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Example sentences for "archway"

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  1. Sometimes of a wet night they lets me stand up in the archway there; they know I'm respectable.

  2. Behind the archway in the neighbouring room two waiters met, and in their nods and glances was that same unconscious sympathy, the same conscious grin.

  3. The archway between the drawers of his writing-table held a mat for his bulldog, a prize animal, wont to lie there and guard his master's legs when he was writing his sermons.

  4. The abbey gate still stands as a massive archway at one end of the river bridge.

  5. An odd bridge built by James I connects the two parts of the town, the highest point of its archway being nearest the Scottish shore and giving the effect of "having its middle at one end," as some Scotch wit has expressed it.

  6. The mansion is approached by a small bridge crossing the river, whence one enters under a lofty archway the main courtyard.

  7. It led through fields fresh with June verdure, losing itself at times in great forests, where the branches of the trees formed an archway overhead.

  8. It now appears to have been a very low gateway, but we were informed that excavations had shown that in the many centuries since it was built the earth had risen no less than eight feet in the archway and along the wall.

  9. The Commandant of Mount Valérien appeared under the archway of the fort to receive the Representative prisoners.

  10. So busy were his thoughts that he unconsciously passed the door of the house in which he lived, and had to turn when the roar of a train passing over the archway reminded him where he was.

  11. These winter nights were troublesome to an unfortunate pair who wished to talk in a leisurely way together, yet had no shelter save that of a place of public entertainment, or an archway under the line.

  12. Featureless walls of mean houses close in again at the next turn; but a few steps farther another archway reveals another secret scene.

  13. Windows there were none on the lower floors; only here and there an iron-barred slit stuffed with rags and immemorial filth, from which a lean cat would suddenly spring out, and scuttle off under an archway like a witch's familiar.

  14. Under an archway near by an important personage in white muslin, mounted on a handsome mule and surrounded by his attendants, sat with motionless face and narrowed eyes gravely following the movements of the dancers.

  15. The Caid's little black slaves are well-known in Morocco, and behind the sad child leaning in the archway stood all the shadowy evils of the social system that hangs like a millstone about the neck of Islam.

  16. Traversing a hot dazzle of polychrome tiles we reached another archway guarded by the chief eunuch, a towering black with the enamelled eyes of a basalt bust.

  17. On the same plan the two Titans beside the great archway had no faces.

  18. The one dry archway was that which faced us with open gate, and towards which Harry led the way; for oppression and terror now weighted my hand as with lead upon Grey Sultan's rein.

  19. Signing to me to dismount and leave Grey Sultan at the entrance, he led me through the long archway or tunnel.

  20. This man stood under the archway of the Pack-horse Inn (by A.

  21. A framed archway let us look down into the inside of the Keep.

  22. There were tall pillars on three sides of the courtyard, and at the far end, a vaulted archway led into a treelined drive that stretched away for miles into the twilight.

  23. The Bootham entrance to St. Mary’s Abbey consists of an archway with porter’s lodge now used as a shop.

  24. Over the archway are crosslets to two stories which are enclosed by a pointed arch springing from the base of the turrets and supporting an embattled balcony, access to which is obtained from either turret.

  25. One of the views depicts the eastern archway with clerestory of the nave north aisle.

  26. Gutierrez, at a signal now, suddenly dashed through the archway and planted himself on the path outside.

  27. A wind was sucking through the archway with an audible whine: the guard might not hear me.

  28. It loomed above me, a great archway in the cliff--an opening fifty feet high and equally as broad.

  29. She shuddered as they passed by the grim archway beneath the tower.

  30. He drew near to the ivied archway beneath the tower.

  31. The archway was indeed low, and they were forced to crouch and almost crawl up the first short flight of steps.

  32. Passing under the huge grey stone archway of the Moskovsky Gate, covered with golden hieroglyphics, ponderous Imperial eagles and the names of Tsars, we sped out on the wide straight highway, grey with the first light fall of snow.

  33. In the archway where Miss Bryant stood seven people were shot dead, among them two little boys.

  34. Beneath this archway paced, with measured tread, tall red-coated sentinels with shouldered guns.

  35. It was now dusk, and I lost no time in crossing the drawbridge and entering the long low archway which, passing under the rampart, communicates with the town.

  36. In another archway there was a toothpick curtain which attracted much attention.

  37. The archway between parlor and reception-room was draped with the American and Danish Flags.

  38. In another archway shall use tin cups for the same purpose.

  39. In one large archway were hung twelve wooden plates, each with a painting on, and joined with white ribbon.

  40. In one archway shall use tin plates tied together with ribbon, a small hole being punched in the plates for the purpose.

  41. From the main street of the town the Cathedral is reached by the Rue de la Grosse Horloge, which leads underneath the archway of the belfry.

  42. There is an archway over the front window.

  43. Sometimes there is an archway near the middle, which suggests the division of the room into two parts.

  44. It is on the inner side of this that the barbican stands, rising to the height of two stories above the archway and projecting from the wall.

  45. Anciently there was, of course, a drawbridge, and inside the archway on either side are stone benches and doors which led out to the moat when the drawbridge was raised.

  46. It is Saxon; has fine, zigzag archway doors at the west, and also at the north and south porches.

  47. But it is time to follow Ethelberta into the castle:— “Ethelberta crossed the bridge over the moat, and rode under the first archway into the outer ward.

  48. As we waited we heard chanting, and through the dusky archway came a procession.

  49. Roman feet touched this very archway upon which my own unworthy shoes now stand.

  50. On one side of the column is the low, rough archway leading to the porch; on the other, the high decorated marble entrance of the reception-hall.

  51. A barber cannot do his work without light, and we have no doubt that whatever sorrow fell upon Turner in his life was in no way deepened by his having to pass through a low archway and an iron gate in order to get to his father's shop.

  52. He walked on towards the low archway leading into the quadrangle.

  53. Sheltered by the stone archway that had once been closed by this door, Olivia listened to the voices beside the still water.

  54. Mrs. Weston drove away; and Paul went up to the back of the Towers, and under an archway leading into the quadrangle.

  55. The woman listening in the dark archway sank down upon the damp flags at her feet, amongst the slimy rotten wood and rusty iron nails and broken bolts and hinges.

  56. At any rate, nobody can say that I'm a coward," he thought complacently, as he went under a stone archway that led into the park.

  57. The young man went away; and Paul Marchmont heard him whistle a popular melody as he walked along the cloistered way and out of the quadrangle by a low archway commonly used by the tradespeople who came to the Towers.

  58. All that is left of it now is an archway and part of a barn among the buildings of the Mill.

  59. The most interesting fragment is a Norman archway belonging to the abbey mill, and still spanning the mill race known as Holy Brook.

  60. A few English people hurry across, and pass under the archway of the Rue de l'Ane Aveugle on the way to their tennis-ground beyond the Porte de Gand.

  61. On three sides high black walls rise straight out of the water, and on the fourth side a deep archway leads into a large courtyard, in the middle of which is the donjon, said to date from the ninth century.

  62. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "archway" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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