of the whole assemblage, and everyone reconducted his lady to her place; but the king took advantage of the privilege he had of leaving his lady, to advance eagerly toward the queen.

  12. One evening at the opera, when in madame de Fervaques' box, Julien spoke of the ballet of Manon Lescaut in the most enthusiastic terms.

  13. The marechale said that the ballet was very inferior to the abbe Prevost's novel.

  14. They talked about the dancers that the public had distinguished with its favour at the ballet presented the night before.

  15. Here the conversation was interrupted by the entrance of Chevalier Galban, who appeared in the doorway humming a ballet air.

  16. Such was the creature who was to perform a ballet for the amusement of the lord of Grusino.

  17. The producer, Marius Petipa, fell ill, and the work of staging the new ballet was entrusted to a man of inadequate skill and experience.

  18. The personal, intimate note is so strong in this music that we find it natural, while listening to the Pathetic symphony or the Nutcracker ballet suite, for example, to share Tschaikowsky’s joys and sorrows.

  19. A conductor inexperienced with elaborate ballet scores had directed.

  20. It has since remained a repertory staple, both the current Ballets Russes and the Ballet Theatre having staged it successfully.

  21. Nothing during the last few years has charmed me so greatly as this ballet of Delibes and ‘Carmen’.

  22. Fragments of the ballet have been gathered in the Monte Carlo Ballet Russe’s production of Aurora’s Wedding.

  23. Tschaikowsky was probably sincere when he described his own ballet as “poor stuff” compared with Delibes’.

  24. The ballet is infinitely worse than ‘The Sleeping Beauty’—so much is certain.

  25. Few ballet scores are so suitable in mood and style for the action they accompany.

  26. Tschaikowsky’s Nutcracker ballet is probably the most popular suite of its kind in music.

  27. Similar embroidery shows down the outside of either leg of the satin knickerbockers, which meet white stockings accompanied by black ballet shoes.

  28. Peculiar to the aristocracy and certain regiments, notably the archers, were short trousers of brilliantly-coloured silk, cut so immensely wide as to suggest the petticoats of a ballet girl.

  29. On fairies and other angels of the ballet the repetition of the same costume is of great value, the multiplied mass enchaining the eye, where smaller groups of diverse details fail to hold it.

  30. She was ever inventing some new dance or beautiful ballet when the weather was bad.

  31. On the stage are Didelot and Madame Theodore, dancing in the ballet of Amphion and Thalia.

  32. Afterwards the ballet of Amphion and Thalia was performed, with applause, by Didelot, Theodore, &c.

  33. I saw at the Mint yesterday the medal struck in honour of Vigano, bearing his head on one side, and on the other, Prometheus chained; to commemorate his famous ballet of that name.

  34. The new ballet however, amply indemnified us for the disappointment.

  35. I am told this is always the case; and that in almost every ballet d'action, the public are gratified by a scene, or scenes, of a similar tendency.

  36. The enchanting music of the Prometteo by Beethoven, is well known in England, but to produce the ballet on our stage, as it was exhibited here, would be impossible.

  37. The last time I saw a ballet at the opera--oh!

  38. His loose coat would disguise the proportions of a less admirable figure; but, au reste, his dress is without fold or wrinkle and no figurante of the ballet ever showed finer or more skilfully developed limbs.

  39. In the new ballet of La Gitana, the music is based upon the Mazurka.

  40. Eventually she took an engagement for the ballet at the Opera House, but her dancing was very inferior.

  41. Saint-Georges on the morrow of the premiere of "Giselle," a ballet in two acts, written in collaboration with Theophile Gautier.

  42. Empresses of the ballet should be exempted from such trials.

  43. But then I remind myself that the Russian ballet is nothing if not bizarre.

  44. It is the English Folk Dance Society, and their performances at the Royal Horticultural Hall at Westminster the other day showed that the Russian ballet is not to have things all its own way.

  45. The skeleton had been arrayed in a short conventional ballet skirt and scanty lace cap, and held a candle in one hand and a bottle marked "Absinthe" in the other.

  46. You're too thin even for an angel or ballet dancer.

  47. Fouchette was in demand for angels and ballet dancers.

  48. Thus defect serves to hide defect, and the great art of the author is, in order to make his ballet endurable, to make his piece as dull as possible.

  49. Leclair, exchanges the ballet for the violin, i.

  50. Ballet d'Action, invented by the Duchess du Maine, i.

  51. A little while afterwards the Count de Lauragais fell in love with a very pretty débutante in the ballet department of the Opera.

  52. Sun, in Flora, the eighteenth ballet in which he had played a part--and the next day solemnly announced that his dancing days were over, and that he would exhibit himself no more.

  53. In the meanwhile the Spanish ballet was being continued, amidst the mirth and applause of the audience, who testified by their demeanour that it was Carnival time, and that the jours gras had already commenced.

  54. The house was crowded, and the boleros and sequidillas with which the Spaniards of the Parisian ballet astonished and dazzled Don Quixote and his faithful knight, threw boxes, pit, and gallery, into ecstasies of delight.

  55. After the ballet an old habitué of Louis the Fifteenth's time called for a coach, drove to his lodging, and on getting out, proceeded naturally to pay the driver the amount of his fare.

  56. The neglect to provide a ballet in the usual place led to a tremendous disturbance in which the Jockey Club took the lead.

  57. The Walpurgis night scene of Goethe furnished the suggestion for the ballet which fills the first three scenes of the fifth act, and which was added to the opera when it was remodelled for the Grand Opéra in 1869.

  58. The traditions of French opera called for a ballet in the third act.

  59. Yet Boito was his own poet, master of the situation so far as all parts of his work were concerned, and might have consulted historical accuracy in a department in which Gluck once found that he was the slave of his ballet master.

  60. Pity that, as a rule, so little intelligence is shown by the ballet master in arranging the dances!

  61. But I might be, if I saw him haunting the gay places of the world, criticising ballet girls, and shuffling cards.

  62. Do you remember Mary Brady, one of the ballet girls?

  63. I'll stay another three days and see whether the ballet will go on the same, then I shall go home, or to see Ivan.

  64. I am tired as a ballet dancer after five acts and eight tableaux.

  65. The ballet was very popular, as it was everywhere at that period.

  66. The ballet is of that kind which carries far the art of varying the most voluptuous attitudes and the expression of the least equivocal sentiment.

  67. Caesar wept when, after watching a ballet of beautiful girls dance, he saw them killed.

  68. Are you going to give us another pony-ballet tonight?

  69. This spawn of Satan, these devil's daughters, had been drilled in the technique of the ballet infernal.

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