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Example sentences for "chimerical"

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  1. The young King of Spain felt this when he wrote to his grandfather, "I am transfixed at the chimerical and insolent pretensions of the English and Dutch regarding the preliminaries of peace; never were seen the like.

  2. This is no chimerical plan, the work of a speculative, calculating imagination, which appears well and remains on paper.

  3. Observe the substantial features of this chimerical construction.

  4. If she did not accept his belief, but found it chimerical and visionary, the effect of its announcement upon her mind could only be unpleasantly disturbing.

  5. Now for the chimerical fauna introduced from the East, imported into Europe by the Crusaders, and travestied by the illuminators of missals and by image-makers.

  6. At Chartres the Vices and Virtues were not symbolized by more or less chimerical creatures, but by human faces.

  7. I have made a list for you from the works of Fillion and of LesĂȘtre of the blunders made by the translators of the Bible when they disguised real beasts under chimerical names," said the AbbĂ© Plomb.

  8. The God of the Deists is not less contradictory, nor less chimerical than the God of the Christians 119.

  9. In the deplorable state into which the enterprise of an heroic and chimerical egotism had thrown France, there was evidently only one line of conduct to pursue,--to recognize Louis XVIII.

  10. None but himself could have so quickly and effectually substituted order in place of anarchy; but no one was so chimerical as to the future, for after having been master of France and Europe, he suffered Europe to drive him even from France.

  11. A chimerical but not hopeful fanaticism is not a very promising temperament for a conspirator.

  12. The policy swept a large part of the country like wildfire, and ten thousand dreams, many of them chimerical to the last degree, were conceived.

  13. Yet Lord Randolph, who regaled the House with these chimerical speculations, had had far better opportunities than almost any other Englishman then in parliament of knowing something about Ireland.

  14. When the nature of the expedition was heard, the boldest seamen shrank from such a chimerical cruise, but at last every difficulty was vanquished, and the vessels were ready for sea.

  15. Wherever the health of the citizens is concerned, much more where their souls' health, and as it were their salvation, is concerned, all governments that are not chimerical make haste to interfere.

  16. What makes people discontented with their condition is the chimerical idea they conceive of the happiness of others.

  17. It is this which explains the wonderful sagacity, finesse, and energy she displayed in the vain pursuit of a chimerical aim, which ever receded before her, and seemed to draw her on by the very prestige of difficulty and danger.

  18. The old man became a being of flesh and blood, very much alive, with nothing chimerical about him, and took up his existence at once upon solid earth.

  19. Nothing can be more chimerical than to imagine that in a trial of actual force, victory may be calculated by the rules which prevail in a census of the inhabitants, or which determine the event of an election!

  20. Of all chimerical suppositions, this seems to be the most chimerical.

  21. The Richmond Whig saw the actual situation in dubbing the scheme as chimerical for the reason that a more unsuitable country for the blacks did not exist.

  22. I am afraid you begin to think me rather chimerical in many of my ideas, and that I am ambitious of becoming a 'rara avis in terris.

  23. Now, I do not think that there is anything visionary or chimerical in my plan thus far.

  24. But if it were conducive to these ends, how chimerical to suppose that she will ever voluntarily adopt it!

  25. It was the business of the wise man to form a just estimate of things, but not to attempt, by individual efforts, so chimerical an enterprise as that of promoting the happiness of mankind.

  26. During this period, when applause is perpetually bestowed, and contradiction seldom obtruded, children indulge chimerical hopes, which, alas!

  27. He was told, to be sure, that it was quite possible in the abstract to have a people observing vows, but that in practice it proved to be chimerical and Utopian.

  28. Elysium and Hades were as chimerical to him as the Epicurean heavens.

  29. On the adjacent wall was a frieze of curious and chimerical beasts.

  30. So utterly grotesque and chimerical is this whole positive theory of progress, that, as an outcome of the present age, it seems little short of a miracle.

  31. It would be an undertaking extravagant and chimerical with ordinary means, and therefore unlooked for by the enemy; but what could not kings effect who had treasure and armies at command?

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