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Example sentences for "fictional"

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fickleness; fico; ficta; fictile; fiction; fictions; fictitious; fictitiously; fictive; fida
  1. In a fascinating, probably largely fictional autobiography, the ex-burlesque queen/novelist shows one thoroughly comical lesbian character.

  2. Just what it sounds like--fictional diary of a young girl in a convent warding off scandalous advances.

  3. The animal, awake, has no fictional escape from the Real because he has no imagination.

  4. My pristine fictional escape from the Real, making me a philosopher, has bound me absolutely to the wheel of the Real.

  5. Deprived of the advantages of our enlightened society press, without the benefit of our decadent fictional literature, she had lamentably narrow views of life.

  6. Madame the Countess reads French novels and the fictional productions of some modern English ladies," suggested Steinmetz quietly.

  7. He had, it must be remembered, no great taste for fictional literature.

  8. To the student therefore he is a factor of potent power in explaining the modern fictional development.

  9. From much dabbling in the trickling rill of fictional sentiment, he had come to disbelieve the existence of any deep river of passion; but now he found himself upon the brink of such a river and was forbidden to plunge therein.

  10. My purpose in publishing the essays on fictional literature in this volume is in the hope of awakening a larger interest in America in Italian letters and to aid in creating a demand for their translation into English.

  11. Were I obliged to characterize the fictional output of Italy during the past few years, I should say that it was imaginatively sterile and emotionally fecund.

  12. Once it was enough to have fictional mayhem, cowboys and Indians, gangsters, or G.

  13. And increasingly, the Telly buff endorsed the more sadistic of the fictional and nonfictional programs presented him.

  14. Later you are to evolve, write and otherwise put upon paper a fictional prize for which 'The Man Who Left' will be returned to you in even exchange.

  15. The once little girl of Green Gables should have a permanent fictional place of high yet tender esteem.

  16. She could not resist enduing persons she met with the noble attributes of the fictional characters.

  17. He would discuss something she had been reading, and he would give her some unexpected angle, setting a fictional character before her with astonishing clearness.

  18. She would be enduing this chap with attributes he did not possess, clothing him in fictional ruffles.

  19. If the roll-call of the century is ever sounded, these three women shall have endured "the drums and tramplings" of many conquests, and the contiguous dust of those fictional creatures not built for immortality.

  20. The censor in Russia by his very stringency caused a great fictional literature to blossom, despite his forbidding blue pencil.

  21. The average fictional story of this class depends more upon dialogue and the author's explanation of the sleuth's methods of deduction than upon rapid and gripping action.

  22. Aside from the consideration of the censorship is this point: in a fictional detective story the real murderer is not revealed, in most cases, until the last chapter.

  23. The Study of Plot-Structure A careful study of fictional and dramatic plot will well repay the photoplaywright.

  24. In a fictional detective story, the crime usually has happened before the story opens.

  25. So all dramatic and all fictional plots give the idea of a struggle, more or less definitely set forth.

  26. In this connection it is important to note that the photoplaywright cannot be too careful in respecting the rights of publishers and authors in their fictional properties.

  27. The same can be said of Bran Castle and the fictional Dracula; likewise for the so-called holy places in Jerusalem, reputed caf├ęs in Paris, or sites associated with the name of Al Capone.

  28. The world of non A, although placed by its author in some fictional future, seems to describe a logic prevalent in a remote time.

  29. Embodied in avatars, many would-be writers contribute their images or lines to ongoing fictional situations on chat sites on the World Wide Web.

  30. There are exotic languages written for certain fictional worlds: J.

  31. In turn, these affect the behavior of characters in the fictional world.

  32. It was while glancing over the contents of the bookcase that I noted one volume which appeared strangely out of place in this collection of the fictional romances of crime.

  33. Every incident in a fictional work should have some bearing on the climax or denouement, and any denouement which is not the inevitable result of the preceding incidents is awkward and unliterary.

  34. To the pure fictionist it would necessitate irksome notation; the mere observer would hardly perceive its fictional value.

  35. But obviously to have forced the fictional note would have been to diminish that of portraiture and accordingly to have minimized the motive of the stories.

  36. It's mighty little I get out of these fictional jobs, anyhow.

  37. Evidently Mr. Mackenzie is bent upon a fictional study of the whole problem of the Church of England in relation to our times, and particularly the position of the Catholic party in the Church.

  38. In all seriousness, it may be said that Packard has restored the underworld to respectability--as a domain for fictional purposes at least!

  39. In order that we may better realize the behavior and environment of well-bred people, the distinguished author has introduced actual persons and places in fictional guise.

  40. A closer relationship with the settlers would have furnished me with a greater variety of fictional characters, but at the time I had no suspicion that I was missing anything.

  41. But I have not set out to present an all-round picture of the conditions of country life in any of the fictional districts I have chosen as the scene of my novels.

  42. But in my vision, at least, the shadow of the war lies over them, as it does in retrospect over all immediately pre-war fictional characters.

  43. Edgar Lee Masters uses a fictional character as a mask for his remarks on the subject.

  44. Greater significance attaches to the gentle birth of the two prominent fictional poets of the century, Sordello and Aurora Leigh, yet in both poems the plot interest is enough to account for it.

  45. He has dressed an occasional fictional bard in a clergyman's coat, in memory, possibly, of Donne and Herbert.

  46. There is also significance, as revealing the poet's attitude toward insanity, in the fact that several fictional poets are represented as insane.

  47. The taste of the time has demanded that the poet sing of the tender theme almost exclusively, whether in dramatic, lyric or narrative, whether in historical or fictional verse.

  48. It is the prophetic power of these fictional poets, no doubt, that makes age seem essential to them.

  49. Next to "Hadleyburg," it is Mark Twain's greatest fictional sermon.

  50. Oliver Wendell Holmes, with a freshness and vigor all his own, developed out of it his fictional biography of Elsie Venner.

  51. The examples of semi-fictional prose which can be gathered from this period serve only to illustrate how the short-story instinct, though stifled, was still present.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fictional" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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