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Example sentences for "alleges"

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allegations; allege; allegeance; alleged; allegedly; allegiance; alleging; allegoric; allegorical; allegorically
  1. Monipennie alleges that its oil or “fatness is of a sudain operation to heal all salt scabs and humors that trouble the outward skin of man.

  2. Skene alleges that these laws were made by David I.

  3. Brigges alleges that the leper-house of St. Leonards in Northampton, was founded in William I.

  4. She alleges that she was misled by her daughter, and believed that the plundered money belonged to the Sieur Bryond,--a common excuse!

  5. Science no more alleges that all bodies in motion do move for ever in the same straight line, at the same rate, than the moral reason alleges that all men always do what is right or that they always do God's will.

  6. When, then, the optimist alleges that the process of evolution has been, on the whole, a course of progress, he is but showing that the common faith in the trustworthiness of the reality in which we move and have our being justifies itself.

  7. The Battle of Agincourt," and then sift the evidence which the writer alleges in support of so grave an imputation.

  8. Henry stands convicted of no hypocrisy; and his accuser alleges no evidence on which an impartial mind would pronounce him guilty.

  9. These letters were so necessary to Murray, that he alleges them, as the reason of the queen's imprisonment, though he imprisoned her on the 16th, and pretended not to have intercepted the letters before the 20th of June.

  10. The same circular also alleges that each dram of the preparation contains: “.

  11. The company further alleges that, on the basis of “clinical reports” it has received, it does not “hesitate to recommend this product for routine use in all streptococcic infections.

  12. We are realizing the nursery tale of the man and his wife who lived in a vinegar bottle, for our only sitting-room is just twelve feet square, and my Eve alleges that I am too big for our paradise.

  13. I ask him whether he took the original provision out, which Trumbull alleges was in the bill.

  14. Trumbull has given the exact words that he says were in the Toomb's bill, and he alleges that when the bill came back, they were stricken out.

  15. He alleges that they were constrained by superior force to enter into treaties with the insurgents, and that the United States neglected to furnish the protection which their treaty stipulations required.

  16. It may be feared that this latitudinarianism was not limited to manner, for an anecdote alleges him to have seriously recommended a young divine to avoid reading St. Paul's Epistles, lest they might mar his style.

  17. His right and his duty were to find and take possession of the Mine, if it were not in Spanish hands, as nobody alleges it was.

  18. He errs equally in the opposite direction when he alleges (ib.

  19. I know not, of course, what passed, but report alleges that for an hour the old General harangued him in terms the most bitter and insulting.

  20. If what he alleges be true, can there be any hesitation as to its publicity?

  21. Then the defendant acknowledges the deed, but alleges that he has paid the amount with interest; and files a receipt for the amount of the bond, with interest at twelve per cent.

  22. A quite different story alleges that it is the Knight Stoymir, who is under the spell at Blanik.

  23. Peter Rahm alleges that he and his wife were at their farm one evening late when there came a little man, swart of face and clad in grey, who begged the declarant's wife to come and help his wife then in labour.

  24. He regarded this as permission to give the men extra drills, and he alleges that it was simply his military zeal and the feeling of responsibility for the trust reposed in him which led him into striking the men.

  25. He is met and stopped by Robin Hood, gives up forty pounds to him, and alleges he is a messenger from the king.

  26. No allusion to the noble descent of Robin Hood has been found earlier than one in Grafton’s Chronicle (1569), where the author alleges that he takes this information from ‘an olde and auncient pamphlet.

  27. The party with whom a husband alleges his wife has committed adultery is called the co-respondent.

  28. The person with whom a wife alleges her husband has committed adultery is not a party to the suit.

  29. Before allowing the speaker to continue we may perhaps set on record what one of his defenders alleges in Luther’s favour.

  30. In spite of this, in that very writing he alleges that he has satisfactorily proved that Justification is effected by fiducial faith.

  31. Mr. Wallace now alleges that he did entertain.

  32. I have not paid any attention to this paragraph, because the facts which it alleges did not seem of a sufficiently definite character to serve as a guide to further experiment.

  33. As an example of the second form of society, he alleges the mode of life under Dardanus; “he founded Dardania; for sacred Ilium was not yet a city in the plain with inhabitants, but they still dwelt at the foot of Ida abounding with streams.

  34. Here is a portion of the certificate of an ecclesiastic, for whose uprightness and truthfulness Montgéron vouches in strong terms, and who relates what he alleges he saw on the thirty-first of May, 1744.

  35. It was usually at the moment of recovery from these convulsions, as Montgéron alleges and the certificates published by him declare, that the cures deemed by him miraculous were effected.

  36. His name is not borne upon any of the rolls of the regiment he alleges he was on his way to join.

  37. In another statement, filed in December, 1884, he alleges that while in the service he contracted diarrhea and was injured in one of his testicles, producing a rupture.

  38. His claim is not based upon any wound or injury, but he alleges that he contracted chronic diarrhea or dysentery while in the service.

  39. His army record shows no disability of any kind, though he served more than two years after the date at which he alleges his injury was incurred.

  40. The claimant alleges that he was wounded while in the service as a member of Company B, Third Regiment North Carolina Mounted Volunteers, while securing recruits for the regiment at Watauga, N.

  41. He alleges that in the month of February, 1862, he was vaccinated with impure virus and in the same month contracted mumps.

  42. He alleges that after his discharge from his enlistment he was drafted and served in the Third New York Cavalry, but the Adjutant-General reports that his name does not appear on the rolls of the company to which he says he was attached.

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