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Example sentences for "chimes"

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  1. The barge stops, the party land; the shrill music, still dancing through the thick forest, re-echoes in soft chimes as it steals back upon the scene.

  2. Where the muezzin every hour from the lofty minaret now calls the faithful Mahometan to prayer, were first heard those matin and vesper chimes which since then throughout Catholic Europe have accompanied the rising and the setting of the sun.

  3. Many a traveller can bear witness to the sweet melody of the chimes that used to sound beneath it every half-hour.

  4. Let us listen to their mellow chimes that come faintly to us, and bless those deep-toned utterances so full of the tenderness of ancient days and the melody of gray traditions.

  5. Falstaff--"We have heard the chimes at midnight, Master Shallow.

  6. The chimes struck out clear across the town.

  7. Dogs were barking, stout farmers in corduroy breeches walked about arguing and expectorating, and suddenly, above all the clamour and bustle, the Cathedral chimes struck the hour.

  8. On Christmas Eve these chimes are heard by the tired Christmas shoppers, and the still more weary shop girls, and the streams of people on their way home from the theaters.

  9. The chimes are played by means of a wonderful mechanical keyboard, and the Dutch are very fond of hearing them ring out the popular tunes of the day.

  10. Those are the chimes you hear ringing in the belfry," said Pieter.

  11. Ring out your chimes believing crowds among, The message well I hear, my faith alone is weak; From faith her darling, miracle, hath sprung.

  12. There was not a sound to be heard except the mournful lowing of some cattle in a distant field, until all at once a movement of the air brought from Whitford the sound of the old chimes muffled by the heavy atmosphere.

  13. The chimes in the Metropolitan Tower struck the first quarter after four, the sounds welling in gusts to the old man's ears.

  14. The chimes on the Metropolitan Tower rang out, in wails of wild sound, the half-hour after four.

  15. The chimes had a hollow, cathedral-like sound, as though indeed it was the clock of a cathedral striking in the distance.

  16. The figure shrank into the inside of the clock when the chimes were over.

  17. And the fairies can hear the low sweet chimes As they gently sway to and fro; Perhaps it's an echo of those soft tones Which the cherubs heard long ago.

  18. TWO cherubs were playing near Heaven's gate, Which an angel had left ajar; They were toying each with small silver bells, Whose soft chimes could be heard afar.

  19. Had the watch been tampered with by the murderer, the chimes would have proved a lie.

  20. Both, chimes and hands, show that Stockbridge was shot at four minutes and eighteen seconds past midnight--this morning!

  21. The evening grew on apace, the merry chimes from the Dom of the city came across the water; it struck him that they had never chimed so musically before, or with so much meaning.

  22. Through these mists the city chimes sounded muffled and melancholy.

  23. The merry chimes floated over the water, and bade him good speed.

  24. Such an exposition chimes in perfectly with the views on this subject which have long and extensively prevailed in Germany.

  25. The chimes of the Angelus were borne to him on the soft breeze of evening, when, on the third day of his journey, Francesco caught sight of the walls and towers of Rome.

  26. The silvery chimes of the Angelus, from some convent concealed in the forest deeps, smote the silence of evening.

  27. He heard the clock in the castle tower strike the hour of midnight, answered by the wailing chimes of the bell from Sta.

  28. The air was filled with the sweet chimes of innumerable bells.

  29. The clear, ringing chimes of the college clock finally aroused her to consciousness.

  30. As the clock in the ivy-hung steeple tower rang forth its echoing chimes on the odorous air, we cast one glance toward the swiftly-vanishing groups, and silently turned away.

  31. The voice of the chimes from the old church, buried in the heart of the island, was music sent by the air and tinted blue by the waters.

  32. I no longer hear the chimes of golden promises ringing in my ears.

  33. It is sweet to obey when the order chimes in with one's secret sympathies.

  34. This chimes in nicely, then; we will speak of this matter again.

  35. But I was soon driven from this cloudless, peaceful situation, by a confounded jingle of all the bells; then followed a most complicated sonata, banged off on the chimes by a great proficient.

  36. I know very little indeed about chimes and clocks, and am quite at a loss for amusement in a belfry.

  37. Whilst I was indulging my reveries, a ponderous bell struck ten, and such a peal of chimes succeeded, as shook the whole edifice, notwithstanding its bulk, and drove me away in a hurry.

  38. Though Franklin neither claimed nor disclaimed the chimes as his own, all his admirers would have preferred less reticence on his part when the discoveries and inventions of contemporary workers in the electrical field were concerned.

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