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  1. In the same square stood the 14th-15th century =Cloth-Hall=, whose belfry was restored in recent times.

  2. On October 17, the Belgian infantry reached Ostend, while their cavalry, before the gates of Bruges, heard the belfry chimes joyfully announce the precipitate departure of the last of the enemy troops.

  3. Through some mysterious and powerful intervention, the chimes in the belfry were left untouched, and as the Germans hurriedly departed, a peal rang out joyously.

  4. The belfry contains some very fine bells, the oldest of which was cast in 1525.

  5. The belfry of the ruined church was long used by the Germans as an observation-post (Photo above).

  6. And they have nests, too, just on the ledge in the thickness of the wall, outside those belfry windows which are partially boarded up.

  7. The mid-wall shaft is a characteristic feature in the belfry openings of Saxon towers; it supports an impost or through-stone, of the full thickness of the wall, which receives the semicircular arches over the openings.

  8. In 1350 it was recommenced, three more gallery storeys were added, and the upper or belfry stage was set back in the inner wall.

  9. In some of the later belfry openings, a capital intervenes between the mid-wall shaft and the impost.

  10. By night the church was saved, but the belfry was a blackened ruin within.

  11. The wind wailed in the belfry over his head.

  12. The hounds of Theseus had not a more just scale, tuned in a peal, than a North Italian belfry holds in leash.

  13. The village belfry it is that grows so fantastic and has such nimble bells.

  14. Then amid his exaltation, Loud the convent bell appalling, From its belfry calling, calling, Rang through court and corridor With persistent iteration He had never heard before.

  15. The hall might be crowned by a high belfry with an alarm bell to summon citizens to mass meeting.

  16. The belfry consists of three stories, the two lower ones square, and the upper one, octagonal.

  17. The bell in Old North belfry rang out painfully loud.

  18. The year before he had climbed the belfry of old North and stolen the bell-clapper and gained class-wide renown.

  19. Behind one corner rises the tall belfry without which no Flemish town would be complete.

  20. As we crossed the square, the clock in the belfry struck the hour, and began to play its chimes.

  21. And every clock and belfry in the town Hammered, and struck, and rang.

  22. The poplars shiver and turn their leaves, And the wind through the belfry moans and grieves.

  23. Just as this point the clock struck four, followed by the low chimes from the belfry of the nearby church, and Mrs. Deacon suddenly remembered that she was due at a committee meeting at four-fifteen.

  24. Above the mass of frost-nipped foliage rose the rounded belfry of the old church, and underneath lay the double rows of pretty gardens all glowing with their asters and chrysanthemums.

  25. A projectile struck the belfry of Saint Nicolas at the hour of the Angelus; the great bell, mortally wounded, uttered a kind of dying groan, the vibrations of which quivered long in space.

  26. The belfry still held, but it had lost three of its turrets, and the charming Gothic facade of the town-hall had a great hole in the first storey.

  27. He springs to the saddle, the bridle he turns, But lingers and gazes, till full on his sight A second lamp in the belfry burns!

  28. Over all was the diaphanous haze of evening and silence, save for the thin music of bell and chime from belfry or clock tower, joyous little cadences which rose and fell at short intervals.

  29. The bird was wheeling in the golden light over the belfry of the church, the belfry with the new louver-boards.

  30. The bell in the squat belfry at Wadsworth began to ring at eight o’clock in the morning, and up the Shelf from Horwick and down the Scout from Back o’ th’ Mooin hundreds of people poured.

  31. All the morning the bell tolled in the squat belfry that had baffled Pim o’ Cuddy’s pigeon, and at midday the parson came out of his house.

  32. For Pim o’ Cuddy’s pigeons knew their way home through the broken louver-boards of the squat belfry by this.

  33. It overshadowed the village beneath it; and as the parson reached the small square at its foot he saw, over an irregular row of roofs, the squat belfry of the little church that was now his charge.

  34. From St. Porchaire's belfry rang the summonses of Poitiers University.

  35. He may be said to have created a new type, since his belfry at Senlis made a school in the region.

  36. Before the close of the century the upper hall was completed, but the belfry story was not added till the late-Gothic day.

  37. Under his belfry tower, Jehan de Beauce built a pretty pavilion to regulate its chimes.

  38. The northwest tower is Normandy's best Primary Gothic, the southwest tower the supremest belfry that sprang up to commemorate the freeing of France from foreign yoke.

  39. The façade's southern tower is late work, despite its Romanesque character, and its fellow belfry to the north is in larger part of the XVI century.

  40. An innovator was the architect of Chartres' belfry when he placed open windows in the gables.

  41. There are the two towers built in an hour of religious enthusiasm: the clocher vieux at Chartres and the belfry of St. Romain at Rouen.

  42. The northwest belfry had as prototype the famous one of St. Pierre at Caen.

  43. Some have thought that Senlis' belfry was a trifle too conscious of its charms, that it had not the calm poise of Chartres' tower.

  44. Here it was better, for the belfry tower was open to the night.

  45. Belfry Towers separate from the Body of the Church (Vol.

  46. They heard it strike ten from the belfry of Saint-Ouen,--a sign that the wind was still aft.

  47. This belfry of Cormeray lay before him at a distance of some two leagues.

  48. After roaming about for some time she spied a belfry and the roofs of houses,--evidently a village on the edge of the forest; and she went towards it, for she was hungry.

  49. He looked towards the right in the direction of the belfry of Baguer-Pican, which also rose straight against the horizon, and the cage of that belfry was opening and closing like the belfry of Cormeray.

  50. He looked towards the left at the belfry of Tanis; the cage of Tanis opened and closed like that of Baguer-Pican.

  51. Monseigneur," said Tellmarch, "it has just struck four from the belfry of Tanis.

  52. He was gazing at the belfry of Cormeray, at the farther end of the valley.

  53. Every belfry cage was changing alternately from white to black.

  54. In 1748 the belfry caught fire and the ninth bell cracked with the heat, but it was recast in the same year, and since then there has been no change.

  55. There are windows to the belfry floors in this stage.

  56. The entrance to the bell tower is on this side, and a winding stair leads to the belfry stage.

  57. There is also a small figure of St. Antony over the belfry window on the south side.

  58. Altogether, including these two belfry windows, there are only three windows in this front; this is unusual, as there are commonly windows at the west end of the nave aisles.

  59. The character of the work is rather Early Perpendicular, and the groined vault under the belfry appears to be an imitation of the Decorated vault of the cathedral.

  60. Looking around, we notice that the towns within view are even more numerous than those which we saw from the belfry at Bruges.

  61. Let us climb to the top of the belfry which happily still remains in the fine old town of Bruges.

  62. On the left of the drawing appears the Cathedral spire; in the centre the Belfry Tower, a solid and handsome structure put up in Dean Liddell's day; and on the right the windows and pinnacles of the Hall.

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