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Example sentences for "doorway"

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doors; doorsill; doorstep; doorsteps; doorstone; doorways; dooryard; dooryards; doos; doose
  1. She lingered in the doorway a second, and then we stepped out of the front entrance, where we stood entranced by the freshness of the rain-washed world in the low light of afternoon, and the heavy fragrance of wet lilac buds enveloped us.

  2. The apparition of a strange man, and a European, within the precincts of the haram was a great event, and every window, curtain, and doorway was taken advantage of by bright dark eyes sparkling among folds of cotton and gauze.

  3. The doorway gave not only ample ventilation but a brilliant view of snow, and of myriads of frosty stars.

  4. A curtained doorway in the high garden wall, where the curtains were held aside by servants, leads into the court of the andarun, where flowers again were in the ascendant, and vines concealed the walls.

  5. I withdrew from the doorway which I had obstructed.

  6. The red and gold doorway was opened wide, and all the people prostrated themselves, resting their foreheads upon the earth.

  7. Simultaneously Aaron Kronberg ran across the street from Sammet Brothers' doorway and clapped the old gentleman on the shoulder.

  8. As they passed through the doorway Feldman rose from his seat.

  9. He paused at the doorway and lit a cigar.

  10. An hour later he walked leisurely along Madison Street, and as he approached his own doorway Aaron Kronberg swooped down upon him.

  11. They retreated back through the doorway behind them, and slid the bolt across the metal door.

  12. But Brand merely nodded, even as a discharge from his tube annihilated the Rogan that had appeared in the doorway before them.

  13. Besides, you can keep your tube leveled at the doorway as we go, and discourage any Rogans who might pluck up courage to try coming out again.

  14. There it struggled to reach him, prevented by the small doorway that restrained the bulk of its enormous body, its head only inches away from the cleverly measured spot to which the metal rack had been wheeled.

  15. The two guards poked their loathsome pumpkin heads in the doorway and contemptuously beckoned her out.

  16. Bradley and one of his companions presently came in and seated themselves far back in the shadow, where they could watch the doorway of the bank.

  17. The words were hardly spoken when in the doorway appeared the well-known figure of Archie Lovell.

  18. Then, on the arm of a cousin of the Gaylords, appeared in the doorway a figure in white.

  19. The pipe vise is at the doorway between the shop and garage so the handles of the pipe tools may swing through the doorway and the pipe may lie full length along the narrow pipe bench.

  20. Vassar found his men holding a council of war when he leaped from his car and entered the blood-stained doorway of the banquet hall.

  21. He called from the doorway and two guards who had rushed in from the lawn answered.

  22. Benda sprang to meet the unexpected apparition in his doorway while Angela led Pasquale and the children into the street for a grand concert.

  23. So he did not reply, but walked to the doorway and gazed out through the little strip of lozenge-shaped windows.

  24. Cynthia turned a tender glance upon the little plainly dressed old woman sitting in the open doorway sewing carpet rags.

  25. One of the porters who stood in the doorway with folded arms exclaimed, beneath his breath, so no one heard him, "Thank God!

  26. As they were passing the doorway a dense fog of tobacco smoke mingled with divers filthy odors assailed their nostrils.

  27. Yet, mindful of the good of the child who lay limp in her arms, she trudged sturdily on until the light from the doorway fell full upon her.

  28. For an hour Marion sat by the doorway watching the play of lightning as it flashed from peak to peak on Big Black Mountain.

  29. A body hurdling through the doorway struck the giant amidship and sent him bowling over like a ten-pin.

  30. In an open doorway stood a gentleman whom Lupin recognized from his photograph in the papers as Baron Repstein, husband of the famous baroness and owner of Etna, the horse of the year.

  31. He cautiously put his hand through the doorway and then, to my great surprise, entered boldly.

  32. He stared through the doorway of the hut at the aching sunshine beyond.

  33. The mob of negroes came up to the doorway of the hut, and the witch-doctor, with many prostrations to the little sailor, made a long speech.

  34. Sheriff, hearing the whispered talk, had come in through the doorway to see what it was about, and promptly found himself favored in his turn.

  35. A crouching figure rose up from a shadowed doorway at his approach.

  36. For a space he leaned in the doorway undisturbed; then, heralded by the smell of a rank cigar, Ralston lounged up and joined him.

  37. Any other reflection that might have followed it was cut short by a sudden darkening of the doorway by which she had entered.

  38. Probably she supposed the person who was looking at her from the doorway to be Stan.

  39. And as he rises and goes away Helen follows his stalwart figure out of the doorway and then goes and sits down by the fire again.

  40. After a silence of about half an hour, during which Bauer had risen, Clifford appeared in the doorway of the hogan with his usual cheerful "Good-morning; Sehr gut?

  41. It is two stories in height, nearly square, its front pierced by a single doorway flanked on each side by a window boarded up to the very top.

  42. Our beautiful old house branched out from a circular hall with great arched doors at either end; and it was through the rear doorway that always in summer, after dinner, we passed out into the garden adjoining.

  43. He drifted into the doorway of the hotel's sumptuous lobby, marred now by the grim additions of radiation shields.

  44. Ed's mother stood in the doorway of his room without saying a word.

  45. In the doorway Oncle Jazon sat whittling a slender billet of hickory into a ramrod for his long flint-lock American rifle.

  46. Father Beret said nothing, but frowning as if much annoyed, stepped through the doorway to Alice's side, and stooping where she knelt, laid a hand on her shoulder as she glanced up and recognized him.

  47. The rough frame of the doorway gave just the rustic setting suited to Alice's costume, the most striking part of which was a grayish short gown ending just above her fringed buckskin moccasins.

  48. As he forced his way back to the doorway needles of rain played over his face and he heard a voice cry out from somewhere in the living room.

  49. Standing in the doorway with his wet hair plastered down on his dripping scalp, the wind roaring about him, the piano rumbling in the distance like thunder, Humphrey Fownes suddenly saw it all very clearly.

  50. He grasped the doorway to keep from being blown out of the house.

  51. Nick pivoted round abruptly, and found Violet standing in the doorway directly behind him.

  52. He found her dressed for the regimental ball, and such was the witchery of her in her gown of shimmering black that he stood a moment in the doorway of her room as though hesitating to enter.

  53. His eyes travelled to the doorway where Nick hovered.

  54. Into it Olga came stealing back, and paused nervously in the doorway to look on.

  55. My 'copter had barely settled to the pavement when she came running from the doorway to the stairs and hopped into the bubble with me.

  56. It was a doorway beside the Moldy Fig, opening on a flight of steps running to an apartment above the bar.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "doorway" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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