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allegedly; alleges; allegiance; alleging; allegoric; allegorically; allegories; allegorising; allegorists; allegorize
  1. In painting, though there were some portraits and allegorical scenes produced during the Gothic period, the chief theme was Bible story.

  2. An allegorical frontispiece to the Lower Classes.

  3. An allegorical frontispiece to the class of Rulers and Governors.

  4. A wolf, in a lecture to his children, instructs them in every kind of vice and wickedness, but is opposed, and his doctrines refuted, by an allegorical personage called Holy Doctrine.

  5. An allegorical engraving by Jerom Wierx, after Martin De Vos, with four moral stanzas at bottom, beginning "Gratia magna Dei caelo demittitur alto.

  6. A very complicated and anonymous allegorical print, with a great variety of figures.

  7. An allegorical print by one of the Wierxes, after H.

  8. Allegorical pageant of the Dance of Death represented in early times by living persons in churches and cemeteries.

  9. On a frontispiece engraved on copper, with a medallion of the author, and various allegorical figures.

  10. An allegorical frontispiece relating to the class of the Clergy.

  11. Stephen Hawes, with his allegorical treatise on the seven liberal sciences, came later than these men, only to write worse.

  12. Their preference for the early allegorical work can be explained by their lack of taste and critical discernment and by the great vogue of allegorical writing in England and France.

  13. What is hard to forgive in him, however, and what indeed has much detracted from his reputation, is the fact that a long list of allegorical monstrosities was in some sort the result of his example.

  14. He was producing allegorical ceilings and staircases by wholesale.

  15. This has a woodcut allegorical border to the titlepage, a fine portrait of Cunningham, a map of Norwich, and some good heraldic and pictorial capitals.

  16. Thus in the allegorical Vishnuite drama called Prabodhacandrodaya and written at Kalanjar near the end of the eleventh century Buddhists and Jains are represented as succumbing to the temptations of inebriety and voluptuousness.

  17. He was a voluminous author and composed inter alia an allegorical play in ten acts, portraying the liberation of the soul under the auspices of King Viveka (discrimination) and Queen Sumati (Wisdom).

  18. The strange allegorical figures found at Nineveh may also be considered illustrations in point.

  19. Archilochus lived in the fable age, and the most perfect of the small fragments remaining of his works are of that allegorical description.

  20. It somewhat resembles one of the old "Mysteries," introducing a variety of allegorical characters.

  21. I conclude, therefore, that allegorical fables on the stage are not so wholly contemptible.

  22. Everybody is aware that, after the long series of my allegorical fables had run their course upon the stage, I thought fit to change my manner, and adapted several Spanish dramas for our theatre.

  23. They did not comprehend the allegorical meanings, nor the polite satire upon manners, nor the art of construction, nor the conduct of the plot, nor the real intrinsic force of the species I had handled.

  24. Longhi, so far as I am aware, produced nothing in the same style as this complicated masterpiece of portraiture and allegorical suggestion.

  25. This fifth allegorical mouth raised up its voice and wept, declaring itself beaten and begging for mercy.

  26. Allegorical figures representing the arts and sciences complete the composition.

  27. At the entrance to these tombs rest allegorical figures, which to the casual observer indicate phases of darkness and of light, of death and of life.

  28. I have taken Michelangelo's allegorical statues in the Laurentian Chapel as typifying the characteristics and the tendencies of the period.

  29. The control of learning and education and the world of thought: reconciliation of Greek science and the Christian faith: allegorical interpretation of the world and its effects on natural science.

  30. If religion mayn't exactly confess its allegorical nature, it gives sufficient indication of it.

  31. If religion were to admit that it was only the allegorical meaning in its doctrine which was true, it would rob itself of all efficacy.

  32. It is truth itself, only in a mythical, allegorical vesture.

  33. The controversy between Theism and Pantheism might be presented in an allegorical or dramatic form by supposing a dialogue between two persons in the pit of a theatre at Milan during the performance of a piece.

  34. Now the absurdities of a dogma are just the mark and sign of what is allegorical and mythical in it.

  35. It would be all right if religion were only at liberty to be true in a merely allegorical sense.

  36. In any case an allegorical investiture of it, a parable or myth, is all that would be of any service to them.

  37. On certain religious festivals, allegorical representations, such as the Washing of the Feet and the Entrance of Christ into Jerusalem, were enacted in public places.

  38. Side by side with these we may place the allegorical and panegyrical plays performed by the medical students of the great hospital in Moscow.

  39. The Continents of America, Africa, and Asia are rare and interesting allegorical groups.

  40. Others who accepted its authority but were unsatisfied with current interpretations of it sought escape in allegorical uses of it.

  41. Her method is wholly allegorical and the results achieved are conditioned only by the ingenuity of the commentator.

  42. He has many other allegorical extravagancies in his writings, and is not deemed the most respectable of the Fathers of the present Church.

  43. In their historical and allegorical bas-reliefs the composition is devoid of elegance and correctness of outlines; but they already showed a remarkable power in drawing animals.

  44. At a later period a tendency to allegorical and emblematic figures appeared.

  45. The plan of the Convito is that of a commentary on odes which are interpreted as having various meanings--among others the literal as distinguished from the allegorical or essentially true.

  46. Henry of Luxemburg, chosen Emperor in November 1308, is an old claimant for the post of the allegorical veltro or greyhound.

  47. But the poem would lose its charm if the allegorical meaning of every passage were too closely insisted on.

  48. The Tesoretto, or Little Treasure, is an allegorical poem in Italian rhymed couplets.

  49. Poetry, during this century, took also in Bohemia the same course as in Germany, and degenerated into loose works of fiction between prose and verse, mostly allegorical compositions, and the basis of the modern novel.

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    allegorical; connotative; denotative; expressive; extended; figurative; indicative; intelligible; interpretable; meaningful; meaty; metaphorical; mystic; mystical; mythical; pithy; pointed; pregnant; readable; sententious; significant; substantial; suggestive; symbolic; symbolical