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Example sentences for "allegorically"

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alleges; allegiance; alleging; allegoric; allegorical; allegories; allegorising; allegorists; allegorize; allegorized
  1. They also make constant use of allegory, and evidently Honorius's chief care in their composition was to expound his text allegorically and point the allegory's application to the needs of his supposed audience.

  2. Yet to take a poem allegorically was not distinctively mediaeval; for Homer and other poets had been thus expounded from the days of Plato, who did not himself approve.

  3. Ark, which signifies the Church, is allegorically applied to the Christian scheme of life and salvation.

  4. This idea is allegorically expressed in the Buddhist sutra,[FN#177] which details the advent of a merciful Buddha named Maitreya in the remote future.

  5. Her love of the man in the king, and her discernment of her real husband under his transformation into the person of a decrepit beggar, are humanly and allegorically touching.

  6. Calmon and the statues, allegorically useful, are in like manner independent of the main dramatic action.

  7. Sophocles was allegorically the prophet when he declared that in the grave of Oedipus was to be found the sacred guardian and the everlasting defence of the city of Theseus.

  8. At any rate, religion is truth allegorically and mythically expressed, and thereby made possible and digestible to mankind at large.

  9. Here and elsewhere Statius seems to represent allegorically human philosophy enlightened by Christian teaching, dealing with questions of knowledge, not of faith.

  10. In the region of Purgatory outside the gate, the souls have not yet attained this freedom; they are on the way to it, and Cato is allegorically fit to warn and spur them on.

  11. The scene is allegorically set forth in the despair and overthrow of Time, and the banishment of Death before the Everlasting Angel.

  12. The subject is treated allegorically by Rowlandson.

  13. At any rate, religion is truth allegorically and mythically expressed, and so rendered attainable and digestible by mankind in general.

  14. Thus the story of the rape of Proserpine signifies, when allegorically interpreted; "the putrefaction and succeeding generation of the Seedes we commit to Pluto, or the earth.

  15. Allegorically considered, the poem is a veil, under which we see the ideal life of man upon earth, exercising virtue and gaining virtue's rewards.

  16. For Dante's spiritual perfection his lovely guide bids him not simply look into her her eyes (allegorically meaning not merely to contemplate theological truth) but follow the example of men sturdy of faith and valiant of deed.

  17. They understand that by "belly" is to be allegorically understood pride.

  18. But if the work is taken allegorically the subject is MAN, as rendering himself liable, by good or ill desert in the exercise of his free will, to rewarding or punishing justice.

  19. In Japan this conceptive egg is allegorically represented by a nest-egg shown floating upon an expanse of water, against which a bulb is striking with horns.

  20. This viewed in the light of ancient times simply represented allegorically that mysterious union of the male and female principle which seems necessary to the existence of animate beings.

  21. In the pagan Mysteries, I have already said that these lessons were allegorically taught by means of a legend.

  22. Now, it is evident that no symbol could so appropriately suit him in this character as the Stone of Foundation, upon which he is allegorically supposed to have erected his world.

  23. The different parts of social worship and Christian fellowship are here allegorically described.

  24. That the 'Holy War' allegorically represents Bunyan's personal feelings, is clearly declared by him in the poetical Introduction or Address to the Reader, prefixed to the book.

  25. The river of water of life allegorically represents the Spirit and grace of God; thus the truth is mercifully set before us, for 'what is more free than water, and what more beneficial and more desirable than life?

  26. And he thinks that by Styx was allegorically meant the earth.

  27. The sojourn of Proserpine and also of Adonis, during six months of each year in the upper world, abode of light, and six months in the lower or abode of darkness, allegorically represented the same division of the Universe.

  28. To judge of it by its fruits; that is, according to the rule which the messiah himself has given, the incredulous find that Christianity was allegorically represented by the fig tree accursed.

  29. Of a sensible paradise he would hear nothing, and just as little of a bodily resurrection; for the one he interprets allegorically and the other spiritually.

  30. He commented on most of the historical books of the Old Testament, on the Prophets, the Song, which he understood allegorically of the church as the bride of Christ, and on the Pauline Epistles.

  31. The Old Testament, allegorically and typically interpreted, is therefore the source and proof of Christian doctrine.

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