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  1. Formerly I attacked the cupola from the top, now I attack it from the side.

  2. We employ arched centrings to support the masonry of a dome while building: the Eumenes, more daring than we, erects her cupola without any scaffolding.

  3. The Eumenes' cupola is the work of an artist; and the artist would be sorry to cover his masterpiece with whitewash.

  4. The egg is not laid upon the provisions; it is hung from the top of the cupola by a thread which vies with that of a Spider's web for slenderness.

  5. In no ancient forest, on no mountain road, beyond no grassy plain will there ever be such triumphal sunsets as behind the cupola of the Institute.

  6. There is an observatory and cupola in the center of the roof, from whence may be obtained an extensive view of the surrounding country.

  7. The superstructure consists of a spacious dome, surmounted by two smaller ones, with a cupola of wood.

  8. This has glittered up there for 450 years, but previously the cupola was adorned by the Christian Cross.

  9. Again our eyes turn to the dim light under the cupola of the Invalides, and the marble columns and statues look white as snow.

  10. One of his latest works was the fresco of the cupola of the Annunziata, Florence, which occupied him for two years towards 1683, a production of much labour and energy.

  11. In 1652 the marchese Filippo Niccolini, being minded to employ Franceschini upon the frescoes for the cupola and back-wall of his chapel in S.

  12. This round cupola room with so many windows, and such a sweeping view in three directions, is the one that many of us hope each year will be given to us.

  13. Faith had suddenly recalled overhearing a conversation when she was on her way to the cupola room.

  14. How I do wish you could both come down to Tunkett for a week-end while I am there," Muriel exclaimed one day when Joy and Faith had dropped into her cupola room for a moment.

  15. The outer masonry reaches up to about a third of its height, from which point the cupola proper begins to rise in seven mighty steps.

  16. The rise of ground was heavily clad with trees, and over the tops of them appeared the cupola and part of the walls of a large white house, and there were glimpses of huts near it as if a village was marked.

  17. Then, as of old, the white cupola of Carvel House gleamed a signal of greeting, to which our full hearts beat a silent response.

  18. Illustration] There are but three works of man in the whole world which are higher than the little knob which you see on the cupola surmounting the great dome of St. Peter's.

  19. Lorenzo) Alinari] Afterwards, the building of the Cupola of S.

  20. The cupola and nave of the Niccolini chapel, in the church of the Holy Cross, is his happiest effort in this way; and surprises even an admirer of Lanfranco.

  21. Where well paid, he demonstrated his abilities; as in the cupola of S.

  22. Ferri conceived some jealousy of him, when he painted the cupola of the Pace at Florence; where he appears to approach the Lombard school, and even to surpass Cortona.

  23. Vincenzio Meucci was chiefly employed in works of perspective, which he executed in many parts of Tuscany, and even in the cupola of the royal chapel in S.

  24. In a similar manner he finished all the oval apertures in the cupola of the cathedral, except that of the Assumption, executed by Donatello.

  25. Although little known beyond Lucca, he is reckoned among the eminent scholars and most successful imitators of Pietro da Cortona; and merits this name, either when he painted in fresco, as in the cupola of S.

  26. He shewed himself greatly superior to the artists of this period, in some of his works, as in the Cupola of S.

  27. This remark was made when Nasini had finished the cupola of the chapel of S.

  28. Both are honourably mentioned among the academicians; as is also Stefano Pieri, who assisted Vasari in the cupola of the metropolitan church.

  29. Liberty in the senate house, and the small very elegant cupola of the oratory in the Lippi palace.

  30. His largest and most celebrated work in fresco is the vast cupola of Cestello, which he did not wholly finish.

  31. Perhaps the great heat was warping the new stairway, which led past my door, up through the attic, and out to the railed cupola upon the roof.

  32. And yet the cupola didn't fall, only the lantern.

  33. This last is a bold experiment, seemingly a Gothic version of the cupola which it displaces.

  34. In the central tower of Saint German this finish is nothing more than a cupola of wood and lead on a handsome but not lofty lantern of late Gothic, wonderfully good, outside at least, for the date of 1555.

