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Example sentences for "commended"

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commendation; commendations; commendator; commendatory; commende; commendeth; commending; commends; commensal; commensalism
  1. Then said Prudence to Christiana, You are to be commended for thus bringing up your children.

  2. They have also those ways commended unto them, and spoken well of in their hearing, that are good.

  3. He was happy in the antecedents of the form of literature which commended itself to his choice, and in the opportunities which it offered in so many directions for an advance to heights yet undiscovered and unknown.

  4. Dryden had studied the ancient classics for himself, and their method of uniformity and elaborate finish commended itself to his robust and orderly mind.

  5. The doctrine of a higher law than that of the State commended itself to his idealism, and pledged him to oppose what he regarded as legalized wrong.

  6. I am afraid that the old commended itself by its venerableness, the solidity of its traditions, and the authority of its great names, while the new was still vague and formless.

  7. The calm, consistent strength of these expositions commended them to my mind.

  8. The reason for the innovation is obvious: this tract was written by a Churchman for Christians, and whilst the Society as a whole approved the conclusions, the premises commended themselves to but a few.

  9. It commended itself both to the practical trade unionists, who had always aimed at a reduction in the hours of labour, and to the theoretical socialists, who held that the exploiter's profits came from the final hours of the day's work.

  10. I have already commended French to your attention, Captain, as a faithful and reliable man, and I think he deserves promotion.

  11. You acted with very good judgment, French, and Mr. Passford has already commended your good conduct in the expedition last night," said the commander.

  12. Government, I will say that I do wish this Government of ours may be so good and great, so true and brave, that it may become an example of republican institutions, by which they may be commended throughout the world.

  13. Would it be commended at all because we were told that there were large numbers in the Southern States who favored it?

  14. Thus is the ancient chalice which France handed to others now commended to her own lips.

  15. This last proposition was commended by the observation that in France there were a great many young people liking powder, but not liking barracks, who would in this way be suited; and this was received with applause.

  16. Amongst the continental critics, Schiller's Maid of Orleans has been especially commended as a vindication of the character of Johanna from the vile representation it had endured from the hands of Voltaire.

  17. In regard of her Seruants also, she | shall be commended because she | [Note z: Prou.

  18. General McMurdoch was the Commander-in-chief, and he specially commended the Keighley corps for the march past and volley-firing, and said his comments would be forwarded to the proper quarter.

  19. Perhaps I shall not be thought unduly egotistical for mentioning that Lord Houghton, who is a poet of no mean order, commended my verses.

  20. His grace commended the poet, saying England would be in a deplorable condition if this were to be a fair sample of the soldiers that were to be sent from her factories.

  21. Other trifles were afterwards talked of, and I concluded the day with reading, commended myself to the care of Jesus, and slept tolerably well through the night.

  22. He commended him to the true Judge, and left vengeance to Him.

  23. I read aloud to them from Anna's book, commended myself to God, and laid down to sleep.

  24. After saying this, she commended to him his three principal wives.

  25. The next day the king, thinking over the sentiments and speeches of the queens, which were completely in unison, commended them to Yaugandharayana.

  26. Then the excellent ministers brought to the infant prince their infant sons, who delighted the heart of the king, and commended them to him.

  27. Then the learned audience commended him, and the princess, though beaten in argument, considered that she had triumphed, as she had gained an excellent husband.

  28. And telling the circumstances exactly as they were, he immediately commended that lady with auspicious marks to the afflicted warder.

  29. Then all respectfully commended Gomukha for his devotion to his lord.

  30. That nod was one of infinite shrewdness which commended itself to Miss Crane.

  31. I told him that I had feared to disgrace them, and so refrained from knocking--a decision which he commended as the very essence of wisdom.

  32. It was usually Jethro's custom to allow the other man to begin the conversation, no matter how trivial the subject--a method which had commended itself to Mr. Bixby and other minor politicians who copied him.

  33. From a worldly point of view, the marriage would have commended itself to none of her friends.

  34. Some of the white people who commended his action did so undoubtedly in the belief that the leader of the new party gave thereby his approval to the Southern solution of the race problem.

  35. When our Saviour was upon earth, there was no one quality he so uniformly commended in those who came to be healed by him, as faith.

  36. I highly commended her for both, but risked the observation, "that praying without instilling principles, might be as inefficacious as instruction without prayer.

  37. Williams, sometime Bishop of Lincoln and Lord Keeper, whose liberality in this matter is the more to be commended because he is not even of this University, but visitor only of the College in right of his bishopric.

  38. Tis rich in books of that classical learning which I have always, so far as it has been possible for me, especially followed, and most conveniently ordered for students, to whom indeed it is specially commended by the courtesy of its officers.

  39. The interesting pair had just returned from the church, where, in pursuance of a good old custom, they had made their mutual engagements in the presence of their God, and commended themselves to his protection by pious prayer.

  40. I will mention a few other examples of insights with the proviso that they are not specially commended to the man whose quest in the short story is the electrifying or the calorific.

  41. That of Norfolk, which has been much commended of late, I have never tasted; but I have had both Western and West-Midland cider in my cellar, often in bottle and once or twice in cask.

  42. And all this lore was commended to me by a voice of inimitable tenderness, and a manner at once lofty and condescending.

  43. When the Cardinal had done, they all commended the motion, though they had despised it when it came from me; but more particularly commended what related to the vagabonds, because it was his own observation.

  44. The Professor commended John for his intuition, or whatever it may be called, in enabling them to gain this information.

  45. Moving cautiously from tree to tree the Professor and John traveled as rapidly as possible in the direction of the wagon, and the boys were commended for their forethought in keeping the wagon in a hidden position while awaiting their arrival.

  46. This last attribute, however, hardly commended itself as an advantage to Lincoln’s troubled mind.

  47. For he commended himself also to his colleagues by signal qualities of a different character.

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