  35. On a foundation of the temple-stones rises the church with its mingled stone and brickwork, its elaborate windows, its spreading cupola on a far greater scale than those at Corfu or at Athens.

  36. If there is any Latin element in either, it is in the church of the Kapnikarea which has a kind of secondary church, with a cupola of its own, alongside of the main building, with its Greek cross and central cupola.

  37. Within, the Kapnikarea has the advantage, as its cupola rests on columns with quasi-Corinthian capitals.

  38. On Roman ground the arch grew into the cupola, but it was on the ground that was Greek and Roman alike, on the ground of the Eastern peninsula, that the cupola took its noblest form.

  39. A frontal, colonnade, cupola and portico, all incoherent, appear abruptly in the sky.

  40. We make progress in the art of vision, and this time it is I who discover a Napoleon with his marshals on the cupola of the dome of the Hotel des Invalides.

  41. Half a dozen of us stood in the cupola of the fire-engine house, with the thing laid below like a panorama.

  42. You say you had your head out the cupola and saw the white signal?

  43. His style, from what we gather of it in the public palace of Viterbo, and a cupola of the Gesu, as well as from his large histories of S.

  44. Paul, and in Milan undertook to ornament a cupola of the church of that order; but he died before he had finished his work.

  45. Agostino, where, in the cupola of the church he has represented the titular saint borne to heaven by a band of angels; and in the presbytery, the same saint baptizing the newly converted in the church of his town of Ippona.

  46. His large fresco paintings are numerous; the recess in the Ranuzzi palace, the cupola and ceiling in the church of Corpus Domini, the tribune of S.

  47. When young, he executed a small coloured model of the cupola of the cathedral at Parma, emulating his whole style, in particular that grace of motion, of all by far the most difficult.

  48. He also painted the cupola of the great hospital, and it is one of the finest frescos of the capital.

  49. Besides his other works, that city has to boast the rich cupola of S.

  50. Yet he surpassed even these, to the surprise of all, in the cupola of the Piacenza cathedral; and in the same city he appears to have competed with Pordenone, and in point of vigour of style to have gone beyond him.

  51. The elevation to the apex of the cupola is sixty-five feet; the altitude of the tower itself is fifty feet.

  52. This tower was not erected until 1789, some years after the parent church, but from being constructed of the same materials, presents a uniform appearance; the cupola is built of wood, the perpendicular compartments being jalousied.

  53. The home of cupola smelting was Germany, where it has never ceased to make steady progress.

  54. It is smelted raw with hot blast in cupola furnaces, the largest being 210 in.

  55. The first water-jacketed cupola which came into general use was a circular inverted cone, with a slight taper, of 36 inches diameter at the tuyeres, and composed of an outer and an inner metal shell, between which water circulated.

  56. The low percentage of sulphur in the roasted ore is little more than enough to produce a matte of 40 to 45%, and therefore the escaping gases are better fitted than those of most copper cupola furnaces for burning in a stove.

  57. The Fusion of Ores in Reverberatory and Cupola Furnaces.

  58. In the United States the cupola has undergone a radical modification in being built of water-jacketed sections.

  59. In Butte, Montana, reverberatories have in the past been preferred to cupola furnaces, as the charge has consisted mainly of fine roasted concentrates; but the cupola is gaining ground there.

  60. In Mansfeld brick cupola furnaces are without a rival in size, equipment and performance.

  61. Norbert looked at the cupola of the Pike Mansion, rising above the maples down the street.

  62. Then, column by column, the masses passed eastward, while the prisoners in the Court-House cupola looked down, and the citizens peeped in fear through crevices of windows.

  63. The low deck and quaint cupola of the famous Monitor appeared close into shore, and near at hand rose the thick body of the Galena.

  64. It also contains the roughly constructed Koubba of the Sheik Ghebara, with a pyramidical cupola coated with clay.

  65. In the interior of the somewhat large building, the door of which bears an Arabian inscription, is a conical cupola upon four roughly constructed arches.

  66. Soon the massive cupola of Notre Dame was clothed in purple hues, and the gilt cross on St. Joseph threw back across the square a blinding ray of gold.

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